Telasia (Hero System 5th Revised) [NC-E]

Started by Myrleena, March 04, 2009, 12:43:59 AM

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First off, I'm hoping to run this game in the IRC channel primarily.  I plan to run between 7pm to 10 or 11pm MST for the main game.  I'm also willing to run individual scenes on the forums.  A word of warning, I'm primarily going to 'Fade to Black' in the main game for sex scenes.  I'm just not comfortable running them yet.  If you want to vanish into a side room with another player however, that's up to you.  I'm currently looking for four players. (I have two already)
Now, on to the backstory!  The history of the continent and main city follow.


Five hundred years past two empires went to war.  The empire of Arangor was massive covering nearly three quarters of the continent of Telasia.  Arrogant and confident in the power of their legions, they invaded the Kingdom of Lentres, which controlled the remainder of Telasia.  However, Arangor had made a mistake.  As powerful as their armies were, they had not taken into account the sheer power of the famed magical university of Krynaras, the capitol of Lentres.  With the power of the Krynaras University, Lentres was able to destroy the invading forces, and they launched a counter attack in turn.  The attack drove deep into Arangor territory before the Emperor ordered the release of monstrous experiments to stop the invading army.  Such events continued, attacks and counter-attacks going back and forth, each escalating the conflict to a new level of destruction with every battle.  Mountains were leveled, villages destroyed, and rivers redirected.  The weather was twisted to damage the other side, bringing droughts and famines.  Magical plagues were created, killing untold numbers of innocent subjects.  The land has yet to recover from the weapons that were unleashed in those battles.

It was two centuries before the war ended, and it only ended because there were too few to continue.  Krynaras was destroyed catastrophically when Arangor managed to smuggle an artifact into the basement of the University that gathered power from the enchantments to warp every person in the city into ravening monsters.  Before they were mutated the Archmagi of Lentres cast a final spell that killed them before they could be transformed, a spell that brought down a firestorm on Sanfaras, the capitol of Arangor.  No one survived the energies unleashed in either city, and magic still runs wild in them both.  The level of devastation on the landscape would have made matters hard enough, but monsters from both nations had spread across the lands.

No major city survived the cataclysm, and few have grown to even a small portion of the size of those of before.  The loss of so many faithful was a major blow to the gods, both of darkness and of light.  They tried to further their causes in the mortal world, but their ability to intervene was tenuous at best.  Meanwhile daemons walk the world, delighting in what has happened and seducing mortals to follow their Lords.  Cults abound, and few can live their lives without fear in these dark days.

People of every race hope for heroes who will bring peace and prosperity, but know from bitter experience that for every would-be hero, there are a dozen aspiring villains hoping to crush them under their rule.  Even the lowest commoner knows how to hold a weapon in this age, and none can deny the need for such.

This is Telasia, the Barren Land.


The city of Haven was one of the few cities to survive the fall of the Arangor Empire.  Of course, it was mostly due to it's remote location than any real emphasis on its defense.  Located to the far north on the edge of the Ironfang Mountains and Salnas Forest, Telas was primarily a supplier of lumber and ore, but that changed with the devastating fall of the major empires.  Their quarries turned to building high walls around their city, which was renamed Haven.  Ore was turned to crafting weapons with which to defend themselves.  Lumber was used in building structures to house their suddenly burgeoning population.  They declared their determination to stand against the fall of civilization, becoming a light in the coming darkness.  Unfortunately, a light stands out so very much.  It was almost inevitable that things would change, and change they did.  Slowly the idealistic leaders of those first days died or were assassinated.  Those that lusted for power took control of the city, and they still control it.  Lord Jerask Nidan rules the city with harsh, though mostly fair, justice.  Much is allowed of the citizens, with the guard only dealing with those who threaten the security of Haven itself.  Haven has grown larger than any other city, primarily due to it being established before the Fall.  Nearly twenty-five thousand mortals live in Haven now, though many would love to go elsewhere.


As one of the already existing players, I did want to bump this notice and hope that there might be some other people interested in an online version of a weekly TT game.  I think it would be lots and lots of fun, and hope there's at least some others out there who would think the same.


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