Looking for RP Partners! (MxAny)

Started by Ackerman, May 23, 2020, 11:27:16 AM

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Random Info

-My only rule! No one liners please! Nothing personal I just like detail I like to feel as if I'm in the rp, and can picture your character!
-I can play both Male and Female characters. With a strong lean towards Male characters.
-In cases where I do play a Female character, I would also like to play a Male character as well. We could do something involving FxFxM the Male character could be shared between us both if need be.
-As for plot to smut, I tend to enjoy a 50/50 ratio.


Ass worship (describing her ass a lot, randomly through the rp...weird..I know, but something that keeps my interest throughout the rp. Something extra especially during none sex scenes)
Detail! (Same thing as above, I love descriptions of the characters body throughout the rp!Especially how her clothes fits her, how her breast bounces and butt jiggles!)
Lots of cum (doing things with it as well)
Sex Talk (dirty talk, or sexual fantasies / past sex history)
Panty play (Big craving here!! I enjoy underwear in general I love: visible panty lines / sexy underwear / wedgie)
Snow Bunnies
Recording / videotaping
Strip Tease
Titty Fuck
Sexual Exhaustion (Walking with a limp)
Tight clothing leggings yoga pants
Weight Gain (Having the female character gain weight that goes directly only to their chest and butt)
CowGirl (position)



I) Celebrity Section

A) The Celebs! There's a lot more, but just a short list if you're not sure whom to choose.

Candice Swanepoel
Lisa Vanderpump
Charlotte Mckinney
Bella Throne
Kate Moss
Cara Delevingne
Kate Upton
Jennette Mccurdy
Jessica Biel
Kate Middleton
Pippa Middleton
Emily Rajakowski
Kelly Brook
Jennifer Lawrence
Mila Kunis
Sheri Moon Zombie
Megan Fox
Emilia Clarke
Victora Justice
Taylor Swift
Lena Headey
Kat Dennings
Sofia Vergara
Nicki Minaj
Sophie Turner
Vanessa Hudgens
Natalie Dormer
Hillary Duff
Kate Beckinsale
Chloe Mortez
Kim Kardashian
Kylie Jenner
Kendall Jenner
Natalie Portman
Miranda Kerr
Michelle Pfeiffer
Margot Robbie
Also pornstars as well! NSFW
Ava Adams
Kendra Lust
Auroa Snow
Lisa Ann
Priya Rai
Dillion Harper
Sasha Grey
Mia Kahlifa
Madison Ivy

B) Specific Celebrity Scenes

Kate Middleton / Pippa Middleton
This idea is based off a news article that I just saw. Basically, it would involve a friend of the duchess, who is starting up a business that runs super elite and exclusive sex parties. Only the top 1 percent of people can get into it, no one knows when they are hosted or even where. To get things rolling Kate is secretly invited personally to one of the parties. Of course, she can't come unattended being who she is, so she decides to have one of her most trusted security guard to escort her there. Once there the party quickly is a hit, it's not long before everyone starts getting down to business. Seeing that it is a sex party, and everyone is going at it, she decides to join in the fun with the one person she brought her security guard.

Plot #1
Looking to play with or as Kate Middleton (preferable with). The idea is rather simple, she would be a bit of a promiscuous girl having some affairs. The scene would start with her coming to the U.S, where prince William is doing a speech, as well as a meeting with some of the head leaders. Feeling a bit bored and neglected she decides to wonder around where she runs into a interviewer, who seems to be interested in her personal life.

Plot #2 (New idea)
This idea would be something a bit different, involving a apocalypse. Can be zombie or whatever. I'm thinking the duchess of Cambridge along with her sister (or just one) are wondering the earth together. They could have the royal guards escorting them, or maybe their gone, and they are left to fend for themselves. This plot is rather open, so if you have any ideas bring them in!

C) Random Celebrity Scenes

Interracial #1 The Gift
For her anniversary a celebrity wants to do an interracial porno for her boyfriend/husband. The two can be a rather kinky couple. She wants everything to be extremely discrete, so she decides to go to the only person who she knows she can trust her manager. Thinking the request is rather odd, he goes along with it and books a porn star for her along with a private area in a vacant warehouse or maybe a basement of some random store? As the celeb and pornstar meet and star to get down to things she quickly realize just how good the fucking is until she does it and gets hooked.

Interracial #2 The interviewer
A celebrity is doing a panel at a special event, an upcoming interviewer, manages to snag a quick moment along with the celeb to do a quick interview with her. After the interview is finish the guy has a few more questions for the celeb, a sort of fun interview where he gets to ask her some rather sexual questions, one thing leads to another and soon they are at each others bodies.

The Sex Audition
A celebrity is trying out for the next biggest t.v. show since Game Of Thrones. Much like Game of Thrones the new show has quite the many sex scenes, to see whether the celebrity will be good for the show, she has to show off her sexual skills on camera for the directors.

II) Game Of Thrones
One of my favourite T.V shows, so I decided to give it its own section! Some Spoilers below

Cersei & Myrcella x Tommen
Margaery Tyrell is the last person Cersei wants marrying her son, or if anyone. With Margaery getting so close to him, she decides to take action. Slowly she starts to seduce her son, and shows him what a real woman can do. This not only gets Tommen away from Margaery, but also gets Cersei to control his mind. Though before long, Cersei quickly realizes that Tommen needs to marry in order for there to be a new queen. What better woman for him to marry than his own sister? After all the Targaryens had a history of sibling marriage?

