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Author Topic: Vengeance and Mercy [Dominant F Seeking Submissive M][Closed]  (Read 260 times)

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No longer seeking. Thank you!

Vengeance and Mercy

Setting: Modern day (-insert major city-).
Genre: Suspense. Drama. Erotica.
Themes: Mafia. Revenge kidnapping and enslaving. Violence (outside the main pair). Age gap. Dub con. Stockholm Syndrome.
Dynamic: Gentle? Femdom. Maybe MDlb.
Inspiration: The classic 'servitude to repay a debt' trope with a spin.
Looking for: Someone to play Liam McAllister's son.

A year ago, tragedy struck the Moretti household when their only son, a lively ten-year old boy named Martin, was assassinated in his own backyard.  Before that, things had been peaceful for nearly a decade since the Moretti and McAllister houses reached an agreement on territory and cleaned up bad blood between them.  The days where both sides lived out their lives with only the occasional look over their shoulder came to an abrupt and violent end.

Unaware that an insidious presence with designs to move into the city had been responsible for his wife's murder, Liam McAllister's - leader of the Irish-American mob - followed the trail of blood that lead straight back to Lorenzo Moretti.  From there, Liam's revenge was swift and absolute.

An eye for an eye.  A son for a soulmate.

The war that resulted was bloody, rendering the city streets an absolute nightmare for police, politicians, and anyone who would seek to get between them.  Even when evidence of the framing was presented, it was already too late to take back the damage that had been done to the Moretti's.  The battles were brutal and extensive, filling the streets with gunfire and carnage.  Each side lost key players along the way, and neither house wanted to admit that they would both lose if they failed to make another treaty.

The Moretti's weren't ready to admit defeat.

When an insider gave up information on the whereabouts of McAllister's son, who he had kept tucked away for the better part of that year, arrangements were made to take him captive.  Moretti had plans to let his men have their fun with the young man before sending him back to his father in pieces.  Fate, it seemed, would have Eleanora, Lorenzo's wife, discover the captive son before any real damage was done beyond bruises and a hurt pride, and from there she took him into her care... with some reluctance on Moretti's part.  Anything to humiliate McAllister was a step in the right direction, however, and the war had taken its toll on his marriage.

From then on, he became hers.  To parade around as her pet.  To do with as she pleased.  All of her frustrations were unleashed upon the son of her enemy.  The loss of her own child, the death of her marriage... the strike on her soul.  Everything.  She used him as a distraction from the pain, and the longer he stayed in her company, the more he craved her.  The more she craved him.  The harder they fell for each other.

A son for a soulmate...

A Few Notes...
*Most* things are negotiable to a degree.

I'm thinking the relationship between Liam and his son is a strained one at best.  Maybe the son isn't cut out for the life meant for him.  Maybe Liam hid him away for that reason, knowing he would be an easy target if the son was allowed to roam freely.

That said, he should naturally be more submissive, though not a doormat.

I'd like to explore the dynamic between Eleanora and Liam's son before anything sexual happens.  There needs to be a level of dependency on both their parts, though sexual tension and build-up is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Eleanora won't be cruel to him.  It's meant to have a MDlb feel, even if it isn't formally acknowledged that way.  She's grieving the loss of her son and her estranged marriage, and uses McAllister's son to ease that pain... just as he turns to her to mourn the loss of his mother.

I do not want this to be a cuckold or cheating story.  Lorenzo is fully aware of what is going on and doesn't care.

I'm thinking she is 35-40, he is 21-25.

Desired (not entirely mandatory) Face Claims

Additonal Notes...

Please read my O/O page.

Partner gender doesn't matter, as long as you can play a convincing submissive young man.

Hoping for once a week posting at a minimum, muses willing.

Would like a few solid paragraphs for each post with story progression.

Don't reply in this thread.  Contact me via PM.

Thank you for reading.  :-)
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