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Started by tamjidark01, June 14, 2020, 02:06:27 PM

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Hello there!

Thank you for coming to my search thread. I'll be concise but I should start with a little bit about myself and how I roleplay. Over here, I'm Tamjidark. I turned twenty this summer and writing has kind of been my hobby for as long as I can remember. Roleplaying is something I'm fairly new at though. Still, I like to believe I'm flexible when it comes to writing. Everyone has a preference and mine is always third person, past tense. Post lengths vary, usually ranging from three to five paragraphs (500-700 words). Often more, rarely less. But like any rp, it depends on how much I have to work with. And I have a tendency to mirror my partner. Then again, if on an average you write more than a thousand words, then I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up. Likewise, I can't be invested in a story if you only give me one-liners, or even single paragraphs.

I don't like to corner myself with one or two specific genres and settings but I will admit I am a total sucker for romance. In fact, almost all of my prompts involve romance in one form or another. As for settings, Contemporary, Fantasy and Medieval are the ones that I feel most comfortable with, but I'd be thrilled to try other genres as well. Almost all of my plays are story-driven. Depression is peaking and writing is kind of my outlet. I do like smut and yes, they will most definitely take place. But I'm more interested in the story and the smut would need a realistic build-up to it.

What I'm looking for in a partner:

As is obvious from the thread title, I'm looking for female partners. Someone who would be available at least twice a week, and is ready to commit to a play. I am also a sucker for finishing what I start so please come say hi first. Let's talk OOC and see if we're connecting. See if you like how I write. I don't want to half-ass a story, and I don't want to waste your time and energy as well as mine.

I do prefer a literate partner. But I'm not too picky about grammar and literacy competence. A good grasp of the language, and the skill to portray your intentions believably with words are all that I need. And enthusiasm goes a long way. I always spell-check and reread each of my writings before posting. Post lengths don't matter too much as well, but I think you need at least two - three strong paragraphs to progress the story and to flesh out your characters. I need that much to be invested in the play.

Sample Prompts:

A Bittersweet Summer (MxF, romance, affair, college, story-over-smut)

A group of friends decide to stay at a beach house together for a few weeks of summer. But due to a terrible thunderstorm on the day that everyone is supposed to arrive, only YC, and MC show up on the first afternoon. The thunderstorm takes a turn for the worse and all roads are blocked for the entire weekend. So MC and YC are stuck in the summer house. Over the course of that afternoon and the next day, they bond, explore the huge house, cook, play games and talk till the stars are blinking, and eventually giving into a strong physical attraction between them. What will MC do when he finds out that YC is dating one of the friends in the group that hasn’t arrived yet? More so if she's dating the guy who's parents own the summer house? But the connection they shared wasn't a passing moment. So will our characters pretend like nothing happened? Or start something much more immoral but passionate?

Selfish Desires (MxF, modern, corruption, interracial, smut-heavy) [Craving]

Her life had become one dimensional, her marriage a flicker of what it used to be. Day in, day out, it's the same thing over and over again. Even she didn't know how bored out of her mind she was. Until she meets him. Maybe at a bar, maybe at the gym, maybe a new neighbor. At first, she doesn't acknowledge those feelings. Sinful and ungodly. But with no one to turn to for solace she falls for him with little convincing. A naive housewife embarks on a steamy affair. Corruption themes are always fun. And if she's a prim and proper house-wife, then that just makes it all the more taboo. And her being devout is the icing on the cake. I'm open to her being of any ethnicity, but extra points if she's Arab. But for that you'd need to know the societal repressions a woman from those cultures faces, which would play into her sinful desires. If you're interested, we'll discuss more.

The Unburnt (MxF, horror/supernatural, seduction, story-driven) [Craving]

Her striking beauty is almost inhuman. She alludes questions with just a tilt of her head or the curve of her smile. Men drool after her, women too intimidated to meet her eyes for long. She is the new secretary in this dwindling printing company. She is the new maid to the Jones family by the lake. She is the woman in the paintings. She is the new priestess of the church. Sometimes she is the helpless maiden drowning when fishermen venture too close to the shallow caves. Often she is just living by herself in her cottage out by the woods where huntsmen stumble across not too often. [As you can imagine, this requires a more dominant partner, preferably more experienced in taking the course of the play. ]

Tall Shadows (Horror, cult)

They were at a resort. And she wanted to explore the beauty these lush green nature. Everyone at the resort had warned not to stray from the path, not to travel alone, and to make sure your phone had enough battery. But what could go wrong? Now lost and frightened, she is searching for home, for her loved ones. It's getting late, and she heard howling. But there's a light far ahead. Campfires?

A Bit too Much [Adultery, Corruption, older woman/younger man] [Craving]

Everyone had a teacher they'd have a light crush on. And she was his. But he was in high school then, and she never looked at him more than a shy pupil. But it has been years since he had graduated. And it's been years since her marriage was a loving one. She finds out her husband has been cheating on her. And she needs some time to be alone. But who is this handsome twenty-something year old at the bar who keeps glancing at her? He looks... familiar.

