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Started by Bearman54, June 25, 2020, 09:40:16 PM

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Greetings, all, and thanks for stopping by. I apologize for the rough appearance of this thread - it is under construction, but I am far too excited to resist posting any longer.

I am a recently returned member of Elliquiy, and I am excited to make your acquaintances. I hope you all are doing well!

**Current Availability**

June 29, 2020: I am currently planning out and writing multiple plots and characters, and am not actively seeking new collaborations. However, I encourage you to still send me a message if you wish to discuss something or just say hello! I always enjoy a good chat, and once I work my way through my current ideas I will certainly be hungry for more!

While I prefer to write with female authors, I've participated in quite a few stories with different authors of all gender identities.  I also usually prefer one-on-one collaborations, but I am willing to join a group if there are strong writers and a compelling storyline to engage with.


My favorite genres are high/low fantasy, sword and sorcery, science-fiction, mystery, eldritch/cosmic horror, and alternative history. I have also participated in stories focused on cyberpunk, steampunk, horror, supernatural, shapeshifting, military, comedy, espionage, romance, and more. With that in mind, please feel free to send me ideas in pretty much any genre - I like to explore and challenge myself by writing things outside of my comfort zone.

**Post Length / Frequency and Communication**

My post length is variable, but you can always expect a minimum of about 500 words - dialogue-heavy scenes excluded - the variability is how much longer it gets from there. If you give me enough material to work within each post, I can (and will!) write you pages of material in response.  However, I also expect posts of similar lengths in return - I will not write a story with you if you respond to my efforts with single-sentence or short-paragraph posts.  I am here to share and collaborate, to learn more about different walks of life, and to explore the written word with like-minded people; I'm not here to be your personal erotica author.  I apologize if that sounds harsh - I've been writing since I was 8, and I've been drifting through forums like Elliquiy since I was 18. I've met many wonderful people through these shared experiences, but I've also met quite a few bad apples. I've had my share of horror stories regarding writing partners from hell, and my patience for such behavior no longer exists. I'm here to write stories: this is not my E-Harmony profile. I'm a happy bachelor, thank you very much.

I spend a lot of time on each post, but I do not set myself to any schedule. Please be patient, and I will return the favor by not bothering you for reply posts, either. That said, I always try for at least 1-3 posts a week, depending on the length of each post and also on what I have going on in my life that week. I ask that my writing partners try to (at the very least) aim for the same sort of posting frequency if at all possible.

If this is too slow of a posting schedule for you, then I am not the writing partner for you.

I play by either private message or forum posts, whichever you prefer. I also like using Discord for OOC purposes, as I am not always on E but I can access Discord on my phone.

Absences: I will always let my writing partners know if I have to take an extended absence, and I hope that you will offer me the same courtesy. No one likes being in limbo.

Abandonment/Quitting: If you are not enjoying the story, or you simply don't enjoy my style of writing, or for whatever other reason you may possibly have to leave: all I ask is that you let me know first before you abandon the plot. It's common courtesy, and I will always do the same for you.

**Other Information**

While I occasionally enjoy reading stories that are focused on smut and erotica, I am not often interested in writing stories where the sex scenes are the main focus. I wish to write and create unique characters in interesting and compelling situations - their sexual escapades are a secondary concern for me. That said, if you have a particularly steamy and intriguing idea you think I might be a good fit for, let me know! Everyone enjoys a little spice now and then! ;)

I prefer to write male characters who are attracted to female characters, but if you have an interesting idea involving characters of different genders and sexuality, don't hesitate to send me a message. If I like the idea, I will happily do my best to write a unique, believable character to share with you.

I prefer to write in the third person past tense, but I also enjoy first-person stories with the right characters and authors. I am not a fan of writing in the second-person perspective.

That's about it for now. If you have anything you'd like to ask me, please feel free to send me a private message anytime. Have a wonderful day, and thanks for taking the time to stop by.
There are two things in this world I cannot live without: books, video games, and food.
...I'm not very good at math, though.
Ideas, Cravings, and Current Stories


**Current Cravings**

I would love to write stories in the following fictional universes:
(Original Characters only, please: I do not assume control of canon or previously established characters)

-Fallen London / Sunless Seas / Sunless Skies
-Call of Cthulhu
-Mad Max
-Darkest Dungeon
-The Witcher Saga
-The Elder Scrolls
-Altered Carbon
-The Gentlemen Bastards
-The Long Dark
-Warhammer: 40K or Warhammer Fantasy
-Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas

If you have any ideas for these universes, please let me know! I am writing up a few ideas myself, but they will not be ready for a while. I am also accepting other universe ideas - these are just the ones I am most interested in right now.

