A playfull tease turns into somthing much much worse for him (F wanted)

Started by trippplej, March 03, 2009, 03:56:59 PM

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This scenario is set around a couple sharing a flat together. They both go to the Uni close by. Even though the couple aren’t romantically involved, there is a “history” between them as they went to the same high school together and “he” has always had a thing for her, however he never built up the courage to let her know...

“She” is slightly younger than him, by just a couple of years. Outgoing, open minded and fun loving. There is a way about her that just oozes confidence.

“He” is quite shy and introverted, kind and sincere. Great sense of humour when he actually opens up now and they. Always polite and going out of his way for her. Being the ideal flatmate and in a way coming across as the ideal boyfriend as he treats her so well.   

The scenes take place in the apartment at various stages. There are basically three stages tp this story with multiple scenes depending on your ideas. Pre-Discovery, The Discovery, The Aftermath. As to just what the "discovery" is you will have to read on and figure it out.   

The basic premise for this scenario is subtle eroitic humiliation. Their is a build up in tension between these two before she finally takes matters into her own hands (due to his shyness, the same thing that held him back in highschool) The only thing is .. he has a small secret that suddently accounts for alot of his shyness and as nice as she seems on the outside she is a size queen... Although she isnt directly mean subtle changes start to take place and to the shock of one and the amusement of the other they actually begin to enjoy it....



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