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Author Topic: Musings [Futa/F, F/F, Futa/Futa focused tales]  (Read 769 times)

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Musings [Futa/F, F/F, Futa/Futa focused tales]
« on: June 16, 2020, 11:16:45 pm »
Visna's Musings

⋘ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ⋙

For now, I plan to keep things in here mostly bare-bones. All of the stories in here are malleable. I'm a flexible writer, so I'm open to twists and adjustments to anything listed in here. I love discussing ideas before jumping headlong into writing. Feel free to check out my previous writings to see if the literacy and detail match is appropriate. I prefer to keep discussions to private messages and stories to threads. It just helps me stay organized that way. I'm a very visual writer (and personal in general), so I'll often include images with my ideas here. They're often NSFW. In most of my stories, I am seeking a female or futanari character to be the counterpart to my own female or futanari character. I typically play submissives (of all sorts) or switch characters. So, unless otherwise stated in the idea, I'm hoping to play the submissive or submissive-leaning character.

Ideas from One-Shots thread
Name: Homeroom

Possible Content: F/F, historical setting, taboo relationship, age gap, religious themes

Scenario: I want to take on a more realistic, dramatic version of the teacher/student cliché. Set in historical, rural America (heavily religious and homophobic), we would follow the budding romance between a teacher and her senior high-school student. I imagine things as entirely "consensual", although I'm not opposed to a dub-con route. The focus would be on the taboo of it all. How the teacher must subtly coax the student and introduce her to sin (such as sex and wine). The religious taboo - I imagine the two attend the same church on Sundays and my character struggles with that aspect of things especially. As for the ending, I'm open to either a happy or dark ending, depending on how we want to take things.

Setting: Historical (50s or 60s maybe) rural America

Requirements: F/F, somebody looking to play the dominant, leading, older woman

Other Image inspiration:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Orc-ventures

Possible Content: Futa/F, monster girls, orcs, medieval fantasy

I'm wanting to write a one-shot or series of one-shots revolving around a butt-pounding, rambunctious orc that has a tendency to see something pretty and fuck it.

Scenario 1 - The Barmaid: Inspired by the image above, I'd love to write out the standard barmaid scene. After a long day of slaughter or fighting, the orc arrives at the local bar in the village and sees a blonde barmaid that strikes her fancy. Drinks flow and grabbing and groping commences. Does she take her back to a bed upstairs for a romp? Or does she just put on a show for the other bar goers?

Scenario 2 - The Centaur: While traveling through the mountains, the orc sees something she's only heard of in stories - a mountain centaur. The hunt begins, ending with the orc wrangling her target. But while most centaur hunters are going after their prized pelt or to enslave them for milking or pack work, the orc just simply wants to see what it is like to fuck a horse-woman.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Setting: Medieval low-fantasy

Requirements: Somebody to play the futa orc on a single or series of adventures

Name: God is a Woman

Possible Content: F/F, realism, age gap?, religious themes, seduction, NC?, taboo relationship

The main theme across both of these is the seduction (or NC, if we want to go that route) of the daughter of a missionary by a local woman in a foreign land. My character is the college-aged daughter (one of many children) to missionary parents. She's living abroad with her parents and siblings, helping in spreading the word with her parents. She's somewhat rebellious by nature as the eldest child to missionaries, but she still is somewhat loyal to her calling. But that changes when she starts getting very close with a local...

Scenario 1 - India:

The missionary family moves into a middle-income neighborhood to begin their work. One of their favorite things about the location is their next door neighbor - a middle-aged Indian woman that lives alone. She seems extremely family, inviting the family over for dinner and offering to help them get acclimated. The parents think fondly of her, enough to not realize that their eldest daughter begins to spend more than a normal amount of time with her. The neighbor seduces her, introducing her to a world of newfound sin that she has never imagined before and breaking her away from her family and faith.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Scenario 2 - Middle East:

Similar situation, but slightly different character for you to write as. Your character is a local girl, similarly aged to my own. My character's parents can't stand her - they think she is trouble. And they're right, because it is her total intention to woo and introduce my character to a world she has never seen before. This one would be more "datey", with your character trying (at first unsuccessfully, but eventually successfully) to get mine out on a date. And from there, sparks fly.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Setting: Modern

Requirements: Somebody to play a seductress opposite of a more (but not totally) innocent - with religious themes at play

Other Image inspiration:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Deer Hunting

Possible Content: M/M, school setting, bullying, furries, raceplay

Scenario: Both of our characters are newly enrolled in a Hogwarts like university, with segmented houses. The world is entirely of furries, and the school is for the rich and gifted only. Your character plans to thrive in this environment, being the son of the headmaster and able to weasel himself out of many bad situations. In his previous school, he was a renowned bully, and that cruel tendency isn't too far removed. Although, now, it is focused on one target: my character. He's never seen a deer-boy before, and there's something about those little horns and his spotted butt that just must be had.

