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February 25, 2021, 10:22:00 am

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Author Topic: Galactic cravings f looking for M or futa  (Read 223 times)

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Offline renigadeTopic starter

Galactic cravings f looking for M or futa
« on: June 02, 2020, 10:40:07 pm »
Hello and welcome to my request thread. I have been an rp'er for 6ish-7 years and do not care what gender my partner is but I am currently looking for someone willing to play male or futa, preferably one with a more dominant role. I tend to post more than once a day especially on my days but most days I do my best to post more than once. I just ask for patience and understanding on days that I can't. Communication is a must for me. I dont have to know everything about you but I feel a good rapport with who I am making an entire world and/or universe with makes all the more exciting to get on and post with. Both participants planning the rp is a must as well. I want a story we will both love. I love making others happy. My gift and curse is that others emotions rub off on me if I'm not careful so if I sense something wrong it might reflect in my responses, if there is a problem or I do something to upset someone please let me know. I prefer at least one beefy paragraph with substance and something for me to work with in each post. I tend to match the effort of my partners as far as length goes. I'm not a grammar nazi so if your english isn't perfect I'm ok with that. I will sometimes make typos myself, mostly due to my brain going faster than my fingers and sometimes, when I'm not at my computer, auto correct.

So here's what you clicked on the topic for....

Yep you read that right. Just aliens. They can be whatever you can come up with as long as they would be anatomically compatible with humans. Preferably human females (I will be willing to be the female alien but only if we come up with a good story)
Current story ideas:
idea 1:
Aliens have come to Earth to warn humanity that a star closer to their home system has gone nova and will reach Earth in about nine Earth years. While this star may not be close enough to blast the planets away to the core from the heat, the resulting shock-wave will at minimum, strip away the planets magnetosphere and likely strip away between 60 to 90% of the atmosphere. The aliens that have come to warn us have scouted out planets within this sector of the galaxy and have found a life barring Earth like planet but nearly three times the size. It, however is humanities and the aliens best hope and is roughly twenty light years away from the effect radius of the impending nova. The alien race has offered to take as many humans as want to go to that planet with them.

Idea 2: slaver aliens have kidnapped a human female and are keeping her in a cage in a cargo hold lined with cages of animals from other planets. Another captive happens to be another sentient alien and they try to escape together. The other alien could be the same race as the slavers or not and could be advanced or not, whichever you prefer.

Idea 3: (sort of a breeding kink plot) An endagered alien race has come to earth in search of females, humans just so happen to be mostly compatible with the aliens and with only slight modifications can reproduce with the race. The females can be either taken by force or work with earth's governments, taken to the alien homeworld or colony or the aliens can be given a place on earth for the purpose.

Other idea(s):
I also have an idea for a world that has been taken over by demons, The only safe havens for humans are sparse walled cities across the wilderness. Humans have developed magic abilities to combat the threats due to some sort af radiation from a meteor thousands of years ago. as another result of the radiation  some humans will have mutations such as winged people, people with ears, tails (like nekos or something), stone skin, whatever you can imagine. our two characters would be just out or graduating from a collage of sorts that trains people to fight the demons so that they can leave the walls of their city by reclaiming land and building walls or completing missions outside the city such as accompanying merchants on trade routes or diplomats to other cities. The two characters would be permanent partners in whatever job they are assigned to the rest of their lives.

As far as kinks goes my ons and ok's are to numerous to list here. If you are curious about a certain kink just ask I dont bite, well unless you want me to ;]. Off are mostly extremes that are pretty common, things like blood, fluids or solids belonging in the bathroom, extreme violence, abuse... things like that.

I am willing to do forum posts or discord. Message me if interested. please dont reply here. Thank you. <3