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August 16, 2022, 12:05:38 pm

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Author Topic: Sexy bad girl alien (character) wanted to bring about death and destruction  (Read 558 times)

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I need some distraction ---- hence, this post.

It can be played in a forum or by some other means (Discord, etc.)

Player gender is irrelevant. 

Even though I might be willing to play the female role, I won't even mention the possibility because I would really really really prefer someone else play it.

So basically, your character is a sexy female spy ("agent" might be a better word) from some evil empire among the stars sent to disable or destroy Planet Earth's defensive force field to pave the way for an invasion.  This occurs in modern times (dates flexible if you want to move it back a decade or two) and the general public is left in the dark regarding concrete evidence of ET.

Here goes -

1940's - Detonation of atomic bomb on the third planet of our solar system noticed by passing ship and noted in the log.

1950's - Scout ships from the Obsidian Empire determine the planet "Earth" a prime source of raw materials, fresh water, slave labor, and rest stop in the event of war with any of the newly discovered occupied planets of the galaxy.
- under strict orders to keep their presence a secret, scouts obtain samples of technology to track societal and technological changes from orbit.  A few specimens of the local flora and fauna were also obtained for testing. A couple of scout vessels were lost due to accidents and destroyed, their crews rescued or bodies recovered. Still, evidence gets left behind.  A dropped tool, a blurred photograph, and oh yeah, there was that one wreck that wasn't salvaged.
- various incidents regarding possible extraterrestrial activity investigated and covered up by U.S. government
- decision is made by the U.S. government to move evidence and personnel from remote site in American desert to a major city (Houston) where the presence of large numbers of scientists, engineers, and military personnel would not be as evident as in a small desert town of 100 population.  A small detachment of personnel are assigned to "Area 51" to serve as a distraction for conspiracy theorists.  In reality, it is a testing ground for captured Soviet military equipment.

1960's - Aggressive "space race" against the Russians is cover for research and development of technology to explore extraterrestrial activity
- Obsidian Empire scout ships continue to gather data and occasionally gather physical samples

1970's - First satellites launched for the purpose of planetary defense - it is a rudimentary token effort but a necessary first step

1980's - A period of technological advances which, along with diminished tensions between the USA and USSR lead to international cooperation in development of a unified plan for defense of the planet - Naturally the general public is not informed.

1990's - Political considerations prevent the formation of a unified planetary defense force, but militaries from various first-world nations cooperate with each other in exchange of technology and placement of satellites in geosynchronous orbit to form a "force field" to deny entry into the Earth's atmosphere to potential attackers. The United States Air Force takes the lead. There are gaps in coverage. The general public remains uninformed of the government's knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials and the necessity of a "force field" to defend the planet from invasion.

2000's - The evil Obsidian Empire breaks a peace treaty and begins interstellar war of aggression against the benevolent Progressive Alliance. They find most of the gaps in the planet's defense shield have been closed.  It is imperative to get at least one agent in place on the planet's surface while it is still possible.  From there the Earth's defenses can be sabotaged to coincide with the scheduled arrival of an invasion fleet.


The "agent" in this story - your character - will have spent most of her service studying the Planet Earth -- particularly the United States -- studying the language and culture, etc ... and with advances in technology that includes sending information via the airwaves could fabricate a foolproof identity from orbit (complete with a driver's license that holds up to a computer check, money in a bank account, working credit cards, professional license if desired, college transcripts, etc ...)  She probably would have practiced driving a car in a driving simulator, etc ... in short she will probably blend in quite nicely while she figures out how to turn off the switch (figuratively speaking) which powers the force field.  Hopefully she'll put her sensuality to use there.  Actually, her sensuality is sort of a main theme to the story.
There are several possibilities here.  We could try to make it quick, in which she visits a bar hoping to meet someone involved with the program, or we could spend a bit of time in which she establishes herself on Earth (hopefully in the USA).  She might join the Air Force, or marry someone involved in the defense of the planet.  She might simply need to flip a switch (a really BIG master switch) or she might need to blow something up with a difficult to obtain nuclear weapon (or cause a violent reaction at a nuclear power plant.)

Since no sizable ship could slip through one of the gaps, perhaps she had to arrive via a small capsule just big enough for herself and a few of the bare necessities (just to keep it challenging.)

Maybe she needs to figure a way to communicate with her friends when her radio malfunctions.

(Bonus points if she looks like Bianca Beauchamp.  I know there are LOTS of attractive women out there, but for some reason I picture her looking like Bianca.)

Thanks for reading.
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