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May 11, 2021, 06:21:11 pm

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Author Topic: Lynn's various cravings [F/Futa for any][NSFW images inside]  (Read 427 times)

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Offline LynnetteTopic starter

Lynn's various cravings [F/Futa for any][NSFW images inside]
« on: March 02, 2020, 12:26:45 pm »
Please don't post in this thread! Send me a PM!

Hiya! Thank you for reading! My name is Lynnette, please just call me Lynn though. Some of you might already know me from the groups section, others might not know me at all, and that's alright! 26 years old, from Norway, the wonderful land of fjords, trolls and other crap. I'm a full time automation student, but have a fair bit of time on the side to dedicate to writing, hence why I'm (finally) opening a proper One-on-one request thread! It's something I've been debating for a while, but group games are my main forte.
Just as a small footnote, should you decide to PM me, make sure you write the name right, I know of people who have sent PMs to the wrong person in the past many a time.

The thread doesn't have that many plots at the moment, it might see more in the future. Also, don't limit yourself too much to the listings, if you have something exciting in mind you think I'd enjoy, shoot me a message!

About Writing With Me
Right, finally, the important stuff! I'd like to consider myself pretty literate, and normally write medium to long posts. Always striving to get better of course, so constructive criticism is always welcome! I don't consider myself a full-on nazi with stuff like grammar, though decent punctuation is pretty important. Seeing I'm a full-time student, time comes and time goes depending on what I have at hand, and I still write in groups. Be aware that posts can come very quickly... Or they can take a while. Don't be afraid to give me a poke if you feel I'm taking too long.

I predominantly write female or futanari characters. My partner's real gender, or whichever gender they wish to write doesn't bother me much. I'll specify within each idea if there's any particular favored pairings for a writeup. I like something visual to go with my writing, And as one might have guessed from my avatar my picture-preferences lie with anime/manga-styled artwork. I'm not interested in games using real people as faceclaims. Sorry to whom it might concern. If you're having trouble finding a faceclaim, do let me know, I'd be happy to help you out!

Aside from that, a general theme you'll likely see through my prompts is that I like to incorporate at least one kind of twist into my games. I try to steer clear of the most cliched pairings, or at least "elevate" them a little by adding some level of tension. Or, at the very least, doing something that isn't completely by the norm, either by a unique pairing, or a unique setting or backdrop. Assuming there isn't one already added, I'd at the least like to discuss having one.

I'm not looking for a lot of games at the moments, one or two tops. I'd like to try writing shorter-ish posts, think three paragraphs or so per post, depending a bit on what we end up doing. If you do wish to contact me, I'd like you to open with what you think we could do with the idea, rather than just presenting yourself. A little bit about what kind of kinkiness you'd like to include would be welcome as well!

Ons and Offs
Mind you this is a very compacted list that just point to some of my favorites, and doesn't include everything. I'll focus on some of the central stuff exclusively, you can find my ons/offs thread here! However mind you, it's old, and hasn't been updated in a while. It's still mostly up to date though. As for some key things though, anal is definitely one of the most central ones, and the one I enjoy writing the most. Going alongside with that is sex toys, for more modern settings at least. Combine the two together, big toys going up butts is an easy way to make me very happy! Or just big stuff going up butts in general, be it a set of beads, or a 12-foot orc shoving his monstrous dong up a petite elf's back door. As for offs, you can tick off the most common ones, i.e. scat, guro etc. In general, if you have anything you'd like to do, let me know!

The Perfect Wife
For:Male/Futa characters, primarily male

She just showed up one day. You don't really know how she got into your life. Nor how it came to the point where she moved in. However, there is no mistaking - She is the perfect wife. The one many have dreamt of in the past, the rare unicorn you never expected to find. The ray of light that makes you look forward to waking up in the morning. The one that motivates you to work hard, someone you hold extremely dear to your heart. Her cooking rivals that of the most elegant, expensive restaurants. Her beauty is second to none, skin like the smoothest silks and a body molded to perfection. Her kindness and love would make even the most dreadful rainy days show some sun between grey clouds.

The catch though... Nobody believes you. Nobody you know has ever seen her. In pictures, you see her clearly, others do not. You've gotten many a strange gaze from coworkers and the likes, some thinking it was a joke, others thinking you were working too hard and were getting a little nutty as a result. When you invited friends to your home for dinner... The food was certainly there, but she was nowhere to be seen. Nobody has ever seen you with her in public, she either vanished or whomever saw you asked if you were out shopping.

Now who exactly is she? The dreams of a lonely man, wanting to fill a hole in his heart that he never found the time to? A kind spirit, sent to earth to lighten the life of a man dreading his life, driven to the end by a horrible job and lousy social life? Perhaps a succubus, crafting a careful illusion of their life to feast on him?

Something Egypt-related
So I don't actually have that much for this one. However, it's a gorgeous setting I'd love a chance to explore - No less a beautiful setting for skinship! It definitely needs a strong foundation that I'm looking to develop further though. But, there's a lot that can be done with it. A rich mythology to explore, or maybe a time traveller from the future seeking to explore ancient Egypt? A risky romance between a slave and royalty? There's so much that can be played with!

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