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Author Topic: Hi looking for all..for con, non-con, bond, etc.  (Read 779 times)

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Offline AidaLilyTopic starter

Hi looking for all..for con, non-con, bond, etc.
« on: March 03, 2009, 12:25:15 AM »
Well I am looking for a few new roleplay partners for ideas I have had.

1. Naruto Roleplay (con, incest, romance)
   Neji and Hinata are cousins and he used to hate her. In fact he almost tried to kill her in the chuunin exams. Now though Hinata has grown up into a young woman and she finds herself attracted to Neji. Neji has always hated himself secretly for hurting her and he wants to have her for his own. When they are forced into an arranged marriage can they finally confess the love they have for one another or will they just pretend they dont even after they are married.

2. Itachi Uchiha and Deidara (Yaoi, m/m, con or non-con, romance, AU)

   The two akatsuki members hate  one another, but what happens when Itachi finds out he is dying. Itachi picks on Deidara and Deidara hates Itachi with a passion or at least seems to. Can they overcome their differences and realize they love each other before it is too late?

3. A girl and her uncle (con, romance, bond)

    Her mother and father died in a car accident. His wife, her aunt, died in a fire at his old house. Now they only have one another in their house located in the woods. She goes to school at home and he is a successful writer and submits the things from home. Now that she is 18, he has a special present for her. Can they heal one another's wounds?

4. His secret Lover (m/m, non-con, romance)

   He is a college student about to fail out of school. The other guy a teacher's assistant wants to help him pass, but for a price.....

5. My Mistress (f/f non-con to con)

   The Elven princess has a secret that one of her maids discovers. The princess will do anything to hide her secret...anything.

6. Differences. (m/f, f/m, con, romance...)

   She wants to go have the surgery to get her penis removed until she meets someone who likes her for who she is.

This is all for now...please pm me or post to let me know if you are interested I will get back to you as soon as i can thanks, AidaLily
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Offline AidaLilyTopic starter

Re: Hi looking for all..for con, non-con, bond, etc.
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2009, 08:47:35 PM »
Ok I have a few more Ideas

This one is completely non-con.

A elven woman is trapped between dimensions and is trying to find her way home and avoid danger. She doesn't realize she is being followed by a tentacle monster who wants nothing more than to make her his play toy. Taken


This one can go either way with anyone

Fairies weren't supposed to fall in love, but in this land of magic a fairy breaks her promise never to fall in love when she meets a man who is more than willing to have her. She uses her magic to come to him at night as a full grown woman with her wings. Unfortunately, dark forces are plotting to keep them apart can their love survive the test of time and family.

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Offline AidaLilyTopic starter

Re: Hi looking for all..for con, non-con, bond, etc.
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2010, 06:47:42 PM »
NEW IDEAS!! I will highlight in a different color which role I wish to play and given the description of the idea it will show if I am going to play the dominate or submissive one and no I will NOT switch the role I want to play so don't ask. However Titles are negotiable and maybe a few other things. If I have not specified which role I want to play it is up for discussion.

Title: His Captive
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Deidara/OC
Pairing type: Het

Interests for this roleplay: non-con to con or sweet seduction. eventual romance at some point.
Anything else: Please Ask.

A young girl is sent on a mission she knows nothing about. Her mission is to deliver Akatsuki information to another village from the village hidden in the mist. She is on land away from the island on her way to the hidden village. Deidara is the one sent to intercept the information. The female character is a jounin and only really good at taijutsu, the wrong type to deal with Deidara...

He captures her, takes her most likely to currently empty base to ask leader more instructions. In the meantime, she is plotting one thing. Her escape. Or will the Akatsuki member make her change her mind...


Title: Jade Palace
Place: TBD (to be decided)
Pairing: Prince/ servant
Pairing type: Het or Yaoi

Interest for this roleplay: Forbidden Love. Maybe non-descriptive rape of servant by the guards.
Anything else: Please Ask.

A servant in the palace is given to the prince as a present. The prince is to take care of the servant as it will teach him about having to take care of things when he becomes king. The prince is responsible for his servant who seems to get into a lot of trouble. The rules here are really strict on servants. In bed by a certain time. Only fed bowls of watered down soup and some bread. Must stay in the palace. The guards are allowed to give punishments to the servants who misbehave. The prince protects the servant when he can or punishes the ones who hurt him when he can. The servant seems to follow all the rules and yet it seems the prince doesn't mind breaking them...


Title: Frozen
Place: London
Pairing: Vampire/ Runaway
Pairing type: Het or Yaoi

Interest for this roleplay: nothing specific
Anything else: Please ask

A runaway is looking for a place to stay. Cold nights in a town full of society's blessed. The duchesses and dukes, lords and ladies, etc. None of these people will give a foreign runaway a place to stay the night or even work in their lavish homes. The sounds of a horse drawn carriage starts to roll by as the runaway comes across another house with a small opening in the wall. The runaway looks and sees no guards slipping through the crack in it and sneaks their way to the large mansion type home. Looking around the runaway slips into the home when they feels no one is looking. A quick look tells the runaway that this person is high up in society as they search for a place to hide and stay warm for the evening...they will sneak out in the morning...


Title: Dancer
History: Ancient Egypt
Pairing: Pharaoh/ Dancer
Pairing type: Het or Yaoi

Interest for this roleplay: mage or psychic for the dancer, slight humiliation, slave
Anything else: Please Ask

Entertainment. A mysterious dancer from a northern country is taken to Egypt to impress the ruler with their skills. They come to egypt as an honored guest allowed to eat and drink with the ruler until the ruler decides if they want them or not. After they get closer to the ruler they start to tell them of different things that they have seen whether they be helpful or not. They are first to seduce the ruler. What the ruler wants afterwards is beyond their control.


Title: Amber Shadow
History: Ancient Greece
Pairing: A greek god/ young priestess
Pairing type: Het

Interest for this roleplay: corruption of innocence, some sort of misfortune, possible pregnancy
Anything else: Please Ask

"From this day on, you shall be a priestess of this temple. You will leave here alone. All meals will be brought to you daily from another location. You are to help those that ask for it pray for forgiveness from the gods. You are to stay pure. Allow no one to touch or defile your body. As a priestess you are not to give into to any form of pleasure. Do you understand?"