In this world, interspecies romance is frowned upon as taboo. The only thing more taboo? Gay relationships.

I imagine your character making approaches first that are sternly rejected. So, he turns to other measures. We'd follow their rowdy sex, which would start as dub-con or NC, and often take place in taboo places around the school like bathrooms, storage closets, in the forest grounds, or snuck into their opposing "house" quarters. Your character would blackmail mine to not reveal anything, since it could result in both of their expulsion. Ultimately, my character would still go to higher-ups, although they would brush it under the table given your character's connections and lying schemes.

Setting: Modern-Fantasy in a school setting

Requirements: Somebody to play the dominant wolf-boy opposite of my deer-boy

Name: Descent into Madness

Possible Content: Futa/M, fantasy setting, elves, magical powers, descent into madness, villains


Your character is the queen of a Kingdom ravaged by war - and they're losing it. After her husband died years prior, she was the only one remaining in an ages-old royal line of mages. Feeling the pressure mount, from both her people who are beginning to see their chances of survival dwindle away and her enemies that have been rapidly taking their land, she resorts to what has been considered taboo in her family for generations.

Locked away in a garden in the castle grounds are an ancient race of elves. They were the original natives to the land, but they were almost exterminated when the queen's long-distant ancestors took the land. Only a small few of the long-living beings remain, locked away for eternity in the garden. The royal family has made one thing clear: they are never to be bothered, for they are a cursed race that holds immense power. Power that they cannot use, but that they possess that can be tapped into. Enough power to drive somebody mad.

The queen decides to be the first to ever break the rule and enter into the garden. There she finds the elf that gives off the most powerful magical presence, which is one unlike any she has ever seen. She learns that when she fucks this elf, her magical powers grow so powerful that she is able to take to the battlefield and wipe out opposing legions. But at what cost? As her addiction to this magic grows, so does her cruelty, ego, and desire for power.

Setting: Medieval High-Fantasy

Requirements: Somebody willing to play a villainous futanari queen

Name: Spreading the Good News

Possible Content: Futa/M,  Non-con, orcs, futanari themes, femboys

I am looking for somebody to play one or multiple futa orcs opposite of one or multiple femboy missionaries. They're traveling to spread their creed when they get lost in the woods, only to be taken by orcs. I have some more details about the religion and orcs that we can flesh out. There is some obvious room for collaboration, but the overall topic is simple.

I did a variant of this story here, if you want to get a flavor for it.

Setting: A medieval fantasy world

Requirements: Somebody willing to write one or multiple futa, dominant orcs

Name: Goblin Misadventures

Possible Content: Futa/F or F/F,  Non-con, fantasy creatures (goblins, elves, centaurs, etc.), futanari themes, magic, adventure!

I am looking for somebody to write as a grubby goblin character opposite of a cast of characters in a fantasy world we create together. For the premise, I envisioned an escaped goblin-slave that finally finds freedom and decides to take full advantage of it by engaging in raucous and deviant behavior. Although she lived a life of a slave, she discovers her natural preferences are to dominant and control ladies of species that she has either never seen before or been told are above her.

I have a variety of scenes in mind that we can discuss, and I plan on writing them as one-shots or strings of one-shots, depending on how things go.

Setting: A medieval fantasy world

Requirements: Somebody willing to write a dominant goblin character opposite of my cast of elves, humans, centaurs, etc. I envision her like the image on the right - gross, plump, crude, and likely a futanari (although I am equally open to FxF as well).

I started a variant of this story here, if you are interested in a feel for the tone.

⋘ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ⋙

The Queen's Gambit

⋘ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ────── ⋙

The Queen's Gambit was one of my favorite new shows of 2020 - and I'm hoping to dive back in and expand on the universe and Beth Harmon's character somewhat through writing. I haven't read the books, but I figure there is sufficient material from the show.

