MiddayMoon's Ideas and Orgies [M lf F]

Started by MiddayMoon, May 15, 2020, 04:51:56 PM

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About Me

Hi! I'm MiddayMoon, Here's some stuff about me!

Post Length  Usually one to three paragraphs. I tend to try and match what my partner does. When setting scenes and writing background I usually go pretty long, but there are times when a short post suits just as well as a long one. Quality over quantity!
Experience  I've been roleplaying in various forms for over 25 years. Tabletop, chat based, MUSHs, forum based, I've done pretty much all of it. I'm most comfortable over IM, but willing to give most formats a try.
Characters  I'm most used to playing male characters, and those will be my primary. I can do female, but in one-on-one writing expect me to do exclusively male roles.
Roleplay Medium  Forum, PM, and Discord.
Writing Preferences  I tend to lean toward smut over story, but I appreciate both and occasionally do longer-term story driven stuff.

Likes / Dislikes

This list is not entirely exhaustive. If something isn't in here, feel free to ask about it.


Multiple Characters - Very big into group scenes and orgies. Typically this would mean each participant playing multiple characters.
Age DifferencesYounger men and older women, or younger women and older men. Both sides of the spectrum are interesting to explore.
Body Type Differences - Similar to the above, refers to disparity between body types in partners. Muscular woman and scrawny man, tall man and short woman, etc.
Modern Settings 
Public / Exhibitionism   


Extreme Violence - Excessive bloodletting, mutilation, etc.

Scene Ideas

This section is for scene requests and ideas. The general section is for ideas I haven't fleshed out yet, while the sections under it are for more specific things. The orgy section is specifically for scenes with multi-character setups.

🞚 General 🞚

■ Wife / Partner swapping.
■ Scenes set in modern day.

🞚 Requests 🞚

Gangster's Alliance [Modern(?), Crime]
Details / Notes

In this scenario there are two gangs or crime families, led by long-time rivals. Said rivalry is suddenly forced to be put on hold when a third, greater power suddenly shows up on the scene. The two groups must join forces, and their leaders have to bury the hatchet--and fall for each other in the process.

Looking for someone to play the opposite gang leader. Story will follow the two from their initial truce to eventual joining of the gangs and takeover of the city.

This could easily be reskinned to a more sci-fi or cyberpunk setting, or possibly even fantasy.

Last Night Out [Modern, Multiple Characters(?), Adultery]
Details / Notes

Looking for someone to play a bride (and possibly bridesmaids) on their bachelorette party. The idea is the group hires a few male strippers and things get wild, the party gets drunk and rambunctious, and eventually the bride and possibly maid get taken to the back room for some 'private action'.

This one is mostly smut, but interested to hear any wrinkles that could be thrown in!

Infiltrating The Camp [Fantasy, Multiple Characters]
Details / Notes

A party of adventuresses have set out to kill a warlord terrorizing the countryside. Unfortunately, his camp is spectacularly well defended. There is, however, one way: The warlord only allows entertainers and whores into his encampment, so the group decides to hide themselves among a caravan and sneak in that way.

Unfortunately for them, it's tradition for the captains to get a sampling of the goods first. But there's no choice, if they want to get to their target...