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August 18, 2022, 10:00:37 pm

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Author Topic: [MMF][Poly][Vampires][LF Bisexual Switch/Versatile Male Character] Thrice Bitten  (Read 473 times)

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Thrice Bitten
"She bites you.
You bite me.
And me?
I take a bite outta any fucker that tries to stake either of you."

Your Character: A Fledgling Vampire
My Characters: A Runaway Vampire Queen & A Treasonous Vampire Thrall
Setting: Modern Day USA or UK

Genre: Urban Fantasy. Paranormal Drama. Dark Romance.

Content: Vampires, Coven Politics, Perverse Supernatural Family Dynamics, Black & Grey Morality, Polyamory
Kinks: MMF Ménage, Female Dominance/Male Submission, Male Bisexuality, Switching & Versatility, Visual Age Difference (Younger Looking Woman/Older Looking Men), Jealousy Issues + Learning to Share (& Be Shared), Bloodplay, Other Kinks Negotiable

Plot: Katya's life wasn't taken from her. It was changed.

She became vampiric royalty. Her creation united two warring vampire clans and gifted all kindred with an exceptionally rare breed of vampire - a watcher. A vampire capable of feeding on the blood of other vampires. She was cherished due to her bloodline and feared due to her genetic mutation. Ultimately, it was the ultimate assurance that the leadership of the clan would be hers.

One day.

Katya waited. Decades and decades passed by and that day never came. Because the day that her sire and patron of the clan passed into eternal slumber was the same day that the elders staged a coup. They stole Katya's figurative crown and forced her to accept a literal wedding ring in its place. Katya was rage and fury. And hunger. She ate her husband on their wedding morning.

She charmed one of the clan's most loyal retainers and trained human thralls to hide the truth behind her rebellion. Matteo had all the skills she needed to escape...and evade any attempts to capture her. She ordered him to "steal" her from the clan. Under the cover of daylight, Matteo spirited her away.

Matteo doesn't just keep her safe. He loves her, but more important is the fact that he obeys her.

And Matteo keeps her fed. He knows how she likes her men. Older. Strong. Toppable. When Matteo delivers her latest meal, Katya is immediately impressed with the man. Something about him is different than all the others Matteo caught for her. She decides she won't eat him. Oh, she drinks from him of course, but she doesn't kill him.

Katya changes him, just as she was once changed, and decides to keep him. He'll join her and Matteo. Together, they'll start their own clan.

Other: Seeking someone to play the Fledgling Vampire and that second M in MMF! He needs to be bisexual, switchy, and versatile. Other then that, your character is your own. All I ask is that my writing partner creates a character they enjoy and will also mesh well with my characters. Let's make a trio where all members have tantalizing chemistry with each other and there's ample room for character development all around.

My ideas presented here are solid, but not concrete. While I'm attached to the depicted FCs for Katya and Matteo I've presented here I can switch around aspects of their personality or backstory as needed. I'm hyped to have someone collaborate with me on the worldbuilding and help me spin up a more detailed plot. Please feel free to hit me up by PM if this idea has caught your interest.

"I have eaten every man that's ever loved me.
Until him.
Until you."

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