The first opportunity I think is obvious - recreate the fade-to-black hotel scene between Cleo and Beth and expand on their strange relationship. For this take, I'd prefer to play Beth opposite of a Cleo that, at first, operates somewhat as a lesbian mentor and corruptive force for Beth. I don't imagine anything committed between them, but rather writing a few scenes with large time gaps in between where they seem to appear, disappear, and reappear into the lives of one another.

The European Challengers
My second idea is to introduce new characters, played by myself, opposite of somebody writing as Beth following the conclusion of the series and her victory over Borgov. We would skip ahead a handful of years, where Beth (along with, perhaps, a cast of younger Russian players) are on top of the chess world. However, there are two rising players, inspired by Beth's rise to global stardom as a woman, that are beginning to draw the attention of some.

I'd write as two women from Europe - I am figuring Belgium and Germany - that are drastically moving their way into the upper echelons of chess.

Beth still has most of her same vices as before - addiction, inability to connect with others for long periods of time, arrogance that has grown even more so during her time as world champion. However, like in the show, she has her virtues as well. She's matured, and, unbeknownst to my two characters, she has kept an eye on their careers. Having an interest in other female chess players, given that the era is still very largely misogynistic, she has watched their rapid rise into an upper tier of players just below the world elite.

Like many relationships in the show, I envision their relationships with Beth as complicated. The two chess competitors are extremely close, being practice partners that have become inseparable friends in an environment where many chess masters hope to stop their rise by avoiding practice or advice for them. Because of that environment, they're hardened, ruthless, and cunning in their own way. Their peers in Europe want to avoid another Beth Harmon situation.

The Belgian is skiddish and paranoid. She's a natural, seeing things unlike her peers and taking a creative approach to chess that is unique. She's easily frustrated, but known as being an overly compassionate woman unless pushed into a corner. She idolizes Beth in many regards.

The German is more like Beth - methodical and harsh in terms of her personality. She's only soft and gentle with the Belgian, who she shares a close, nonromantic relationship with. She sees Beth as arrogant, while the German is more humble in her speech (while ruthless in her approach in the game). As such, she has a generally negative view of Beth, while respecting her accomplishments. The older of the pair, she is somewhat of an older sister to the Belgian.

We would follow their budding rivalry through a variety of tournament and city settings. Their first tournament encounters, where both Europeans lose. Scenes at tournaments outside of the game. Passionate and dispassionate sex between Beth and both women. And ultimately Beth's defeat by the hands of one of them at a tournament that shakes her somewhat.

I have a ton of ideas for this one, in terms of scenes and relationship dynamics. Sexually, Beth will largely be the dominant player, so that is a requirement.

The Right Side of History
Pairing: F/F, Futa/F, Futa/Futa
Setting: 70s or 80s Americana vibes, but it can be swapped to a modern setting

My character is a senior in high school, living as part of an extremely conservative family in suburban America. She holds somewhat traditional views, although she is a bit more open-minded and outspoken than her far-right family. As she has neared college-age, they have lightened up their restrictions on her somewhat. Their relationship isn't as strained as people would imagine, but that is about to change.

A new family of neighbors has moved into the cul-de-sac: the first black family in the neighborhood. Naturally, many of the families, including my character's, are abrasive or outright racist to them. Even worse, this is not a traditional black family. They're starkly progressive, known for attending local protests. I imagine the father is a local attorney. To make matters worse, the oldest daughter is openly (as openly as possible for the time) gay. And the same age as my character.

Naturally, I want to explore a steamy romance between our two characters. Given that they're teenagers, it will involve significant amounts of passionate sex and drama between families and themselves. We can explore lots of different dynamics. How do they keep things a secret, until it is all burst open? I have a lot of ideas for this one - so if you want to hear more, let me know!

Inspiration InspirationInspiration

Reap the Harvest
Name: Reap the Harvest

Content: FxFxF

Scenario: Our three characters are poor farmhands. They work tireless hours, often spending most of the daylight out in the fields or with animals amongst one another. Your character is, in their little world, the hot commodity. She's physical and charming - and also gay in a world that would have her head if it was known. I would write as two characters, either friends or sisters, that turn rivals for your character's affection. I envisioned your character as being a bit possessive of them, undecisive on which she ultimately wants and often pitting them against each other. We could write a lot of scenes outdoors in the fields or hidden in barns, and there would be undertones of secrecy given the historical period throughout.

