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August 11, 2022, 10:19:24 am

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Author Topic: Vampires & Other Beasties [searching for mxm]  (Read 555 times)

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Vampires & Other Beasties [searching for mxm]
« on: March 14, 2020, 08:35:23 pm »
Hello naughty children.

My name is Princeling, and I am... Obviously in here looking for a roleplay. I mean, what did you expect? 

First things first, rules and regulations and whatever: I have been role playing for... Like 15 years and WOW I feel old now. I love to write, and so when I post, I tend to write a lot— I’d say my general minimum is 3-400 words. I can reply quite quickly if I’m engaged in an RP, and love nothing more than those occurrences when mine and a partner’s schedules sync up so we can get a few posts to each other a day (but I’ve also got slower paced stuff going as well).

I don’t ask for much in general from a partner— all I ask is that you have a good grip on grammar, write third person past-tense, and write multiple paragraph responses. I’m a writer before I’m a role player, and so I tend to lose interest in RPs that don’t give me an opportunity to really write my character (for example, one-liner responses).

I’ve got my ons and offs in my profile. I also have an F-List which is a bit more in-depth that I can provide upon request!

At the moment, I’m really into the idea of vampires, demons, werewolves... All those Good Good things, but like, especially vampires. Always love vampires.

I have a few plots, hidden behind spoiler tags because that is polite. If a role in the pairing is bolded, that’s the one I’d prefer to play!

Commoner x Noble
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A commoner boy has lived for his entire life in a small village at the edge of the ruling noble’s territory. Though infrequent, the noble occasionally visits this village, and through one means or another, he ended up making his acquaintance. Though the people in the village seem to dislike their ruler, the man always him with a good impression because it seemed that he went out of his way to be kind to him (and he was, perhaps, too naive to realize that this could be anything but altruistic).

The truth is, however, that the noble was kind to him, in part, because he was attracted to the boy— an attraction that has turned into obsession, and now rage when he discovers that the boy (already existing in his mind as his) has been seen around the village with another. Realizing that he has let this go long enough, he sends his men to capture the object of his affections and being him to the palace.

At first, when the commoner boy discovers that he has been taken to the home of the man he’s so admired over the years, he is initially relieved, for the noble has never been anything but kind... However, he quickly discovers that there has always been much, much more behind the pretty words and fine gifts that the man treated him to, and he has always been expected to reciprocate.

Vampire x Human (there are multiple possibilities for this one’s worldbuilding)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Centuries ago, vampires were thought of as nothing more than a myth at most, a fantasy at best. A creature of horror movies and video games and trashy YA novels, something that didn’t, couldn’t possibly exist.

Until they declared war on all of humanity.

And when that happened, it was only a matter of time until the creatures of the night took over.

The year is 2xxx, and humans have been slaves for as long as anyone can remember. Their history has been all but lost, and what shreds remain of it has been twisted, rewritten to place their supreme overlords, vampires, as the heroes. At best, humans are pampered pets of vampires, bred and raised and entered in competitions like pedigreed dogs, or kept as trusted servants, clinging to the desperate hope that one day they, too, may join the ranks of their absolute masters. At worst, they’re forced to slave their days away in camps, having their blood taken by great machines in the night, or dwelling in the filth of sewers far beneath the cities, living like vermin and killed on sight. But whatever their place, every human swiftly learns that in this vampire-controlled world, they are utterly disposable.

By and large, vampires enjoy their rule over the world. Or, most of them do, anyway. There are a scant few of them who consider what the world has become to be a violation of the natural order… And they are considered just as dangerous as rogue humans to the vampires who consider their dominion over humanity to be sacrosanct.

Half-Vampire x Hunter
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It starts with a murder. It's not a normal murder, obviously-- rather, it's a particularly gruesome one. The victim looks like he got torn apart by an animal, which would be normal in some town in the middle of nowhere, but much less so in an alley in London. Hunter, as the foremost expert in supernatural/weird crimes (as well as the man undisputedly in control of supernatural crime prevention), is called in to investigate this murder, but he's thrown for a loop, because it doesn't look like a werewolf attack, and it's clearly too messy to be caused by a vampire. It doesn't resemble anything he's ever seen.

That's because it is neither of those things. The perpetrator of this most horrid crime is none other than a half-vampire-- specifically, the half-vampire who proceeds to approach the man as he's leaving the scene to go back to his place to do a bit of research on this murder. Not that the Hunter would know that he's looking at a half-vampire, of course; the creature appears for all the world like nothing more than a desperate youth. And with the help of a sad story about how his parents were horrifically murdered or died in a fire or something (and possibly some allusion to him knowing a bit more than he should about supernatural phenomena), he manages to convince the man to take him in.

Of course, in the beginning neither of them know what the other is. With some snooping around the man's house, the half-vampire is the first one to discover that this man he's hanging out with (and was plotting to murder because he needs blood, yo) could definitely kill him, easily... But at the same time, he's got his own problems and certain people of the supernatural persuasion after him, so his best option is to hide in plain sight... Even if that does come with the constant threat of being found out and staked looming over his head, because there's little doubt in anyone's mind that that's exactly what will happen.

Writer x Obsessed Fan
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Vampires and all those nasty supernatural beasties exist, and have existed for as long as humans have, but the grand majority of them have managed to live behind the veil and avoid detection by the mortal masses. However, there have been enough slipups in history that humans have developed their own folklore about these creatures, and while it’s more or less accurate, the recent pop culture phenomenons surrounding various ‘sexy monsters’ has provided great amusement to the creatures that said stories are about.

On a dare from some friends at a bar one night, a certain vampire starts writing a series of books— a parody of hits like Twilight, with a bit more realism added in, his friends added as characters, with a bunch of tongue and cheek references tossed in. It’s meant as nothing more than a joke, something to while away the hours during daytime when he can’t go out, and a bit later he passes it out to his friends. ... And it’s good. Surprisingly good. They tell him to send it into a publisher. So he does.

And it BLOWS UP.

It hits the top of the bestseller list and stays there. A movie is made. It breaks box office records. Suddenly he has more money than he knows what to do with, despite the fact that he has never made a public appearance or given an interview aside from over the phone or through email. The success is crushing. He buys a house in the woods and stays there for a while, because all this success is absolutely smothering, honestly.

But you and I know how insane that certain fans of certain fandoms can be. And one such fan, an absolute terror of a Big-Name Fan, takes it upon themself to investigate the writer of their favorite book series. Because could you IMAGINE the clout they would get if they had a SIGNED copy? Maybe they could even get confirmation that their ship is canon!

And they find the address of a certain house in the woods. Or maybe they blackmail an editor. But somehow, they get that information, and they make their way up there, ending up as a very uninvited guest.

Lots of ways this could go. It could be funny— they stick around and refuse to leave. Or it could be a bit darker— they snap what they think will be a creep shot of their favorite author, but then the photo is... Wrong, and now they HAVE to stay around because they just exposed said author as a non-human. I dunno. Lots of possibilities, and lots of possibilities for side characters too.

(I’m gonna admit I have a character in mind for the vampire but the fan would be hilariously fun to play as well)

This is what I’ve come up with so far, but it is by no means the only things I’m in the mood to play, and if you have an idea, I would love to hear it! As I come up with more of my own, I’ll edit them in too, so feel free to check back!

Thanks for checking out my thread!
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