The Temple

Started by Far eyes, March 07, 2009, 06:32:30 AM

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Far eyes

Setting: Fantasy set in some what of a traditional magical land; however I would prefer not to overuse magic to much. But this makes it possible for people who like playing cat girls and so fort to have fun.

Scenario: The temple is set on an island and is rumored to be the vault of immense knowledge from a huge number of ancient sites all gathered their and guarded over by an order of priestesses. The priestesses are rumored to pray to a dark goddess. You would be somebody looking for this knowledge and in order to get to it you seek for a way to get inside. You attempt to sneak in but are caught in the process however instead of being thrown out the priestesses decide you have seen too much.

Instead of just locking you away or killing you they make use of you for their amusements.

Non Con (Could turn con later on if your character realizes that she enjoys this)
Possible Needle play (if we agree, and this is relatively new to me to so its just an interest)
Possible Tattoo / Piercing (Extensive although discussable)

I want a partner with a descriptive writing style as I have found I can not enjoy my self if I get consistent 1 short paragraph replies.
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Hi, I would definatly be very interested in this rp ^^
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