Setting: Any sort of historical period, medieval or 1800s perhaps

Requirements: Looking for a partner to write as a somewhat manipulative dominant woman opposite of two characters

Losing the Lead
Pairing: F/F
Setting: 70s or 80s Americana vibes, but it can be swapped to a modern setting

Our two characters are both high school track athletes. They're competitive at a state-level, and two of the best at a school that has a rich history of track. Our characters have been best friends since middle-school, competing together and opposite of each other for their entire careers. Your character has always been the shining star, typically dominating both local-level competition and excelling at the state-level. At least, until now. As their senior-year competition begins, something is different. It isn't your character winning anymore - but mine. She seems just a bit taller than the previous year, and everything about her talent seems exponentially greater.

Personality wise, your character's success has driven her ego. She's controlling, boisterous, and rowdy. A fire spark. My character is somewhat of the opposite. She's humble, tending to not talk much about results. She's soft spoken, with a sarcastic side. Even though she is breaking standing school records, she's supportive of your character entirely.

The two have always had an affinity for each other, but were never in a relationship. In fact, they had exclusively dated boys. But, there is no doubt your character has always held an obsession (perhaps to an unhealthy level) of mine. And that has grown even more as her jealousy of her boils. In a way, she would prefer if anyone else was beating her.

Even though the consequences of being outed together would risk expulsion, your character wants to act on it. She confesses to my character, who is hesitant. I see your character using their new sexual relationship as an outlet for her jealousy, in that she wants to be controlling, rough, and possessive. Outside of sex, they're still the same as always. Whenever my character tries to bring up the growing rage, your character brushes it off. She says she'll win the next one. Meanwhile, as her obsession continues to grow, she puts my character in worse and worse situations, such as trying to shag in the woods near the track after practice.

We could write it as a tragedy, or maybe have things turn around somehow. Lots of ways to tweak the dynamic to make things a bit more or less mean spirited, controlling, or violent. I'm even open to taking this in a more loving and vanilla direction.

The Gladiatrix
Pairing: F/F, Futa/F, Futa/Futa
Setting: Ahistorical Roman Empire

As with a lot of my stories, it toys with the idea of reverse situations (a favorite of mine) and contrasts (a muscled, hairy, dirty mess and the most pristine high-class girl imaginable). There are a lot of other elements we could include, like interracial play.

The general setting is an ahistorical Roman world, focused on gladiatorial battle between gladiatrices (female gladiators). My character is a rarity in the world - a young, female lanista. Born to a family of wealth and the gem of her father's eye, she convinced the man to allow her to use some of his funds to buy and manage gladiators. She's bubbly and charming - but actually quite ruthless, enjoying the bloodshed and ownership maybe a bit too much. Although she owns gladiators of all sorts, she has a particular heart for female ones.

Although some despise the notion of a woman with such wealth, power, and pomp, she is generally accepted for her good relationship with the other lanista (which involves lots of flirting and some arrogant trash talk).

What many don't realize, is that she is a nymph of sorts - using sex to rise to power past many imagine. While she sleeps with men to gain what she wants, her real preference is women. Although she buys concubines that cower before her status and wealth, that is not her real joy - it is muscled, chiseled women that have fought, bled, and killed in the arena.

Your character is a gladiatrix - one that has found herself in the slavery of battle, having to fight to survive every week or few, merely hoping to regain her freedom. Naturally, this has made her bitter, angry, and violent. She's notified that she has been sold to a new buyer - but it matters little to her. She does find it odd that it is a woman, but as long as her equipment is given to her and a place to train and rest, she cares not who owns her. They meet days before a battle, although little is exchanged. My character confirms her treatment will remain roughly the same, and that she rewards victors. And that she demands victory.

Your character does battle, winning and killing her challenger. She looks up at the stands and sees my character gleefully clapping. She thinks poorly of her, as she does most nobles. However, that night, she is called to speak with my character. She finds it extremely odd, but figures it is a congratulations regarding the fight. It was not normal, but it had happened in the past for her owners to congratulate her.

However, she is led through to a room that shocks her - the lanista's bedchamber.  When she arrives, the lanista (who is a young woman of renown beauty) is naked, oiled, and exposed on the bed. Her reward is the lanista herself. She'd be a bit of an odd bottom - submissive mostly but occasionally demanding in bed. However, outside of bed, she is still domineering. She uses your character's rapid obsession with her to tease her immensely between fights.

