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Author Topic: Tentacles, monster girls, bizarre curses and beyond!  (Read 277 times)

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Tentacles, monster girls, bizarre curses and beyond!
« on: May 21, 2020, 11:28:59 AM »
Hello and welcome to this extraordinarily debauched thread!

For a quick list of my ons and offs, you can go to my f-list right here!

A quick summation of what I'm looking for: I'm looking for lusty or sensual encounters in all sorts of settings! I especially enjoy multiple orgasms as a focal point for the RP, and I like to be creative with how these lusty scenarios come about. As for sensual encounters, I like romance and I like erotic tension.
A quick summation of what I'm not looking for: Pain, bullying, misery, vore, gore, underage characters, incest, hard furry (animal faces, etc), scat, waterplay, etc. And just because I'm a straight guy, mxm pairings.
I write between 1 to 5 paragraphs, with the average post being at 2-3 paragraphs.

When it comes to partners, I'm looking for someone who is good at making their writing interesting. Saucy descriptions of their heaving chests, charismatic quips, fun plot ideas and proactive characters that add to the story rather than just experience it. Anything that makes the writing interesting, really. I also enjoy OOC planning and brainstorming even as the RP is going on - it helps calibrate the RP so that it remains fun for bother parties involved. I mostly scrutinize the quality of my partners' writing, rather than the quantity.

With that out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff!


This section is an optional read! It details worldbuilding elements that are common in the worlds that I make, which can explain how it is that I come up with my ideas. Do note that this is err... ERP worldbuilding and hence not a guide on how to come up with beautiful locations (I use artstation references for that) but more a toolbox of how to come up with lusty tentacles and horny monster girls.

Optional reading
Magic in lust:
The world is filled with small particles of mana, which gets filtered throughout the body with every breath. However, the quantity of magic garnered this way is... Minimal. Souls, however, can generate their own mana, drawing upon a primal force of unknown origins to spew mana into the world. This happens when the soul is most affected, which is generally referred to "a shivering soul", the mana producing process being dubbed "the shiver". This is usually achieved by a highly powerful emotion, which in a lot of my RPs tends to primarily be - you guessed it - lust. In some scenarios, other emotions might also have import but lust is almost always important.

This fact of life has caused a lot of species to be almost fully centered around shivering souls until they're too exhausted to shiver anymore - which is where tentacles and monster girls fit in!

A few terms:
Soul shiver: The process of creating mana via powerful emotional stimuli.
Soul freezing: As the soul gets exhausted, it'll start to 'freeze up', causing it to stop shivering entirely This means that the soul cannot produce any more mana, at least not until the soul has recovered. In general, the wellbeing of the soul directly correlates to how long the soul can shiver in the first place .
Soul loosening: The process of getting the soul to 'loose' otherwise safely stored mana.
Mana storing: Storing mana in the soul, allowing it to be used as well as keeping it from simply flowing away.
Excess mana: Mana overflowing from the soul, usable by anyone nearby, including the soul from which the mana is overflowing from.

The soul can be trained in all manner of ways - from being capable to shiver longer to being capable of gaining some control over the shiver (IE: 'Manual freezing'). It can be trained to store more mana, use mana more effectively and retain mana more safely, making it harder for the mana to be leeched.

All of this is designed to create a truly lusty time, and is also generally well suited for some light homebrew dice systems!

Species and how they function
This isn't an exhaustive list of my species nor how they all function, but a general rundown on some of the elements that can be used for designing species.

Species may be biological, mechanical, magical/ethereal, dream-weaved or be beyond anything mortal.

Beyond literally just eating food or suckling sexual fluids, the various species may leech mana via soul loosening (esp. magical creatures), feed off of desires and dreams (esp. dream creatures) or feed off of nothing at all (ghosts, etc).

They may reproduce relatively normally (among their own kin), use other species as breeding tools, or self-replicate via magic. Dream creatures might come in and out of existence in ways that aren't always rationally explainable. Ghosts... Well... They don't really reproduce. Finally, there's "corruption", in which a species reproduce by fully corrupting a soul with their essence, making a person "one of them" over time.

