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Author Topic: Kai's Erotica Emporium (M looking for F)  (Read 703 times)

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Kai's Erotica Emporium (M looking for F)
« on: May 22, 2020, 11:17:38 pm »

Hello good people of Elliquiy!

Within this page you will find a selection of Erotica for all your needs, especially during these trying times. Most of them comes with room for modifications
to suit your taste, and an option of being played on discord, PM or thread (Roughly in that order of preference). The shopkeeper lives on an Island between Asia and Oceania, existing within a timezone of GMT+7 but is online most of the day for plotting, posting and conversations, so please take that into account should it be relevant to your criteria of selection. Without further ado, we welcome you inside our little shop to peruse the goods and make your selection.​

Proprietor's Profile
-The Proprietor is a 34 year old heterosexual male unless Jason Momoa is around (At which point he morphs into a 16 year old girl)
-In his spare time, the proprietor is part of a damned people called 'the forever GM' and is always running a dnd game or other similar systems
-Enjoys meeting new friends and thus considers discord a big plus to have discussions or just conversations
-Primary Kinks involve Scandals, Adultery (please don't judge him), High Octane Drama and Consensual Scenes
-Is Flexible enough to accommodate things not in his primary kinks as long as it doesn't involve the usual full-blown rape, death, blood or bodily wastes

The Fandom Section
In this section you can find a list of fandoms available in our store. They may change at a moments notice, so if you see something you like, grab it quick!

-Final Fantasy (comes in the VI, VII, VIIR,VIII, X, XII, XIV, XV and Tactic variety)
-League of Legends
-Soul Calibur
-Tomb Raider

The Freeform Pre-made Section​
This section contains pre-made scenarios to be played in a freeform format. When they are taken, they will be off the shelf (though may return at future time)

-Title: The last paradise
-Setting: Modern world
-Keyword: Mystery, fluff, slice of life

A group of young, attractive people find themselves waking up in an island in the middle of nowhere, though by the building, it seems to be 21st century Japan (or any other region if you prefer a different aesthetic). They find that they might have come from different places, different timelines, or even different worlds entirely. Now they have to live together in this empty island town, trying to survive, but with everyone being so attractive...It was a matter of time before everyone started fucking everyone.

Note: This is basically an excuse for us to use all our favourite characters (or new ones we wanted to play) in a slice of life smutty setting

-Title: The Glitch
-Setting: Cyberpunk
-Keywords: Slice of life, Romance

A glitch in your character's memory implant has caused you to lose data from the last year or so. You wake up and found that life has changed quite a bit. You now live in a better apartment, with a new boyfriend/fiancee that is leagues better than the loser you were dating before the glitch. He was a deadbeat boyfriend, this one seems to have a cool proffesion. The last one was careless and immature, the new one is mature and caring, and the sex? You never knew orgasms can come in threes, but now you do. All your old friends told you that you two are the perfect couple but you can't even remember how you met.

Still, life is hard when you can't even remember anything, and your work has understandably decided to let you go. It's time to rebuild and catch up with all the new things in the world. Luckily, your boyfriend is there to help you.

-Title: A world for the brave
-Setting: Modern world with dash of fantasy
-Keyword: Mystery, Adventure, Romance

Something happened to the world. When you wake up, everything changed. Most of the people in the world vanished, save for a few. No one knows what's going on and everyone is scrambling for survival. You now travel the world with a friend, or perhaps a stranger, and the two of you together explore this new world side by side, a world for the brave, seeking for answers.

-Title: The web we weave
-Setting: Early 1900s, between the Victorian era to the Interwar era (or a fantasy equivalent of the period)
-Keyword: Intrigue, Polyamory
-Note: Will require each of us to play 2-3 characters at the minimum.

In the uncertain time during the Industrial revolution, a group of young nobles banded together,united by loyalty and desire to build a future not only for them, but also their houses. These young nobles are quite open about their lust for one another and despite the chokingly conservative nature of the times, have secretly shared their beds with each other at one time or another. Will they all survive the turbulent era together? Or will they go their separate ways?

-Title: The Secret Education of Lionel Easton
-Setting: Early 1900s, between the Victorian era to the Interwar era (or a fantasy equivalent of the period)
-Keyword: Adultery, Drama

Young Lionel Easton is a good suitor for most women. He is caring, comes from a noble family, and is a talented artist to boot. Most women would be happy to have him as their husband, but he made the mistake of falling for Catherine Atterton, a young woman well whose enggagement was recently dissolved. Catherine is headstrong, beautiful, and was enggaged to a handsome adventurer. She was also, for lack of a better word, a nymph. Everyone who lived in the atterton mansion knows just how sexually insatiable Catherine can be. Lionel, on the other hand, was a virgin and romantic who never even visited a brothel before. Now, he finds himself fearing that he simply will not measure up to Catherine's former lover.

Luckily, Catherine's married older sister, Ophelie, was very much interested in providing a very hands on lesson to ensure Lionel can meet her beloved sister's standard. It just so happens her husband (who she loved dearly) is not able to provide an heir, and the only way to save their marriage from being annulled by her father is by producing an heir: Something she was certain the young Lionel can help her with.

The Smut-o-matic

In this corner of the emporium lies a machine for those who requires a more personalized experience. All one has to do is insert the parameters they want and send a PM to the proprietor, who will then insert these information into the machine, press a few levers, and voila! A fully fleshed out story offer pops out. Sometimes the machine can be clogged up, so if the result is not up to your taste, feel free to either modify it or try again with a fresh entry!


1. Insert the kind of world would you like to play in?
2. Insert the kind of kinks you want to be involved (5 maximum)
3. Insert keywords or phrases to describe the stories (5 maximum)
4. Insert a profile of your character (Age, looks, personality, sexual experience)
5. Insert the ideal love interest for your character (age, looks, personality, sexual specialties)
6. Send the PM and wait for the result!

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Re: Kai's Erotica Emporium (M looking for F)
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Re: Kai's Erotica Emporium (M looking for F)
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Re: Kai's Erotica Emporium (M looking for F)
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another shot!

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Re: Kai's Erotica Emporium (M looking for F)
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Re: Kai's Erotica Emporium (M looking for F)
« Reply #5 on: August 20, 2020, 08:56:34 pm »
Here we go again!

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Re: Kai's Erotica Emporium (M looking for F)
« Reply #6 on: September 16, 2020, 09:55:12 pm »
Once more