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April 16, 2021, 07:21:21 pm

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Author Topic: A Hucow Tale- The DDD Farms. Looking for a Bull/Handler (NSFW Imagery)  (Read 393 times)

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Offline magikalTopic starter

Hello! I'm obsessed with transformation.. especially if the transformation is slow, gradual, and against her will. Physical transformation is best, but some mental transformation is fine as long as it compliments the TF.

I currently have several games going on but am always looking for a few more well written stories. Please look at my list and private message me if you are interested. The most recent story is at the top, some of the older ones are at the bottom of this post.

I'm looking for a writing partner to explore this concept with me. I'm looking for a partner that posts 3 to 5 times per week using the forums. The story would have some transformation/bimbofication and could be a realistic or slightly future setting, depending on what my partner has in mind.

I do have some on/offs that you can be aware of- no scat, nothing excessively gross.

Please message me if you're interested!

Story Idea
My story idea is that over the last twenty years, strange and odd things have occured. The huge farming industry started failing and eventually disappeared completely. Their techniques ravaged the soil, climate, and was causing the entire planet to revolt. These mega farms were replaced with small mom and pop farms, both food and dairy related that focused on organic, all natural processes and being good stewards of the earth. The trouble is, the farms can't create enough product. Fast forward ten years and most people eat kibble, nothing more than nutritious but bland tasting food.

Ophelia had dreams of eating mangos, papayas, pineapples, bananas, and apples. She was about to sink her teeth into a juicy cantaloupe, but then heard her cell phone go off again from the charging cradle. She sat up and realized she was dreaming again. She walked to the fridge of her studio apartment. She had a some chilled purified water and chilled purified orange juice. She took out the water and pressed the button on the wall, placing a cup underneath it. The machine chirped to life and a handful of kibble was dispensed. She sighed and mixed the water and juice into it, swirling it around slightly, trying to get rid of the chalky, fake taste.

Ophelia's dreams had become more intense lately, she wasn't sure what caused the dreams. She worked as a cashier that sold mostly house hold items. Most people didn't have too much extra money so things were usually pretty slow.

She had just finished high school a month ago and was still mapping out her life.

Ophelia had always done tons of searches about food, about growing food, about delicious food. She received a strange email about an offer to become a food taster at Delicious Deluxe Dairy Farms- one of the newest dairy farms that used cutting edge technology to grow food faster, better, and healthier than ever before. Ophelia thought it was funny that the logo turned into a DDD, clearly a bra size that seemed strange since cows had no use for bras. Ophelia hadn't worn a bra since 7th grade and even then it was a training bra that she never grew out of her. She was slim and athletic, with toned legs and a good ass, but she had no cleavage or chest to speak of. Of course, going back two generations, her grandmother was clearly very prodigious in the cleavage department, but Ophelia never took after her grandmother.

Her job prospects weren't exactly breaking down the barn door so she was quite happy to explore any opportunity presented to her. She wrote about healthy food in a blog and received an offer from one of the local dairy farms that promised they were doing everything different to be able to meet the demand to feed the thirsty planet. She is extremely interested and accepts the free e-taxi bus ride. It arrives in front of her house the next morning and she shows the pdf ticket on her phone, it opens up and drives her to Delicious Deluxe Dairy Farms a tour.

The building is massive, larger than a football field and she's pretty sure multiple levels deep, too. She heads to the waiting room and is greeted by a secretary that hands her a tablet to do some sort of survey. She presses her thumb to the thumbpad and answers the questions. She fills out the questionnaire on the tablet that asks her a wide range of questions. As she turns in the tablet, she's asked to submit a saliva swab, which she promptly does. She frowns when it's coded red, apparently she has bad genes for something, but she's not sure.  She waits to see what happens next, looking a bit nervous.

Surely the employers would be able to check her recent blogs and recommend her for a tasting job. She waited patiently to be called, glancing around the other women. She seemed sorely out of place, she was tall and thin with an athletic body, a runner's body. She didn't have an ounce of fat on her. Most of the other women that were here today were rather plump, looking like they might be lactating or having recently given birth with a few extra pounds to give them a curvy appearance. Ophelia wrinkled her nose, was she in the right place?

As she goes through the intake process, it is revealed that she has poor genes for growing and turning into the milker that she desires to be, so an experimental nanite formula is given, basically reactivating puberty all over again allowing her to grow until her full potential.


That is the basic idea, if you have some interest, please private message me about how you would help Ophelia expand her horizons and fulfill her dreams!

Thanks for reading!

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