Fandom plays [Not really craving but still open for discussion]

Tales From Skyrim(MxF, Fantasy, Story-driven/Smut-driven)

It's been a huge craving to play out a Skyrim based rp. I'd been in love with the world for the better part of my early teenage years. And while I am still keen on replaying the main story of the game with a partner, I'd be more than interested to try any of the plethora of stories and adventures we can come up with set in the world of Skyrim. Some ideas I already have are:

(I)Character A finds a bandit stronghold in a remote part of the forest. Not seeing any guards at the gate of inside, he thinks it is deserted and breaks in. But he realizes his grave mistake only a few minutes later. Because it's not a bandit stronghold. No. There are dark secrets that lurk within these walls and he will soon find himself entangled in affairs he really did not have wish to be a part of.

(II) An explorer needs help when she finds crumbs that lead to a dangerous cavern. She hires an extra hand to help uncover the long-lost relic.

(III)An assassin is contracted to with an impossible task: to murder the High Queen herself. This is no simple task, and he would need to gain her trust first. An elaborate plan takes place to cement our assassin at the heart of the High Castle and in the middle of all the political affairs. How will he assassinate the queen once he's so close to her, and starts to let his feelings get in the way?

New Bends (MxF, Fantasy, Romance, Story-driven, Assimilation, Interracial)

A story set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It takes place much, much before Aang awakens. In the third decade of the fall of the Air Nation, the world is a bleak place. People still believe that the Avatar would show up to save them but they’re slowly coming to terms that they might have to hold off the Fire Nation for a very long time before he does. Our story takes place when YC, a high-born of the Fire Nation makes a screws up badly and is given an ultimatum: to either become an exile, or work as a spy in the Earth Nation. And what happens when, living with the peaceful Earth Nation, the ruthless firebender starts to see the err in their ways?


Stitching (MxF, romance, story-over-smut)

My character wakes up at midnight when the doorbell rings incessantly. Annoyed and a little apprehensive, he looks through the peephole. On the other side stands his ex, distraught and very obviously frightened. It had been years since he last saw her. She had cut him off abruptly and without any warning and the pain still lingered.  But of course, seeing her like this, he opens the door. And as the gate swings open he sees a young boy/girl by her side, clinging to her leg and looking up at him. We can take it many ways. Perhaps she's running away from an abusive husband, a person she married because she was pregnant. Maybe it's MC's child but since he was so abusive she had to flee before they forced themselves to marry. If you're interested, we can discuss more.


Sacrilicious: Forgotten God (MxF, Fantasy, Demon x human, corruption, Smut-heavy) COMPLETED

A Priestess leaves her Temple in search of her goddess. She has traveled over the country side, aiding and giving blessings to all those on the road. And them in return, always gave her a place to stay and bread to eat. But the priestess never lingers in any one village too long, still on her quest to find her calling. She had almost given up when she stumbles over the ruins of a forgotten structure. It was on the outskirts of a small village where she'd been staying and temple itself was out in the forest. It was obvious no one had come to the shrine in a very long time, but upon setting her soles on the ruined cement, she immediately feels a connection like she's never felt before... 

Defiled Maiden
Defiled Maiden (MxF, Fantasy/Medieval, Group, Corruption, dubcon, Interracial, Impregnation, Smut-heavy) [Taken]

One of the few smut-heavy scenes I'm craving. Inspired by a historical event that everyone knows about more or less, this however, takes place in a fictional world. Even if the land had been conquered some fifty years ago, the natives still rebel, in more ways than one. The New Conquerers being of a different religion, their newly established churches are constantly being burned and torn down. And thus, a religious war has been raging on the side for almost half a century now. Now, to end it once and for all, The Campaigners would sail far to fight these Barbarians. With them, they bring the Maiden. She is of noble-born: The third daughter of the King who had pledged her life to her God and to spread his words. She is the symbol of virtue, piety and purity across the Kingdom. With God on their side, and the Maiden to inspire, The Campaigners are sure to win every battle.
They fall quick and humiliatingly. And their maiden is captured. And she is defiled. The once symbol of piety is taken again and again by countless of these 'Barbarians'. But to the horror of the survivors, their Maiden is mewling and moaning to the barbarians' assaults. Orgasm after sinful orgasm ripple through her body as the Maiden succumbs to carnal delights. So addicted to being defiled and used that she readily denounces her god, her people, and everything she believed in, only to have more of these men to pleasure her.

These are just some ideas I have at the moment. I haven't put much thought into them obviously as I like to discuss with my partners before engaging with the play. If you don't like them but think we're a good match in terms of our rp preferences, then come say hi! I'd love to discuss and come up with something that would suit both our tastes.

Also, please refrain from replying on this thread. Send me a PM, instead 

PS: I know I said I like to finish what I start but honestly life doesn't always go as we plan. Or, maybe we just misjudge. Either way, I'm ditch-friendly. If you don't feel like continuing with the story with me, just tell that to me instead of ghosting me. I hate being left hanging but I can absolutely respect your decision. I'd much rather be looking for other partners instead of waiting on you.


Hello Tamjidark! I was looking over your posts and am interested in the one called 'Bittersweet Summer.' It sounds like the kind of RP that I would very much be able to put some time and effort into if you are still up for finding someone to RP it with you. I am a female, I love romantic stories, and this one has a twist to it that I find very intriguing. So please let me know if you'd like to discuss this further with me. Thanks!


Edited the post, added some more plots and cravings. Looking for a new partner. 



I wanted to take a break but I guess I like writing too much. I have enough space for another rp. So bump. Really craving Unburnt


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