Dust Bowl
Pairing: F/F, Futa/F, Futa/Futa
Setting: Apocalyptic, Mad-Max sort of setting

I'm open ended regarding this sort of plot. Generally, I envision it as a dangerous, scoundrel ridden, dusty land similar to Mad Max Fury Road. I imagine most people in this world are quite rugged, with tattoos and often gross appearance. My original focus was revolving around your character being a slavemaster, with an affinity for women. The difficulty is that young women, let alone young, pretty women, are extremely rare. Most have been killed, captured, or become very good at allying themselves with defenders or keeping themselves in hiding. So, they fetch a high price and are widely sought.

The slavemaster route is just an option though - I'm open to a traveling cult or nomadic raiders, or even a single adventurer of badass nature.

The Tinkerer

The tinkerer is what her name suggests. She is a recluse, taking to herself in hiding and working on a variety of knickknacks and gadgets. Some of her creations are useful. She sells her wares by putting them in lock-boxes that will open if the stated coin or goods are inserted into a nearby drop box. This way, she can sell her goods without giving up her identity or being physically present. Locals know about her little store, but they don't know who she is.

She's a bit messed up in the head. She lost everybody around her during the fallout or shortly after the initial devastation. She's paranoid, socially awkward, and maybe has a mental illness. She stutters on occasion, and she's spent days tattooing up her body. Far from an ideal specimen, but she's a stunningly pretty face (a rarity in those days). Most survivors are a bit or a lot fucked up. As a slavemaster, the mental state of a potential sell (or keep) isn't of great concern.

For years, the tinkerer kept in hiding. Her gadget sales were successful, and the locals found her useful enough to not seek out. However, over the years, the quality of her creations deteriorated with her mind. Now, she rarely gets a sale. She's desperate. Your crew comes through the town, and they nab her. I imagine either somebody betrays her location, or she gets caught putting her wares in her store in a less discreet manner than usual. I think your character would take fondly to her, although most think she is insane and a bit slow in the head.

The Weasel

For months, valuables around the outpost have mysteriously disappeared. Copper wiring, spare change, food. While some of the slavemasters still blame each other, the general consensus is that the theft is the cause of "The Weasel". Nobody knows who the Weasel is, but he or she is an expert pickpocket.

Your character hears about this and decides to put a stop to it. She sets a trap, and the Weasel falls for it and winds up captured. Much to her surprise, the Weasel is not a filthy, slimy man. Instead, the Weasel is a young woman. Attractive, in her right mind (witty, snarky, and crafty enough to plot her thefts), healthy. She isn't covered in scars or ink and, after a shower, would sport some of the most beautiful skin left in those parts. High, high dollar. The sort of girl that was snatched up years ago after the fallout, but she has made it by unscathed by luck and cunning. Not anymore.

The Divorcee
Pairing: Futa/F
Setting: Tropical vacation - probably modern, but up for other settings as well

The story is 100% inspired by the above mini-comic. There are several routes we could take: romantic, NC, or semi-NC. I'm somewhat open to suggestions, as long as they allow me to write as the local waitress.

A simple way I imagine things - the older woman is a recent divorcee. She won two things from the court settlement: riches that will allow her to live lavishly for decades to come without ever lifting a finger and a new arrogance from how thoroughly the case went her way along with her newfound unwed freedom.

I see her as rude, controlling, and needy. However, she has somewhat of a soft spot for the young waitress that works at the hotel restaurant. We could have things be rather smutty, starting off rapidly. Or, we could have things be more of a romantic buildup, with your character tipping well, coming to the restaurant often, and flirting occasionally. It is a simple premise, but it will be character driven by a unique contrast.

Chi Omega
Pairing: F/F+, Futa/F+
Setting: Modern college setting

I'd love to write a story focused on an American college sorority. The focus would be the mingling of Greek life with interracial play, with things taking either a smutty or more serious turn depending on how we want things to unfold.

 would write as one (or several) white sorority students opposite of your protagonist - a black sorority student new to Greek life and definitely in over her head.
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Re: Musings [Futa/F, F/F, Futa/Futa focused tales]
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2020, 03:32:01 pm »
Added three new plots - The Gladiatrix, Dust Bowl, and the Divorcee. More to come!

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Re: Musings [Futa/F, F/F, Futa/Futa focused tales]
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2020, 01:58:12 am »
I just added a bunch of stories to the Ideas from One-Shots spoiler, which are my most recent cravings.