Lady fighters for your amusement [F for any, somewhat dark]

Started by RosalindRae, August 05, 2020, 12:00:44 PM

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Hello all,

I had to take quite some time away from Elliquiy due to some relationship issues, but I'm back and would love to try out a very, very specific idea.

The setting for this is negotiable, everything from fantasy to sci-fi to modern or superhero, but the main themes would be the same. I'd play a group of captive women who are forced to compete against one another for their freedom. They could be heroines enslaved by a villain, captive fighters on a remote island, fantasy adventurers pitted against one another in an arena, etc.

You would play the captors -- the people who have forced them into combat. These could be men, futas, or even non-human creatures depending on the setting.

I'll have a roster of fighters and you'll get to choose who fights whom, and you and your characters will have their way with the loser of each match. I'm playing out a bit of a voyeuristic streak here, so the idea is that I'll write the fight scenes themselves for your enjoyment. However, not even I will know who is going to win until I write the scene; I'll be using a simple dice system and leave it to chance.

I mostly use images of real people, such as celebrity faceclaims, as visual inspiration for my characters, so you'll have the opportunity to request any favorites.

Kinks will be fairly dark: non-con, humiliation, etc. I need to update my Elliquiy kinks list, but we can discuss details if the overall structure interests you. This can be played over messages or in a thread.

Hope this piques some interest!