A few RP ideas. (Fantasy/Scifi worldbuilding/grand scale)

Started by Budenniy, March 27, 2020, 08:18:37 AM

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So there has been couple or ideas on Roleplay/Worldbuilding I have been toying with lately, see if any caches your fancy and message me if you curious/ or want to try something along those lines, (or just wanna play/chat for that matter lol)

High Fantasy: This is loosely inspired by fantasy 4x games and odd projects like dwarf fortress. Basically an unusual take of a fantasy roleplay in a way that players can take on entire nations. Ever wanted to be an elf Queen or paladin, at war with Vampire empire? or Orc horde? Or powerful necromancer invading your lands? Could be extended to Angels vs demons.. Now there is potential for romance here or a darker take if people or even rulers get captured even if temporarily. Basically your good old high fantasy but on a more epic scale. Want to turn your enemies into frogs/mice/other quiet animals? Enslave cities, or rescue villages by negotiating with a goblin king? Possibilities abundant.

Sci - Fi: A rather opposite idea could be Space opera or Hard (ish) Sci-fi. There too, scales can range from a ships crew to galactic empires, and possibly variety of species and cultures or even humans vs machines. Again can be made into a benign or romantic story, or anything in between. 

I can usually post once a day I intentionally kept this intro brief as to not turn this into a huge info dump (with soo many possibilities even a short intro to each will turn this into a small novel), but if you would like more details just let me know a general area you would be interested in and I'll happily post more.


I see no interest yet, perhaps a few more detailed ideas will get someone curious:

1. Would you be interested nterested to play a lawful empress, whose throne was usurped by unscrupulous uncle and who now has to find an ally in a mercenary band leader. Now this can have a Berserker or Mount and Blade vibe. Or more fantasy. Depending.

2. Elf princess sent as an envoy trying to convince a powerfull human (or other race) king to help her kingdom in dire need. This actually can be mover to sci fi setting. And could be alot of political intrigue, or alot of smut depending. Or both.

3.A noblewoman or royalty captured or enslaved and ether trying to make an eventual comeback or just survive. Could also be made in variety of settings and styles. And with way different outcomes.


Another idea i an having is an STL dark sci fi waguely inspired by Warhammer 40k and Firefly, with maybe a bit of Battlestar galactica and Riddic mixed in. A dark, scary void with trips between suns taking literal centuries.  And scary monsters and even scarier humans or aliens.


To bump this and also to make a more detailed intro of a STL space opera idea
Forgive the second person, I usually write in 3rd but this is more of an intro.

On the story: You will start as part of a reduced crew of an interstellar ship Red Star sent to investigate an outpost that went “quiet” unexpectedly.

It was like waking up from a very very troubled sleep in a bathtub full of ice cold water. With a headache and the worst hangover in a local cluster.. It however was getting warmer... You open your eyes just to notice yourself in an open cryo_cell completely naked. Your eyes are blurry and memory hampered by the headache.  On a positive side a locker with your clothes and things was right in front and a water dispenser. In the same room (not the main cryo facility where she went to sleep she was quite sure) there was about 20 other people waking up and feeling just as bad as you or worse at least they looked like they were.

Too busy trying to survive headache drinking water and putting on clothes you still notice a hulking figure from a  cryo vat some distance away. A mountain of a man no way you think anyone can grow that makes much muscle without gene mods or at least some heavy hormonal stimulants.
/please proceed to the infirmary to your right/ an annoyingly friendly tone of the ship's voice prompt directs you.
While the robotic infirmary  did a dozen or so tests on you you see the ship's medic. He looks thirty years older than when she saw him last and tired. Not normal tired, but tired like he was working last 20 years without a day off on a very hard thankless job with long hours tired.

What is your name. ...?
Crew number...?
Names of your parents.?
Do you remember the name of the ship?...
How do you feel?
Headache is normal, do you want a stim shot?
Doc sounded like a robot himself. " After    this you can go to your personal quarters and rest for 6 hours then all awakened officers and pilots are to head to level 15 to small auditorium 3 for a breef. You are cleared fit for duty here is your communicator. Decide if you want a stim shot?  Questions?"


Paleo contact idea (ancient Aliens):

Basically conspiracy theorists were right, and ancient Aztecs / Mayas / Egyptians did have contact and/or were created by aliens. Game sets in a golden age, when Gods (as perceived by people) Arrive, walk among mortals, create new life, creatures humans and races. And wage wars with each other. Kind of loosely inspired by Gods of Egypt and Warhammer lizardmen.