Bound to you?!(Dis' ideas) (Bon, NC-exotic and human)

Started by undisclosedtoyou, March 05, 2009, 05:38:29 PM

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Ideas that I have come up with to roleplay.

I'll update this everytime I come up with another idea  I want to play out.

and if you see this and have your own ideas, feel free to ask me to join.

Bound to you(Bon)(taken)

Are you responsible for the raising of an evil six year old boy?

Do you find your self in the middle of your uni classes daydreaming of bouts of insanity that includes powerful men holding up an endless stream of chocolate sauce and cheese cake?

And are you plagued with an insistant, almost over bearing Demon you had inetvertantly summoned when trying to conjure up said chocolate sauce and cheesecake?

if you answered yes to all these questions than your name must be Phoebe Lowland.  And you must be finding yourself in the middle of a tug of war with you on one side and a Demon from hell on the other.

In this Role play, I'm looking for someone to play the part of the Demon.  He can have a regular demon form, but in public it would be nice if he had a human form, preferably a drop dead gorgeous one.

It's basically about a university student who was left with the care of her very evil, bratty six year old brother.  Who recieved a book of spells for her twenty first birthday as a gag gift.  While playfully reading through one, she says a spell out loud and inadvertantly summons a Demon from hell, successfully(although unknowingly) binds him to herself. 

The Demon in question is a few hundred years old, and had once been a great and well known Demon with high status and millions of minions at his beck and call.  But when a coup to overthrow him is successful, he was thrown into a pit of torture and chains.  Struggling to free himself, all his escape plans where met with brutal violence.

When he was summoned to earth and bound to a human girl he sees it as a way out of his bondage.  It didn't hurt that his human had a deep rooted sexuality that made his labido pound on over drive, and gave him a place to stay, no matter how unwilling she was to let him live with her. 

This was his chance at freedom, but the only question left was whether he would persue his revenge, or stay and create a new life for himself in the human world.

I am very interested in doing this one.


You Want to Pet me?!(Bon, NC-exotic)(Taken)

Do you come home after a full day of work, exhausted, hungry and craving company?

Well than our product is perfect for you!

We offer a wide range of newly created, neko's.

Choose from a variety of colors and qualities, you would desire in a pet and it shall be delivered....for a price.


In this RP I'm looking for a male customer, or even a male neko.  Either way the male part will be dominent. 


If you choose to be a human customer, than my character would be a newly created neko, who is delivered on your door step in nothing but a red ribbon wrapped around her body. 

We could play this out any way.  I have some ideas, but it would depend on the other writer, so just tell me if your interested.


Can you really see me?(open)

Lilly was quite frankly the last person anyone would invite out for a night of fun and hot passionate love making.  But one day she stumbles across David, one of the most talented and well known foot ball players around.  But David like all men didn't take one look at her, instead deciding that since she was so plain that she couldn't possibly entice him, and thus get him into trouble.  Deciding to hire her on the spot as his personal secretary, she is swept up into a world she has no experience in.  And her tender heart cannot stand the thought of always being near this Adonis of a man who has one too many chips on his shoulder, and a lazy down home personality.


I'm looking for someone to play the part of David, a man who hates having to do anything at any ones pace but his own, and who loves the all American sport of football.  In this story he's supposed to hire on Lilly, a poor, plain girl who he hired on the spot to keep him out of trouble with pretty ladies.  He's been threatened more than twice by the owner of his team to shape up, and stop his wild and thoughtless ways.  Seeing this as a way to make himself look better he puts her through her paces, quit enjoying the sport of making her fetch and wait on him.  He enjoys it so much in fact that he soons forgets about other women, and finds himself being attracted to her, even while she is so unappealing.  He tells himself he is only feeling close to her because she was becoming more and more of a friend to him, but one day she comes back a different person. The miracles of a make over and a shopping spree will do that to a gall.  No longer is she so plain but a down and out beauty.  And he can't keep his hands to himself.

Naturally anyone who plays the part of David would be allowed to change anything about him they like, I just thought this would be a great story to play out.

Tell me if your interested.


Oh please tell me what to do!(Bon possible NC)(taken)

Fresh eyed, and bushy tailed Kate is new to College life.  So far it has been a rather...trying one at that.  But half way through her freshman year she meets a rather interesting man who opens her eyes to a whole new world.

A world rife with possibilities and new adventures.  At first it starts off as short chit chat between strangers, and than it leads into something so out there that poor little Katie can't help but be intrigued by.

But what she doesn't know is that this man who has just whetted her appetite, has his own goal, a goal so much more intriguing than anyone could have imagined.

This story will be about a young Kate, and her innocent yet oh so daring entrance into the world of Submission and dominance.

The back story will be that she meets someone in one of her classes who seems like a nice man, and he regales her with stories of his home...and of how there are men out there who are looking to dominate their partners, and have them submit to them.

Kate in this tale will be so interested in his stories, that she researches, and eventually starts some online games of her own.

Seeing an oppertunity, this man who is really a scout for the far off kingdom of Leon, drugs her one night and ships her off as a royal present to his prince.

Kate will find herself in a real life situation where she will be forced to submit or suffer some terrible fate....and when that terrible fate is returning to her boring college life, she might just choose to stay.

The prince is the character I'm looking for someone to play.  He can be, and look anyway the player chooses him to be.

And erg I know this plot wasn't very well written, I hope you can look past that and become interested in playing with me.


Oh please don't gang up on me!(NC-Exotic)

Growing up in a household that raised large packs of wolves is tough.  But it's especially tough for Lana, the shy, quite 18 year old who is deathly terrified of dogs, and especially wolves.  She hates that her whole family have this strange liking for beasts that could rip you to peaces any moment, She hates that they let them run wild all over their home, she hates that he alpha male has somehow formed an attachment to her, and she hates that she hates it.  Why couldn't she be like the rest of her family and be fearless and brave?

I'm looking for someone to play that alpha wolf.....The character himself would be anthro, as are all the wolfs.

This plot is open to change in any way.

This could be turned into a group rp, if more people want to play the part of wolves are humans.

PM me if your interested.

Loveless(Bon, possible NC-Exotic)

For all of you who have seen this anime, I'm very interested in playing this out.  We could stay with canon characters, where I would play Ritsuka.

Or we can play it completely separate from the original plot.

If this one garners enough interest I might turn it into a group game.

Anything based on any of Jude Deveroux's books.

These games are not first come first serve.
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Wow, that sounds really, really good. I'd love to do it with you. PM me and we can work it out.
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"Not all who wander are aimless.  Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image."
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I'd like to play "You want to pet me?" with you.... PM for further discussion?


"Not all who wander are aimless.  Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image."
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