Tommen's Harem

Being the king of the seven kingdoms gives Tommen quite the power. He can do anything he wants, with and without reason. So why can't he have just about any woman he wants? A simple idea, though there's room for a lot of story. Here's a few girls that I think would be interesting to play against. (Cersei, Ygritte, Cateyln, Arya, Sasna, Daenerys and more!)

Sansa Stark x OC(s) / also a slight variation with The Hound PM for details!
I was thinking of something where she slowly becomes a whore. Basically the rp would take place right after she has fled from kings landing. Instead of going to her aunt she would be roaming the fields of Westros and with no money to offer anyone to help her she realizes she has her body instead. Slowly she would do more sexual acts as she comes into different kind of men. PM for more details

Cersei Lannister x Son (Joffrey or Tommen)
With Margaery Tyrell's appearance in Kingslanding, Cersei quickly goes into a jealous rage seeing that there's a woman around who is managing to steal her son away. Of course, Cersei being the Lioness she is, she'll do anything to protect and keep her cubs to herself. Even if it means using her body, to make sure her son loves no other. (Basic idea, though I see more happening. After Cersei and her sons relationship, maybe another threat appears? Seeing that Cersei is rather young, she's still able to bear children, with the request of Twyin Lannister she is order to remarry again. Of course with her son the king on her side, there's always a way to get rid of a person that neither of them like.)

Catelyn Stark x OC/Jon/Robb
Always had a thing for Catelyn. She's a bit more Mature than Cersei, but like Cersei she would do anything for her family. Ideas soon to come...

III) Fandom (Anime)
Mostly just pics (NSFW). Any characters you like PM and we can come up with a plot.


Dragon Ball Z
Chi Chi
Seripa - Saiyan gang bang craving here!


Kill la Kill!

Attack on Titan!
Mikasa Ackerman
Annie Leonhardt

Highschool of the Dead


New idea (Father Mother x Son)

Basically a world that has been overrun by monsters / demons. I'm thinking for our family, maybe because of that their village / farm has been destroyed. With that they have only the clothes on their backs as they look for settlement elsewhere, with no money or resources they have to do whatever it takes to survive. We can have the father whore out the mother for money, even go on to do live sex events with her in front of people. This could go on to having the son come along in and having a real mother son show for the villagers or rather the wealthy? (Maybe even having the son feminized as well) It could start off like that, though we can move on to something where that village also ends up getting destroyed and possibly the father getting killed off and the mother / son going on an adventure to stop the demons / monsters that are corrupting the world.
Plot # 1
Interracial / Adultery / Cuckhold

I'm thinking for the start, we can have the family - father, mother, and son - exploring the new wasteland of a world. Everything is mostly run sack destroyed. The husband could be somewhat of a softy, not really knowing about fighting and killing. Along comes another character that protects the family. It could be a black male, maybe military background guy if you want. He could have weapons and other survival tactics that he has learned from the military. The wife could become rather impressed by him and things slowly move from there. From harmless fun to full out sex, even in front of the son and husband. After all the husband can't really over power him, and he needs to stay with the family to survive. I was thinking she could turn her son into a man by slowly showing him what's going on and even taking him herself, or even the new man in the mother's life could persuade the mother to show the son the ropes. Their goal would be finding food and supplies to hold them out. We can even add them joining other survival groups along the way.

Plot # 2

A mother works as a stripper to help pay the bills (Could be step or adoptive also). She thinks that her son doesn't know about her secret job. But, in reality he does, deciding one night to follow her after finding some rather strange things around the house. After finding out where she works, he decides to find out some more information about the strip club that she works in. After all it doesn't look much like a strip club, it's in a rather sleazy area of town, and located in a basement showing no signs that it's a strip club. Doing his search he finds out that the club offers monthly bids on their girls for clients to have sex with them on stage. Finding this out, he quickly saves his money until one day he thinks he has enough to finally bid on a girl...(have more information if you're interested)

Plot #3

The mother is the queen of the kingdom, but isn't happy with her position as queen. Nor does she like how her king, sleeps with other whores and talks about them in front of her. One night she decides to kill him, while they are in bed. But the son walking down the hallways witness what his mother has done. He decides to keep it quiet for a little bit until he can't hold it anymore, confronting his mother about what he saw...(have more inform pm)

plot# 4
The Mother was taught from a young age to be Conservative and not show off too much skin, or act slutty. She has kept these beliefs throughout her teenage and adult life. Until, he husband divorces her for a sexier younger woman. She is crushed, and left to take care of her son. She wonders, what would it be like to be the hot sexy mom that get's all the guys. She even considers doing amateur porn, to help pay the bills. But what guy would want her? Or rather what guy can she use to help bring out her slutty side..or test it? Well there's always her son, the only guy in her life that stuck with her.

Plot# 5
I was thinking of something a bit dark. With a mother who is essentially a awful mother. She drinks, smokes, and has sex quite a lot. The mother would be gang/mob related, having ties to them somehow. They would protect her and her son, from anything in turn for use of her body whenever they want. This would mean coming into her house anytime or the day or night and taking her as they wish. Through all of the abuse she still cares and wants her son to succeed and become better in life. For this scene I was thinking we would play out the day to day affairs of the mother and son together trying to make it through, and slowly ending up together. Can also route the plot where the son, some how ends up in control of the gang? I have some other ideas for this if you're interested!