Overall, a species may be: Predatory, cooporative or roaming; parasitic, symbiotic or independent. This is a fancy way of saying that some creatures are hostile, some creatures a nice and some mind their own business and/or run away.

Meshing the above with a bunch of details can create a wide variety of species.


NOTE: All of the below ideas are usually designed to be brainstormed into a fully fledged scene. That's why they may sound vauge.
Also, full disclosure: Some of the writings below are copy-pasted from old threads and such of mine, so if you've seen them before, that's why.

Ideas and themes
A list of more general ideas and themes that we can brainstorm with!

A pretty standard style of RP, in which I narrate the environment to some adventurer as they go through various overly lusty landscapes and scenes. The most fitting genres for this kinda story is science fiction and fantasy. Some ideas for worlds to explore include: Virtual reality worlds, dreamworlds, fantasy worlds, spaceships, foreign planets, forests, bizarre hellscape (Corruption of champions, anyone?) and more!

The exact nature of these worlds can be discussed in great detail if so desired. Here's a few ideas:
Casual sex world: Everyone is A-OK with sex!
Virtual reality NPC: Your character is an NPC in a fully immersed sim, at the whims of the players and modders of the game. See also: Dominion Online
Tourist trap: Your character ends up in a famous tourist destination on the far side of the galaxy, with no way home before the return shuttle arrives.
Lustful nature: The world is filled to the teeth with lusty creatures, looking to fuck humanity senseless. Every town needs to stay well guarded, making sure civility stands tall for centuries to come. See also: Krag's Hill.
Lustful experimenter: The world is filled to the teeth with lusty creatures, and you're looking to sample some!
Magic student: Lust is mana, mana is key. Luckily, there's a tonne of lusty creatures wanting to fuck you - they may just also steal said mana, so be careful! See also: The Royal Academy of Magic, further down in this thread.
Haunted house: The house is haunted, with weird things crawling around every corner. Be careful, or the house might get to you - and fuck you silly! See also: Haunted house, further down in this thread.
Exhibitionist curse: The tale of how your character survives a nasty lusty curse that wants you to fuck everyone in the neighborhood. This is likely to be in a modern setting, but fantasy/sci-fi works as well. See also: Curses section further down this thread.

Casual sex world
It's any world in which sex is extremely normal and, well, casual. The idea is simple; We simply play one or more characters going through their normal day in this rather absurd world. They may get fucked on the bus. They may get fucked on their way to uni. They may get fucked when they're trying to work out. It's one gigantic gangbang.

Different levels of casualness can be discussed as well as which kinks we'd want to focus on for a given RP. A few ideas on how to spice up the casual sex world setting goes as follows:
Sex as a sport: People not only see sex as this casual side-thing, they see it as a valuable profession, in which you can teach yourself all manner of skills to become better and more satisfying as a sexual partner. This can include silly 'skills' like being capable of cumming five times in a row or being capable of lifting a woman with nothing but one's cock.
Magic shenanigans: Adding magic or technology to a world of smut only makes it even smuttier. From cloning to portals, the number of crazed out lusty things one can do is limitless.
Two types of people: Perhaps there's a divide in the species - with one half being completely obsessed about fucking the other senseless. One half will be in a lecture hall to take a lecture, the other half - well, they'll be fucking everyone while they try to focus.
Affirmation and positivity: Just something nice I like to add to these kinda settings, with people complimenting your hairstyle mid-sex, your essays, your eyes and the like. People are just really nice in this setting. A casual sex world is, after all, sort of an utopian setting.
From another world: Your character is not from a casual sex world originally, but err... Now they are. Via some magic... Thing.

Character encounters
This section is for when I don't narrate, as a lot of my thread focus on narrator/GM-esque ideas. But, I also love to play characters! These are some of the ideas I have for when I play characters.

Note: If you're willing to narrate/GM some of my own ideas back to me, I'd love to play a character for that! Or if you're willing to narrate/GM some other idea which I find cool.
Also note: I'm not quite as good at coming up with ideas for 1x1 character interactions, because I've been narrating/GM'ing for half an eternity.

