Made for Him (M for F, anthro, parallel universes)

Started by IrishWolf, March 06, 2020, 03:32:16 PM

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There are points in time, where different universes overlap, normally only for a brief moment. During such overlaps, crossovers can occur. A monster is seen in a lake, someone takes a blurry photograph of a strange flying object, something sinks a ship or in some cases, a mysterious disappearance happens. The Man from Taured is a good example, a mysterious visitor to Japan, arriving on an airplane, only his passport is from a country, which never existed. A man who grew very upset when he couldn’t find his country on a map of Europe but pointed to the tiny nation of Andorra, saying that country shouldn’t exist, that was where Tuared should be. A man who would disappear from a guarded, sixth story hotel room, along with his belongings, including the documentation being stored in the airport security office.

In most cases, everything or everyone is returned to the universe they belong to, leaving behind only memories and little proof but sometimes, whoever or whatever crosses over, strays a little too far from the point of contact between universes and is trapped in a world, not their own. Such examples being the Mandela effect or the Berenstain/Berenstein Bears. Populations of people from very closely related universes, moved one from the other, to find a subtle difference, such as Nelson Mandela not dying in the 1980s but living well into the twenty first century or a change of a single letter in the name of a popular children's book series.

Such an event took place in a remote cabin, in the Green Mountains of northern Vermont. A being crossed over and was lost in a universe, where none of her kind, had ever existed, leaving her at the mercy of a man she both knew intimately but was a stranger to.

In her own world, she had been created to be the companion of a powerful politician. Not a free person but not a slave, as she had rights and responsibilities. However she was made to serve the needs of one man, as both a personal assistant and as a lover. His kinks were hers and her desires were his pleasures. In fact, her designers might have gone a little too far, with their attempt to create the best companion, as extended amounts of time without physical interaction with her human, has been shown to leave her mentally distressed and physically ill. Thankfully, this hasn’t been tested to the extreme, although there have been a few times, due to unforeseen delays, which have caused some concern.

In this new world, the man who in so many ways resembles her human, is not a politician, using the secluded cabin to get away from business and the media but rather an author. A rather good one in fact, with several different series, who likes living in the cabin year around and enjoys the quiet so he can write.

It was a quirk of fate, that in two universes, the same man, was watching the same storm, from the same porch and in a single clap of thunder, the only difference between them, moved from one to another.

Inspirations for the female character


Of course, dont feel restrained, this are just suggestions

If your interested in filling out the plot, please send me a pm