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Started by Bluebeard, March 16, 2020, 07:50:50 PM

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Hello! I'll cut to the chase and state right here I'm only looking for M/M! And no submissive bottoms, please. Currently only seeking 'Tops' (be they sub/dom/switches~)
Note: Keep in mind that my characters are also very much Doms. Bottom!Doms. :] Or power bottoms, if you may.

Oh! And please take a moment to check out my O/Os to see if we would make a good match. :DDD I am also available for Discord chatter~

seeking werewolf || [ knotting, Dub-con, size-difference, hate-to-love, power struggle, rough sex ]

Liam is a run-away vampire. Meaning he escaped his coven over 2 decades ago due to some… disagreements. He’s been on the run ever since, hopping from town to town in search of a place to settle down. But with a newfound, self-proclaimed rule that he will not take any more human lives, he’s constantly starving. Meaning every new town he attempts to settle in, the townsfolk start showing up passed out in odd positions and locations with a severe case of blood-loss. None have died, but the numbers tend to climb weekly until people begin growing suspicious and Liam needs to bounce again.

In a small, tucked-away town in the mountains, Liam finds himself running into a huge werewolf. Werewolf blood is toxic and deadly to vampires—but as the two get into a tussle, Liam realizes that this wolf is different. In fact, not only is his blood intoxicating in every way, it has an interesting side-effect that allows Liam to experience things he hasn’t in eons: namely how, though all vampires are impotent and devoid of any bodily fluids, one taste of the wolf’s blood has Liam as hard as a rock. He can feel things again, like bodily pleasure and the ability to produce saliva.

Desperate for sensations and easily growing addicted to the taste, he attempts to strike up a deal with the werewolf: he won’t lay a hand on any humans, as long as the wolf makes some blood donations of his own.

** Whether your character is a hybrid or a full wolf, that’s up to you! He can also be a vamp-hunter or lumberjack recluse or what have you. I’m happy to discuss Mr. Wolf’s motivation in keeping Liam around, ‘cause I think he needs a solid excuse as to why he would even consider being a bloodbag for a corpse. :P

seeking ‘Neutralizer’ || rough sex, possessiveness, hate-to-love, power struggle ]

Kaius was born a shaman’s son, meaning he had the displeasure of inheriting the same powers as his mother. The only problem was, regardless of how much his mother tried to teach him the ways of the afterlife, the boy was simply too terrified. He freaked out at the mere sight of pale skin or bloody eyes, and ran from every ethereal form he saw. As he grew up, he got worse. Ghosts continued to flock to him, drawn by his energy, and he continued to run away from him. His house was absolutely caked in every possible religious symbol; including but not limited to crosses, talismans, and figurines symbolizing protection. But it was all temporary relief from a horrific reality he couldn’t escape.

Now an adult and in charge of his own quaint little cafe, Kaius runs into an interesting person during a book signing held at his establishment. While gawking at the overexcited fans standing in line, and attempting to avoid any ghosts he sees along the way, he accidentally spills a drink on the famous writer. In the process of attempting to help the man clean up, he makes skin-to-skin contact, and in an instant the ghosts around him disappear. It doesn’t take Kaius long to realize this man is a neutralizer of sorts. One touch and those horrifying ghosts are gone. At least, temporarily.

And so he eagerly seeks out the writer’s presence, constantly attempting physical contact just to give himself a brief moment of peace from the ghouls and monsters haunting him.

** Your character doesn’t need to be a writer. He can have whatever occupation you’d like! That’s just an idea. Also, I don’t mind reversing the roles with Kaius being the ‘neutralizer’ instead of the ‘magnet’ if that strikes your fancy. :]


THE WHIPPING BOY - [ currently taken, but open to another partner for this one if the chemistry is right! ]
seeking Whipping Boy || [ impact play, whipping, spanking, non-con/dub-con, bdsm, D/s, revenge, abuse (of both characters) ]

In early modern Europe, boy monarchs received a whipping boy at a young age. The purpose of the whipping boy was to receive corporal punishment for the prince's transgressions in his stead, as it was unthinkable to ever raise a hand against royalty.

Prince Atlas grew up pampered and loved, as any prince should. It wasn't until he reached the tender age of 9, when his mother passed away, that everything changed. His father became reclusive, angry, temperamental and withdrawn. In turn, Atlas began acting out to regain his father's attention. His actions often led to chaos around the palace that either shamed the royal name or led to public scrutiny. To quell the prince's behavior, he was assigned a whipping boy. The hope of the nobles was for the prince to see the damage done to the boy and change his attitude—but that never happened. Atlas held no emotional connection to this boy and so barely even saw him as human. He didn't care about the crying, the blood, the whippings.

When both Prince and Whipping Boy are well into their early twenties, the Whipping Boy has grown to be a strong, tall, mature man while the childish prince remains a handful. Years of being beaten and abused has hardened the Whipping Boy to the world, forced him to keep his emotions locked away. He should have been relieved of his duty already, allowed to return to his village with a plot of land to call his own and plenty of coin to keep him comfortable for the rest of his days. But Prince Atlas isn't changing, he isn't outgrowing the need for a whipping boy, and the poor victim of his misbehavior has had enough. If the nobles and King are not able to teach the prince a lesson, then by Gods, he will.

More to come as the muses arrive!
If any of these stories strike your fancy, but you would like to make some tweaks, please PM me! Let's talk!

P.S. I am open to using face claims, drawn art, or just descriptions for my characters. Let me know what floats your boat!




Buuummmpppp !! - Added Blood Line + Ghost Magnet