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January 17, 2022, 05:23:16 am

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Author Topic: Sinful Indulgences  (Read 466 times)

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Sinful Indulgences
« on: March 16, 2020, 08:55:57 am »
What I need in a partner is... a collaborator. I am terrible at playing the sole lead and decision maker in a game. Not because I am actually bad at it, but because it makes me progressively more nervous. I need a partner that is both enthusiastic and communicative. I am a much happier person knowing what my partners enjoy and like, and being left in the dark is scary!

Pairings: I play only Cis-Male/Female pairings, and only play the female roles myself. However, I don’t care what my writing partner identifies as outside of our story.

  • Descriptive - I don't need 3+ paragraphs per post, although I'll never complain. What I do like is description. Give me something to work with, engage me.
  • Consistency - Ideally I’d like someone that can post at least twice a week. I understand things can get in the way of that sometimes, but on average I would like it if my writing partner was in a stable enough situation to suit this.
  • Communication - Lost interest in a scene? Let’s start a new one. Not feeling the setting or characters? Maybe we can figure something else out! Want to see something new in our story? Let me know! In a mental rut that’s making it hard for you to post? Pm me! I totally understand. Just don’t leave me hanging!
  • Representation - A piece of art or something typically called a ‘faceclaim’. I like it when we both have one, and I prefer they not be big name actors or actresses. For the sake of consistency, please let me know whether you want us to use Artwork or photography as the medium. I am fine with either.

Do not post here, PM me if interested!

Potential Themes: Dub-con. BDSM? Angst. Dark Romance. Post-Apocalyptic. Incest?

Premise: The world has fallen apart and civilization fell. Creatures that were once things of myths and legends now walk the earth freely, carving the world as they see fit. What is left of humanity exists as nomadic tribes that travel the nature reclaimed wastelands. They are no longer alone, however. While some of those mythical beings came to prey upon the humans, others have created a uniquely symbiotic relationship with them. In this tribe humans and lycans live as one. The lycans provide protection, and the humans provide a means for continuity and procreation. Lycans cannot produce young among one another, but they can when mated to a human.

Your Role: The Beast, a lycan within the tribe. Your sister - twin or younger - was produced by your same lycan mother and human father, but is human. Together you have survived with your family, your tribe, but as the two of you grow older you find it harder and harder to resist the allure of her body, her scent, her smile.

What I want: This is definitely one of my more intimate plots, but has plenty of room for darker themes and drama. Ideally I would like the two to be attracted to each other mutually, while knowing it's wrong. The lycan brother is ultimately the one to lose the battle with the beast within him, and finally gives in to what it wants - by taking his sister. This has potential for long term play and short term, but it would be nice if it was more long term. This can also be adapted to a game without incest.

"Rainy Day Fund"
Potential Themes: Non-con. Dub-con. BDSM. Angst. Abuse. Modern. Intimacy?

Premise: Daddy has a gambling problem, and he needs money fast. His credit is already shot. No one, not even family is willing to loan him any money anymore, and on top of that he has nothing valuable enough to pawn either. However, he does have one thing. His daughter. Freshly sixteen, while Alexis may not be prom queen, she isn’t exactly hard on the eyes either. He's no blind fool when it comes to the way his friends look at her, and she already knows what happens if she doesn't keep her mouth shut.How much would his idiots friends pay to get her alone for just an hour, an entire night? What if he could trick them into keeping her altogether? Feed her, clothe her, provide a roof over her head, and they’d be the ones paying him rent instead of the other way around. It was perfect. It was brilliant.

Your Role: You would play the father's friend, or friends if you so wish. However, any sexual scenes involving them would be played with one friend at a time.

What I want: In this scenario I am open to a few dynamics. I would love it if my partner played a man interested in more than a sexual relationship with this girl. An infatuation can be a thing. An interest in legitimate intimacy stained with darker desires are extremely welcome too. This man could also be interested in 'saving' her from her fate, but not without some interest in self-indulgences as well. This could be short term or long term.
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