Character ideas
Shy/anxious characters: I'm rather anxious IRL, so I'm fairly, err... Skilled when it comes to writing anxious people.
Characters with species from this thread: So monster girls, (monster guys?), elves, vampires, etc. etc., just played as singular characters rather than a full cast of characters.
Lusty characters: My theme is lust, so having characters that are lusty is rather fitting.
Professional characters: I like playing characters that have interesting professions - especially merchants are interesting to me, as they get to see all the corners of the world AND have a wide array of goods to play around with when you want it. But writers, businessmen, IT folk and more who takes their job seriously can be a fun narrative 'foundation' for my character's background.
Stand-offish characters. I like playing characters that are completely detached from their sexuality. They're perhaps arrogant and overly work-oriented, only for a delectable other to break their shell! Can evolve both into doms and subs.
Switch characters: Because I play both dom and sub roles, so why not?

Smutty romance: A couple who likes to get eachother off in public? Why not! A couple that enjoys bonding by having sex with random strangers? Sure! Partners who likes to get it on in the shower? Go for it!
Instant hookups: When you find the perfect dance partner, you have to suck their tongues a little, right?
Journeys with rare stock: A fantasy story in which my character (merchant) accidentally acquired your character via a strange bargain, perhaps as an egg or the like. Then they go and see the world, ay!
Bits and pieces from other ideas: We could take scenes or characters from other ideas and simply play them out with a focus on our two characters rather than just one character.
Public groping: I'd love to play a character who'd get publicly smutted, be it on a bus or in a pub or the like!

I'm more than willing to brainstorm more encounters, so don't be afraid to send me your own ideas!

Fragments are pieces of ideas that can be brainstormed with and put together in various ways to create a fully fledged scene.

Curses are fun little surprises that end up turning one or more character's lives upside down~
Here are some example of delicious smutty curses or curse-like ideas!
These ideas work as 'jump-off points' for brainstorming, hence the short and concise form.

Attraction curse: You're suddenly almost literally irresistible to everyone and everything! Using public transportation is practically inviting trouble~
King's game: Do X or Y happens to you.
King's choice: Choose one of X options. Your choices will become reality.
Bimbofication curse: The more sex you have, the more your body transforms to adopt to its new fate. You will start out having suddenly become somehwat more attractive, with characters flirting with you, etc. but not quite as irresistible as with the attraction curse (unless you want to throw that one on top of it!).
Desire curse: Whenever someone attractive is close by, you're overcome with lust, potentially cumming right on the spot.
Futa curse: You (female) suddenly have a cock, and it seems to be erect a lot of the time!
Spreading curse: A curse that spreads slowly via sexual intercourse.

Tentacles & Slimes
Tentacles and slimes come in all shapes and sizes and with all manner of abilities!
Here's a rambling list of various tentacles and slimes that one might encounter in my roleplays!
When I say "creature", I'm talking about either slimes or tentacles. When I specify one or the other, that's because the trait probably only makes sense for that one group of species.

