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April 16, 2021, 06:07:22 pm

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Author Topic: Literate roleplays-Originals and Fandoms  (Read 319 times)

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Offline EliFletchTopic starter

Literate roleplays-Originals and Fandoms
« on: May 05, 2020, 01:20:19 am »

I'm a 22-year-old disabled person. This means I won’t always be able to reply every day, but on good days, I will be able to reply at least once!  I’m a veteran when it comes to Roleplaying, but I do get confused easily, so please bear with me. I’ve been roleplaying for over 10 years! I usually do mature themes( no non-con or descriptions of it or self-harm, PTSD is a bitch!) I do absolutely love my fluff and romance, and I’m ALWAYS up for OOC chat and talking about headcanons, or just asking how each other is doing, etc.  I usually RP on Email and OOC on Discord, just so it's easier to keep things organized but I will roleplay on here if it is easier for you!😁 I’m very friendly, so don’t be afraid to message me!

I don’t have a lot of Rules, but I do expect people to follow them

*No weird kinks( water sports, inflation, feet, scat, piss, Bestiality, pedo, necro, incest, etc.)
* No Rape, Underage intercourse, hardcore BDSM, Descriptions of past sexual abuse, or self-harm, thought briefly mentioning that it happened is ok. No current abusive relationships when the rp starts.
*I write a lot, and I don’t expect you to match my length, but I at least expect 3-500 words per side so I have something to work with.
* I roleplay in this style: I play your crush and my oc and you play my crush and your oc, also known as doubling up
*in my roleplay, I like a balance of 65-80-% story/plot and 20-35% smut
* Please let me know if you would like to stop the RP, or put a pause on it. I hate being ghosted.


****The Ranger’s Apprentice-Horace****
*The Brotherband Chronicles- Hal
****The hobbit-Fili or Kili( can also be the Movie)

Movies/Games/Tv Shows
****LOTR Series-Aragorn, Merry, or Pippin
****The Hobbit-Fili or Kili
****Dark Souls 1- DragonSlayer Ornstein or Artorias the Abysswalker
****World’s Dawn- Quint****
****Stardew Valley-Sam or Elliot****
***Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim-Vilkas or Farkas***

-superhero x superhero(or villain) original that takes place in a modern setting

-A fantasy creature x fantasy creature( like werewolves, elves and such) original that takes place with the characters trying to blend in in a modern normal society, OR them being apart of a medieval(think Camelot) setting on a quest to kill a tyrant king and take down the throne.

Horse and rider ( two riders that fall in love and possibly their horses as well, no sexual stuff with the horses). must know enough about horses for me to accept this one.

-soulmate/mate Au with werewolves/werecreatures

I’m sure I missed some books or movies, so feel free to ask if it's not on the list or if you have an idea for an original!!
 I hope to hear from you!