Started by JuliaInNJ2007, March 01, 2009, 10:55:44 PM

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I've done this on here a few times already and it drives me absolutely nuts. In a really good way, of course.

I am an artsy high school English teacher. You are a jocky gym teacher/wrestling coach. The two of us have never gotten along. And the two of us are also in contention to be the new principal of our high school.

You get the job. And you relish the power that comes with being the boss. And you also enjoy putting me in my place with your skills as an office politican. But one day, I come to you, having seen the err of my ways, which you relish even more.

This role also involves your stern secretary and her best friend, a guidance counselor at the school. Both of them despise me and are very loyal to yourself. It also involves my closest work friend as well, whom I'm willing to betray to please my newfound superiors.

What I want in this role is to go from an opponent into the most loyal subordinate possible.



I am interested in this one.  would love to iron out the details with you.