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May 17, 2022, 01:31:17 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for an Off site One-Shot (Incest/dark)  (Read 494 times)

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Looking for an Off site One-Shot (Incest/dark)
« on: May 18, 2020, 08:35:13 am »
I’m not back properly. Currently going through the worst period of my life so far (my mum is currently dying and because of lockdown I’m spending most of my days at home and not being with her and it’s killing me) and I’m desperate need of something to distract myself in the dark hours. I’m so fed up of my anxiety and being alone with my thoughts (like now). I’ve had an idea, I’m not looking for anything structured, just a partner who’s willing to play over email as internet isn’t always available at the hospice when I’m there sitting vigilant. Full warning that I will probably drop off the face of the earth in a couple of days, for who knows how much time, but perhaps we can finish the story before then?

I’m looking for fast paced, somebody who is bored over the next few days and will write multiple replies of varying length. Honestly I just need an outlet for my brain or I’m scared what I might do.

I know I’m asking a heck of a lot and am not expecting many/any takers but I figured it was worth a shot!

(Also if you could not ask me how I am and we could just pretend all is fine...bonus points!)

The Idea

So there’s this girl. She’s 16, her mother and father split a long time ago but he’s been in and out of her life once a year or so. He comes, spoils them for a couple days, gives them money and vanishes. To her he’s the sun. She lives for the time he’s there. Her mother felt much the same, him leaving drove her to drink and in the last 12 months she, her older brother and little sister have moved in with their grandparents (her dad’s mum). She’s wildfire, will full, but ultimately broken. She’s just turned 16 and is gorgeous, just like her mother was. Spitting image if you will. Anyways she gets it into her head that if she can use that (her dad often talks about how beautiful her mother was in her day and how he’s never met anybody like her) and seduce her father then maybe he’ll stick around.

She has severe daddy issues, she’s rebellious, gets into trouble.

Anyway she seduces him, they cross all the lines of propriety and she uses that to get herself injected into his life. She goes with him, finding out more about him than she ever imagined including filling in the pieces of where he goes and just how broken he is.

It’s not going to end happily, eventually she’ll face the same crossroads as her mother. Either the non-committal, broken nature of her father will not yield to her and she’ll either need to lose herself for a man who will never love her wholly, or walk away. But before then...oh the depraved fun we can yield.

If there’s anybody out there who fancies utterly destroying a couple of characters and whisking them to the edge of sanity, legality and send me a message!

And for everybody else I’m currently neglecting; I will be back properly one day, please be patient with me! X