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February 25, 2021, 04:09:46 pm

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Author Topic: [mxm] this is a request thread [sub seeking dom]  (Read 594 times)

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[mxm] this is a request thread [sub seeking dom]
« on: May 15, 2020, 10:27:50 pm »

  / / / / / / / / / about me ¦
--- 25
--- new(ish) to this site, but not new to roleplaying
--- eastern standard time
--- i promise i'm nicer than i might seem here!
--- current status: actively looking! please feel free to PM me
--- click here for my ons/offs thread

/ / / / / / / / / preferences ¦
--- m//
--- trans and nb characters welcome, and will not be fetishized
--- poly relationships welcome - the more the merrier!
--- i'd prefer to stay away from straight-guy play or characters having sexual awakenings

/ / / / / / / / / about our roleplay ¦
--- private messages, discord, or email | potentially open to forums if i like the plot enough
--- i know a lot of the word bank is smut/kink-centric, but i love equal parts smut and story
--- no one-liners
--- original only; no fandoms

/ / / / / / / / / plots ¦
quid pro quo
A particularly bright, ambitious intern catches the attention of a wealthy politician/businessman who normally would consider himself above pursuing an intern. He feels guilty, but he's hardly the only person sleeping with his underling, right? So they strike up a relationship on the down-low, one that both men know is motivated by a kind of quid pro quo: the politician/businessman wants his handsome young intern and the intern, beyond finding his boss attractive, wants to get ahead. As they get to know each other, they wind up developing much more meaningful emotional attachments outside of their work relationship and physical relationship.
out of the limelight
A very successful but personally very screwed up actor is deeply dependent on their not-at-all famous best friend, but they're trying to keep from drawing too much attention to their relationship.
in the spotlight
When a trashy online magazine threatens to out them to the public a semi-famous actor/singer/whoever decides to take control of the narrative and beat them to it by introducing the world to their "boyfriend" - a struggling student/artist/whatever who is being paid to play the part.
teacher's pet
A college student with amazing potential and high test results, but seemingly no ambition. A professor driven to his wits end at all that going to waste. The taboo and the tension mount, and eventually breaks when a lecture in the library turns into a frustrated kiss. The professor wants to pretend it never happened, but now the student has found the one thing he's willing to put inordinate amounts of time and effort into - harassing the hell out of his professor about it. Cue the start of an ongoing 'we shouldn't be doing this'/'we need to stop' relationship as they start to learn more about each other's damages and why they are the way they are.
A bored and spoiled house-husband to a shady, rich businessman. An intelligence officer who takes a job undercover as staff in the house to gather intel on the businessman. Much to the agent's dismay, the businessman is rarely at home and the bored house-husband starts taking time of his day to hang out. They begin to bond.

/ / / / / / / / / one-liners ¦
--- i'm pretending to date you to piss off my parents
--- i was drunk and thought you were someone else, but that didn't stop you from agreeing to make out
--- we used to fool around because my family's summer house was next door to your house. i moved to the beach town and you still live there
--- we keep running into each other in the elevator doing our walks of shame on the way home and now we just share our adventures. we should just hook up already
--- hey, we hooked up last night & it turns out you're my kid's teacher
--- my roommate's best friend is really obnoxious but also hot
--- tfw sleeping with the professor still isn't getting me that a, but i don't even care because i think i'm starting to actually like him
--- "you taste like danger but i feel so safe in your arms"
--- "take me to the art museum & make out with me"
--- they asked me for drugs, so i told them about your smile
--- we've been hooking up at work for months & you just discovered snapchat & won't stop sending me dirty pics
--- giving the barista/bartender/waiter your phone number... and he actually texts you

/ / / / / / / / / pairings ¦
--- rookie detective trying to get on the captain's good side x captain's kid who is also totally a criminal
--- newbie lawyer x legal assistant who does about one hour of actual work a day
--- broke cafe waiter/waitress looking for a way out x older man/woman interested in their sugar baby ad
--- super busy, newly single parent drowning in their responsibilities x neighbor who offers to babysit and is actually good at it
--- a middle-aged senator in ancient rome x his favorite bedwarming slave
--- a wealthy couple leading a secret bdsm relationship

/ / / / / / / / / general word bank ¦
--- addiction; age gaps; ancient rome; angst; artists;
--- ballet dancers; beards; body painting; businessmen;
--- codependency; drug lords; enemies with benefits; escorts;
--- fancy suits; friends with benefits; gangs; grad students;
--- gritty aesthetic; humor; hurt/comfort; husbands; interracial;
--- lawyers; leather; luxurious aesthetic; mafia; models; netflix and chill;
--- one-night stands; paint-stained jeans; parents; penthouse apartments;
--- politicians; polyamory; pot; pre-established relationships; professors;
--- prostitutes; puppies; queer characters; rainy cities; regret; slice-of-life;
--- snapchat; spies; sugar daddies; taboo relationships; tacos; tattoos; tears;
--- toxic relationships; trans characters; undercover cops; urban magic;
--- white collar crime; witty banter

/ / / / / / / / / contact ¦
--- choose a plot, some words, or a pairing or two and let's build something fun together <3
--- send me a private message to get my attention
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Re: thisis... also a search thread [mxm mostly]
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added plot undercover

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Re: thisis... also a search thread [mxm mostly]
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Re: thisis... also a search thread [mxm]
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Re: thisis... also a search thread [mxm]
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Re: thisis... also a search thread [mxm]
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