Looking for a long-term partner (F for Any)

Started by amaya7793, May 29, 2020, 04:52:43 PM

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Hi all I'm Amaya but feel free to call me Ama. I've been doing rp for about 4 years now. I'm a milti-paragraph(3-5pp) witer mostly horror and fantasy but I'm usually up for anything as long as the story is good. I can play both Male and female roles, though I prefer to play as a female/femininely males/traps. I rp in 3rd person and ask that others do the same. I'm not completely opposed to doing 1st I just out of habit always end up switching back to third. As mentioned before I can play either gender and can usually control up to about 5 characters. I prefer using about 2 or 3 but can do more if it's needed for the story. I prefer long term story's as opposed to one offs I enjoy the build up just as much as I enjoy the actual sex scenes. I like to create a story and love world building I love being able to watch as two characters change and morph and love watching it unfold. All I ask of my partner is an attempt. It's no fun if I'm really trying and your not doing the same.
Random plots (feel free to send me a plot of your own if none of those work or message me and we can come up with one together)

       Being honest I really like this plot no matter how many times I do it. YC is on a quest with a group of his finest men. Apon your father's request you were traveling your father's newest country-side recently having won in a battle. Your group simply trying to solve whatever problems they encountered along the way. They come to a famous mining village known far and wide for having amazing gems and a vast richness of rare minerals. Excited to see what new riches await your country you decide to stop in for the day. You notice a group of minners who should already be done with working loading up what looks to be freshly dead goats into their mining cart. Confused as to what they are doing YC ask what they are doing. They tell you of a legend of a beast. A great white beast with glowing blue eyes. They tell you that no one has ever seen the beast for it resides deep within the cave but each night they deliver the cart to the mouth of the cave and each morning the cart is empty. They warn you not to anger the beast for if it is angered they won't find any more prescious gems. Either out of curiosity, a need to prove the villagers wrong, or simply refusing to allow any beast like that to live you follow the miners with your group. You and your men agree to take shifts watching the cart. When your shift arrives you watch the cart till total boredom convinced you the villagers were lying. Nothing was gonna come for the cart. You were just about ready to throw in the towel when you see MC. MC has been trapped in her hellish cave for far to long. For centuries she had been trapped here stuck to a promise her father had forced her to make. The key a rider. A human of royal birth destined to rule a mighty kingdom. A human of great worth. Or so she had promised her father but the village she had been brought to never saw royalty. She had given up hope and finally had figured out how to both be useful to the town and eat happily. She let her magic drip into the lower regions of her tomb causing the wonderful gems and minerals to prosper. She never expected it to actually cause royalty to come to the village. But upon seeing YC suddenly she has a new hope. Taking a rider though is a very difficult task for any dragon and will cause an unbreakable bond between the two. (Now this can be a Femdom setting and MC can Lord her powers over you or it can be a nurturing relationship where mine helps your to become an amazing king or it could be a tender relationship where yours trys to protect her and uses her and your new powers for good or your character could be ruthless and use this new power and takes over the kingdom or it could even be that you use the bond against her and take advantage of her)
Princess/(mythical creature)
Born a princess MC always knew that someday she would be forced to Marry someone. Always hopeful that it would be someone she cared about or at least someone who treated her decently. Today however they were supposed to say I do. Traveling in her carriage in a white dress she sets of to meet YC. She had been told nothing of her new husband nor could she even really find rumors of him. It seemed her father was selling her off to the highest bidder with a nice enough title. YC however knows almost everything about mine because her father tried to make her apart of the treaty you decided (or your father) decided to make her the key to treaty. If she displeased you or you decided you didn't want her anymore the treaty would be off and your people would be free to attack and destroy the entire kingdom.  (Now this can be a non-con thing and you force MC to be your personal slave or you could blackmail her with the treaty or it could even be a consentual tender and sweet romance where they enevitibly fall for one another.)
With this it's kinda an anything goes type of pairing. YC could be the bad boy MC swoons over. MC could be the bad girl that corrupts YC. Rich kids. Best friends. Enemies turned relationship. Or it could be a fantasy where are characters are any sort of mythical creature forced into a school for the supernatural. Really this is an anything goes kind of plot so finding something we both want would be up for discussion.
MC and a group of her friends decide to play harmless pranks on random people on Halloween night. They paint shoe polish on car windows, throw toilet paper into the trees, and ring a few doorbells before running away and getting in a vehicle. Getting bored one of MC friends suggest to egg a house and pulled a carton of eggs from her backpack. Hesitant MC tries to talk them out of it but ends up out voted and dragged along. The eggs get handed out and the other girls throw theirs at the house and they splatter. Trying not to be left out MC throws her eggs only instead of it splattering against the house like the rest it smashes a window because it was hard boiled. The other girls knowing ahead of time and setting up MC vanish quickly hoping into the car and ride away leaving MC there. YC catches MC as she running after the car. Completely caught MC begs YC not to call the police or her parents and offers you anything for your silence. (I'm thinking this could be something that starts out non con then turns consentual over time. However I'm not opposed to making it fully non con)
.....anyways... these are just a few things off the top of my head Feel free to message me with any questions comments concerns or plots of your own I'm up for almost anything only exception is if it belongs in a toilet it doesn't belong in bed. (Piss, shit, puke)



Hey! I would like to talk about rp with you! I usually play females but can do a pretty decent job as a male. Send me a message if you’d like to discuss anything!