Merpeople discorveries (F seeking M)

Started by Wicked Emi, June 24, 2020, 08:34:16 PM

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Wicked Emi

Light non-con, mild stockholm syndrome, inter-species (mer x human), dom x switch

The world is changing, since no one really worked on fixing the environment problem, the world was now extremely hot and mostly water. There were a few pieces of land left, mostly old mountain tops that were not mountains anymore but land the last bit of the human race attempted to survive on. A small task force put together by the worlds last great minds were sent out to hopefully discover a way to live underwater. But first they had to find the perfect place. They decided the coast of old Oregon would be best. There was plenty of both cold and hot water fish, no sharks or other major predators. Once they had a place, they sent out four scouts. Including MC. MC is a street smarts no none sense temper canon who is likely to fight you rather than kiss you. She doesn't tolerate the men around her as she is one of the few female scuba divers the unit has.

As the team left, they each had an area to look at. MC area is off of what was Brookings, a small coastal town right by California. Once everyone was separated to their zones, MC quickly went straight to water. Since MC family was from Oregon, she had a decent idea what to look for. What she wasn't expecting was about thirty miles away from the coast was an underwater city. At first she thought it was just Brookings underwater, however, as she spotted what she swore was merpeople. As she made her way to the house boat that she was granted to sleep while surveying the area, a shark took a huge bite out of her. Bleeding out, a merman offered to save her; however, to save her would mean that she would have to become a mermaid as well and more so, his life mate. Wanting to live, she accepts the deal. MC learned quickly that just because she was a mermaid now, she could regain her legs and walk on land again. With this knowledge, she wanted to use it to go back to her home. However, the merman couldn't let her run off with the knowledge she knew, plus they were now mated. Will she get back home? Will she actually fall in love with her mate? Or will he sexually torture her into submission.

Penny (MC)

Wicked Emi