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Author Topic: Lost Angels (M/F M/M Mul Incest)  (Read 715 times)

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Lost Angels (M/F M/M Mul Incest)
« on: March 07, 2009, 12:54:23 PM »


It was dark, and wet.  The rain had came quickly, but was slow to leave.  It gave the forests of Scotland a forbearance of change.  Change in a forest was an ever occuring thing.  Creatures are born and die.  Trees bear leaves and looses them in the colder seasons.  The earth is constantly molding and shifting, giving rise to hills and crests. 

A path cut through the thickness of the trees.  As if mothernature was trying to reclaim the road, it was awash with far reaching roots and puddle holes.  A single black cab traverse along this muddy road and the driver ever mindful of the holes.  The last thing he wanted was the be stuck in a mudhole with the youths in the backseat, though they have quieted.

Though it was night, the cab was black, and the interior was decorated with a dark tone, the two youths almost glowed in the darkness.  They were both of fair skin and hair, and their clothes were lighter cream colors.  They were twins, a sister and a brother her elder by only six minutes. 

Both twins had soft faces, with high cheek bones and not a blemish, freckle, or even a mole to marr their beauty.  Their French mother's genetics favored them more than their English father.  They almost exact twins, however, the boy had a stronger jaw, and firmer features whereas the girl was softer, more delicate.  The girl, Colette, was asleep, her head on her brother's shoulder.  Her long eyelashes were black fringes on her cheeks and her relaxed sleeping face gave her the youth that was younger than her actual 16 years.  The boy leaned back in the leather seat, his arm around her shoulders, protective of her in this darkness.

As one could tell from their looks, they were born of the priviledge lifestyle.  Their father was a CEO of his own corporation of whose ranks he climbed after serving his country for many years.  The twins never knew need, because they were given whatever was wanted.  They never knew hard work, for it was done with by a multitude of servants.  They never knew hatred or disdain for they were beautiful and rich and in their world, that was all one needed to be loved. 

They had both attended a school with the highest regard of the continent.  It was strict in morals and academic achievements.  Boys and girls were kept seperate and each side had a team of strict faculty staff to guard against anything "impure" by the students.  Thus, despite their beauty, they still retained their innocence, making them two perfect precious gems in a sea of gravel and dust.

The boy, Marlowe, glanced at his wrist watch.  It was nearly 2:00 in the morning.  No one would be up to greet them at this hour.  What was his father thinking when he sent them off to Scotland like this? 

It was little over three days ago when they had arrived home for summer vacation.  Instead of sending them off to spend it on their father's private island as they had before for many years, their father Matthew Winter called them to his office.  He announced to them that he was sending them to Scotland for the summer to an old friend of his.  He never stated why, nor offered any explanation.  It was simple.  "You are going to Scotland to spend your summer with my old friend Sean MacInnes at his estate."

Marlowe glanced out the window and saw nothing.  Just the obsidian darkness that was the forests of Scotland.  It was the foil to a warm beach on a bright sunny day.  He wondered if there would be anything to do there?  Perhaps this was a hint for him to study more over the summer.  He had just turned 16 this past winter with his sister and soon he would be expected to join his father in the company.  Childhood was ending and Marlowe hadn't realized.

The headlights of the cab expanded, revealing a large clearing that wasn't hooved in by trees and roots.  The driver saw that the ground was more sturdy and applied more gas.  The cab lurched forward, awakening Colette from a deep sleep.  The girl blinked wearily up at her brother and rubbed her eyes which were sky blue as her brother's. 

Marlowe wanted to scold the driver for carelessly waking his sister, but decided he didn't want the driver to slow down.  He wanted very much to arrive at the estate and be shown to a hot bath and a warm bed.  He coaxed Colette to sit up and to fully awaken.  He leaned forward and saw the headlights splash across a marble archway of which an iron gate was swung open. 

Without hesitation, the driver manuever the cab through the open gate and along a gravel path which was welcome by both driver and passengers as it allowed to travel swiftly without the threat of bumps and becoming stuck.  Then the clouds broke, and moonlight spilt across a tall building, a castle.  The twins leaned forward, their breath caught in their throats.  Their father never mentioned that his friend resided in a castle.  He only said estate.  Perhaps this summer wasn't lost after all.

It wasn't too long before the driver coasted the cab along a stone path that led around what had once been yards and yards of roses and other precious flowers, but all that remained was bushes and briar.  Within minutes, the cab pulled up in front of a wide, tall set of stone steps leading up to heavy oak doors with iron rings set as doorknobs. 

The driver got out and stretched his legs in relief, but not too happy, knowing that he would have to make the return 3 hour trip.  He quickly went around to the back to unload the mountain of luggage that had been painstakingly arrange atop of the vehicle.

The twins sat in the car for a moment, at first believing the driver was going to open their door for them as they were accustomed from their chaffeur.  Finally, Marlowe open the door and helped his sister out.  They stood by and waited for a servant to greet them, to bade them inside for warm beds and hopefully hot bathes.  The driver finished unloading and approached the boy.

"150 pounds, lad." 

Marlowe reached into his pocket for the envelope with the driver's money and handed it to him.  The driver counted it quickly and nodded.  He returned to his cab and got in. 

"Marlowe, is he leaving us?"  Colette whispered.

Marlowe stepped forward, grasping the edges of the door.  "Wait, sir, you can't leaves us until we are safely inside."

The driver glared at Marlowe impatiently.  "My job was to get you here.  You are here, lad.  What happens next is up to God Almighty and no concern o' mine."  He shut the door and pulled away, leaving the twins bewildered and confused.

Colette furrow her smooth brow.  "How rude."

Marlowe looked up at the double doors.  "Shall we knock?"

Colette tugged out the wrinkles in her skirt.  "What else can we do?  Perhaps they were expecting us later. . . like when it is daylight."

Marlowe took a few steps up toward the doors and halted when they began to open. . . .

Okay, I need a dominate male to play the Master of the castle who just received a pair of beautiful twins.  Of course, this will entail a nice story which we can discuss through chat or PM. 

It can be a ghost story, a mystery, or drama.

PLease, be a good writer.  Not asking you to write as much as I did in this initial post, but at least be as descriptive and imaginative.

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Re: Lost Angels (M/F M/M Mul Incest)
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2009, 02:33:02 PM »
I'm definitely interested. Love the concept. You can PM me and we can discuss it.