Morphlings/slimes: A group of creatures with an immense capacity for transforming their bodies's shape and size to fit all sorts of... Needs.
Mimicry: Allows the creature to mimic various features, such as bushes, clothes or even skin.
Transformation: Allows the creature to not only mimic, but to transform a part of itself into something else and use its functions. IE: A slime taking the shape of a person and 'making' vocal chords, allowing them to speak. One more example: A tentacle transforming into an impromptu cock, well attached to a woman's clit.
Slippery: The creature may be completely frictionless, which can allow it to sliver under clothes and perhaps even armor.
Complex chemicals: The creature may have various chemicals in its arsenal that it can use to make someone more... Open towards their advances. This ranges from aphrodisiacs to injections that'll make the target lactate, perhaps including some bimbofication transformations, etc.
Neural trickery: The creature may interact with nerves and trick the body into feeling sensations that aren't actually there.
Sticky: The creature may be so sticky as to be almost impossible to remove.
Bursting: The tentacle may burst into a cloud of semen.
Magic: Because why not? The simpler creatures might have a spell they spam over and over again, while the more complex creatures can have multiple.
Parasitic/symbiotic attachment: The creature may in some way attach itself to someone to mark them as a long-term target or as a potential friend or partner, depending on the exact context.
Pulsing: Some creatures may make shivering pulses instead of or in combination with fucking motions, the pulse spreading and easing their target from within.
Breeding: Some creatures may use humanoids as breeding partners. This can go rather fast - such as mana leeching, in which the semen consumes mana in order to produce more creatures - or it's a slow burner, which is more common for attached creatures.
Mana growth and self-replication: Some creatures simply grow and divide with the amount of mana poured into them.
Strength: Most of the creatures are physically rather weak when it comes to it - a single strike with a bat and they're done for or they're scattered in the wind. Strong creatures, however, actually have some inherent muscle, making them less flexible but much more durable. This can be larger tentacles or slimes with permanent humanoid shapes, for example. Abilities marked with [Strength] usually requires strength as a prerequisite.
[Strength] Sentience/Elevated intelligence: Intelligence needs to be maintained via some organ of some sort, which implies some permanent shape or the like.
[Strength] Hosting: A creature may be a host for several other creatures that work in concord with the host for mutually beneficial gain.
[Strength] Massaging: One way to make a target feel at ease is to massage their muscles. They may get fucked silly, but at least their muscles won't be sore afterwards.
[Strength] Multiple tentacles: A tentacle may be more of a regular monster with tentacles attached. Some of these species may also have a 'real cock' which doesn't have the tentacle's usual capabilities.

NOTE: Mechanical tentacles are a bit different, in that they're more robotic and hence 'hand crafted' than regular tentacles. As of such, they may have some unique traits solely designed for masturbatory purposes with no 'selfish gain' - since they might literally be sex toys.

Humanoid species, including monster girls
Humanoids are any species that in some way resemble a human. So the term would cover everything ranging from humans to alien catgirls from space! This is a ramble on them and what I like to do with them.

Monster girls:
There's a lot that can be done with monster girls, so much so that it's hard for me to figure out exactly what to write. Firstly, there's an immense amount of variation within the species themselves. There's catgirls, bee girls, golems, zombies, vampires, fairies, demons, mushroom girls, alraune, ghosts, living dolls, fox girls, etc. etc. The list goes on and on and on and on. And even with the individual species of monster girl, you can really do a lot of different things, like take catgirls; They can be romantic partners, cutesy pets or all-out perverts that uses their tails to gangbang women. Same goes for just about every monster girl species out there. And that's before we add personality and character!

If you're interested in learning more, there's a lot of good resources and ideas out there, ranging from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia to all sorts of porn games (Including: Trials in tainted space, Monster Girl Quest and Forest of the Blue Skin) as well as Ishuzoku reviwers (A recent anime that just finished. My favourite were the mushroom gals!).

Everything else:
I generally like playing out with just about any humanoid species out there, and perhaps give them my own take, similar to the Echo which were in the worldbuilding section. Be it vampires, angels, demons, ghosts, elves or plain old humans, all of it is interesting and can be played with in various settings. The only thing I don't enjoy, usually, is stuff like orcs, in which the appearance is fairly grotesque, or hard furry whom resemble animals too much for my tastes. Besides that, I'm game.

Similarly to the tentacle/slime section above, there's a vast array of abilities, strategies, personalities and cultures that you can make for your humanoid species. I'm currently too lazy to type out a list, especially since this list would end up dwarfing the tentacle/slime one, but I'm more than open to brainstorm!

And who knows, one day I might make that list, lol.

Ideas written up to sound more enticing.

The Live Gameshow

An offer came into your inbox. We invite you to do a four to six hours live sexshow. You will have a live audience, as well as an online audience of thousands, who will be paying out of their nose to see you get pleasured, teased and fucked until you're shivering. You'll get a good cut of the proceedings, you get to have fun and, if everything goes well, you might just end up with a lot of open doors in the industry.

Further down in the email were the details of the gameshow - to be blunt, it wasn't for the faint of heart. The toys, the possible challenges - it was all excessive. But, sometimes, excessive is fun...