I also absolutely adore original content - in fact, I prefer it over fandoms, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

Currently, I am craving stories in these genres:

-High Fantasy / Low Fantasy
-Eldritch Horror / Gothic Horror
-Alternative History
-Supernatural / Shapeshifters (currently brainstorming)

Again, please feel free to send me ideas in these genres if you wish. Other genres also accepted.

**Current Stories**

The Stranger at the Door (with Britwitch)

1868 (with Kaya)
There are two things in this world I cannot live without: books, video games, and food.
...I'm not very good at math, though.
Ideas, Cravings, and Current Stories


**Story Ideas, Half-Baked or Ready-to-Go**

I'll add to this post as I come up with different ideas I'd like to explore with other writers. Some ideas will just be me musing/dreaming about a certain plot or fandom, and others will be fully fleshed-out introductions just waiting for the right response. Most of my ideas will probably fall somewhere in between.

**Half-Baked Musings**

Mad Max
While browsing Reddit a few years ago, I read a fantastic introduction for a story in the Mad Max universe. It was brutal and visceral, filled with ample descriptions of bloody vehicle chases and absolutely insane characters. It was much darker than what I usually go for, but the writing was incredibly compelling. Themes included non-consent, BDSM, gratuitous descriptions of chromed-out vehicles racing around a desert, kidnapping, bat-shit insane characters committing acts of extreme violence for pleasure, and more.

Sadly, the original author never updated the thread and I mostly forgot about it. I did write an introduction of my own for this story, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Let me know if you'd like to discuss this further, I don't mind eliminating the more extreme themes if that's not your thing.

Sunless Sea (based on the games Fallen London and Sunless Sea)
Deep beneath the surface world, on the banks of the Unterzee, lies the city of Fallen London. Once the crown jewel of the surface world, London was stolen beneath the waves thirty years ago - and she was not the first taken this way, but the fifth. There are many in Fallen London who believe the rumors which emanate out of the royal palace: that the Traitor Empress sold the city in exchange for the life of Albert, Prince Consort. But, none outside the Court have seen her or Albert since London sank into the 'Neath, and none have been bold enough to pursue the truth - yet.

Here, in the endless dark, the world is not like the Surface.  The Sun shines on London no longer; Time is reckoned by bells and whistles, now.  The fathomless depths of the Unterzee hold many secrets - some terrible, others wondrous, and still more, far beyond human comprehension. Yet, for the bold and the cunning, the Unterzee offers immense wealth in the form of ancient and mysterious artifacts, hoards of treasure, and new, magical goods derived from the supernatural fauna who lurk here in the dark. These new goods, many of which have some bizarre or wondrous quality to them, are coveted by the rich and the noble both on the Surface and in the 'Neath.

So it is that today the 'Zee is filled with merchants, pirates, privateers, and explorers of all kinds. Now is the age of steam and steel, and the shipyards of the great powers in the 'Neath are busy at all hours, producing new ships of all manner of size and armament. Are you bold enough to join an intrepid crew aboard one of these new vessels and make your mark upon the 'Zee?

(This story would follow a similar progression to the Sunless Sea game, in which our crew of officers and sailors make expeditions into the ubiquitous dark. We begin with a small vessel, and as the story progresses our characters would obtain larger vessels, more knowledge, and vast hoards of wealth - but only if we risk both our lives and our very souls. In fact, human souls are quite valuable - but that's a whole nother topic in this world. I would most likely play as the Captain, and your character may be any of the officers aboard: First Mate, Surgeon, Chief Engineer, Gunnery Officer, or Quartermaster. Be prepared for a gothic horror/mystery type of story - the world of Sunless Sea is akin to that of the eldritch horror in Lovecraftian works.)
(Gothic/Eldritch Horror, Mystery, Steampunk, Sailing)


Stay tuned - I have a few ideas that are currently percolating.
There are two things in this world I cannot live without: books, video games, and food.
...I'm not very good at math, though.
Ideas, Cravings, and Current Stories