The royal academy of magic
The world to you is but the hallowed halls of your nursery home, where you've been kept since you can remember. The food is good, the books are nice, and the penalty for disobedience is great. You still haven't seen that one kid from that one time, but you've been told that they've simply been adopted. You, however, were just obedient enough to stay the flames of whatever adopter might be out there to get you. You survived until you were 18. With the knowledge of a nobleman's library and some rudimentary magical training, you're finally ready for your graduation ceremony. You're about to be let out into the world, only to see but a tablet in a dungeon like room with cement-like walls. Inscribed upon it is the following:

"Dear Student, you're hereby enrolled in The Royal Magic Academy. You will either become a great mage or get corrupted and turned into a feral beast of lust.

As you may know, magic is channeled through the soul. The soul, in turn, is fueled by emotion. A powerful emotional outpour causes magic to get channeled at much greater rates than what is normal. Different emotions yield different energy types - every type of energy can be used for most spells, however, the efficiency varies greatly. Using anger to fuel healing is almost impossible, and there are some physical enhancement skills that can only be done well with anger.

However, there is more to it than that. The more primal the emotion, the more raw energy is produced, useful for almost all manners of spells. The less primal the emotion, the more niche the energy usage, but the less energy is channeled. Among the more primal emotions, one stands out in its capacity to create raw energy - Lust.

We intend to let you do whatever you please within the dungeon. If you want to escape, however, magic will be necessary. If you master the arts of magic to a sufficient degree to escape, you will be free.

Your first task is simple. Build up enough energy for the sensors to pick up your presence. Upon doing so, the doors will open. If you dally for too long, various creatures of lust will be set upon you to help you out.

Best of wishes, The Academy."

The tablet never seemed to specify what it meant by you getting "turned into a feral beast of lust". Alas, there was other things to be concerned about... Can you escape?

Ideas written up bluntly in order to make the idea easier to understand.

Sex Casino
A setting that rarely gets any use, but which I'd absolutely love to get more traction. It's an idea designed for short-term or one-shot stories with a depraved attraction from one of the most well-established sex casinos in town. The sexy men and women of this luxurious place is more than ready to serve - at a price, of course.
The setting usually works in one of two ways; Either entirely focused on orgasm control and edging or entirely focused on rampant smut.
For edging and orgasm control, the guests or the servants are given various equipment that makes it impossible to cum without payment. The gambles in this particular establishment are free - but should you get an unlucky result, you'll have to endure various sexual stimulation without being capable of cumming. This general idea can be worked into all sorts of sexually exhausting scenes, eventually leading to the guest paying up or winning the jackpot.
For the rampant smut setting, one could focus upon someone put to the task of serving guests. They could be put into various attractions as 'a hole to be won', or perhaps as a part of an arcade game in which winning involves the servant being fucked senseless by all sorts of mechanical contraptions.
So in general, I find that one can twist and turn this idea into all sorts of depraved fun depending on what you're into - hence why I hope that this setting will get some more use in the future!

Haunted House
The haunted house is a really fun setting for a short-term/one-shot story. The primary idea is usually about corruption or temptation or the like. So the house seems regular at first - but as you explore, various things start to seem off. Depending on the pacing, this could be stuff like weird diaries with explicit sexual texts revolving the prior inhabitants' massive sex orgies, weird sex toys that are hidden in the drawers, whispers, visions, all of those kinda things. Sooner or later, this usually escalates with the arousal of the character - the more aroused the character, the more 'aggressive' the house gets. So, all of a sudden, the diary entry might actually be talking about the character reading it and as it's read, ejaculate begins to appear as described on the readers body, or even more aggressively, some of the inanimate objects might start coming to live such as underwear, sex toys, etc. Each step leads to the next, until the character is fucked senseless.
I like this setting because it allows for a lot of creativity while having a relatively simple 'path' to a desired end result. There's a lot of things one can do - a lot of mysteries that the house can contain. Maybe it's haunted by a succubus, maybe it's a horny ghost who used to live there and now can't leave, maybe it's a curse, etc. There's a also a lot of plausible encounters, like a cursed boardgame like Jumanji being present, animated clothing or sex toys that can't be removed, overgrown plants with lusty tentacles, you name it. The imagination is the limit, or at least the roof of the house.


This is a lightweight homebrew which can be added to the story if you want to. The system is simple; 1D10 + the lowest of the required stats for all difficulties. The higher the better, with varying narrative effects. The average human has 5 in all stats, except for any stats related to magic.
All stats have a 'current' value and a 'max' value, and the roll is always made by using the 'current' value. Various actions, injuries and debuffs will slowly drain your stats, until you figure out some place to restore them, usually by sleeping or eating.

Perception. Indicates your ability to perceive your surroundings effectively.
Strength. Indicates your muscular capabilities as well as how long you can last physically.
Agility. Indicates how flexible you are as well as how good you are at coordinating precise motions... Such as your fingers during a handjob.
Intelligence. Indicates how fast you think.
Charisma. Indicates your general appeal.
Willpower. Indicates how much mental pressure you can resist, including the ability to resist sexual pleasure/desire.
Soul strength. Indicates how good you are at manipulating and creating magical energy.
Soul capacity. Current value indicates how much energy you have stored, max value indicates how much you can store at most.

This is here to give you an example of what the difficulty values might mean during an RP. In this example, the character has to move, which is usually a mix of strength (for speed) and agility (to maintain footing and dodge objects).

1-3: Trivial. (Walking on a flat street)
4-6: Easy. (Running at an even pace)
7-9: Some challenge. (Sprinting at an even pace)
10-12: Moderate challenge. (Sprinting really rather fast, perhaps while avoiding obstacles)
13-15: Above moderate. (Sprinting as fast as humanly possible or sprinting while avoiding obstacles)
16-18: Hard. (Sprinting almost as fast and as nimbly as a world-record obstacle course holder)
19-21: Very hard. (Sprinting as fast as a 100 m world-record holder while parkouring through an obstacle course)
22+: Basically impossible. (Anything you can imagine, really)

Each non-magic stat starts at baseline of 4, magic stats start at a baseline of 0. You get 20 points to spend on your stats. The costs of increasing your stats is equal to the cost to increase your stat one less level plus the number of points above the baseline you're at. By decreasing a stat, you gain 1 point flat for each stat point decreased. Magic stats cannot be gained nor decreased.

For simplicity's sake, the cost/gain of stats at differing stat levels are:
  • +3
  • +2
  • +1
  • 0
  • -1
  • -3
  • -6
  • -10
  • -15

You may add traits or quirks to your character if you want to. These can be anything, really. I'll vet them to make sure they're not broken or OP, so be ready to change them at my whims. If you want to play an OP character though, tell me that and I'll let you do whatever you want - my only demand in exchange is that the story is more focused on smut than usual, and that your character is a VERY active participant in said smut. Either willingly giving in to various encounters or having her way with whoever she meets.

Your stats may change during play, for better and for worse. Stat changes are usually tied up to the narrative, so clearing a task or experiencing something wild will be more likely to leave an impression. A simply 'off-screen training session' might also do it. Your stats may also change as you get corrupted.

Example character stats:
  • Perception
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
  • Charisma
  • Willpower
  • Soul strength
  • Soul capacity

Corruption will add certain traits and quirks to your character over time. You will have a 'corruption stat' of sorts, which ranges from 0 to 100, like a percentage. It's possible to lower corruption without losing the physical traits - the corruption stat basically doesn't account for how human you are, but how 'sane' or 'in control' you are. If you play your cards right, you could end out a fully sane monster girl if you'd like that.

If corruption reaches 100, you will become fully corrupted. We can either play onwards with you assaulting people and other monsters like a sex-crazed maniac, or have an epilogue of sorts as your character roams the dungeon, forever lusting. If you don't want to this to happen, we can also simply disregard it and have there be a timeskip of a few years in which your character slowly but surely loses some of their corruption while being molested/molesting various creatures and people in the dungeon. Or perhaps someone caught her and treated her - it's up to us, really.
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