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June 13, 2021, 11:48:23 am

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Author Topic: The Pharaoh (MxF) Looking for Female Co-writer.  (Read 268 times)

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The Pharaoh (MxF) Looking for Female Co-writer.
« on: January 21, 2020, 02:04:11 pm »
Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my want ad for The Pharoah. I am going to include the write up I did that was also in my introduction when I applied to join Elliquiy so it's easier to see what I am thinking and go into what it is overall that I am trying to find. I am looking to start this as a 1 x 1 rp, and maybe grow it into a group of some sort as time goes on if there is interest in expanding it into that, but primarily my interest at this time is a simple 1 x 1 of my character looking for and which, with luck, find his lost Queen.

So as a rough idea of the backstory and all of that, the write up from my intro, hidden in a spoiler due to its' length.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ahmad Haddad was born in a much different time or place, the place was Ancient Egypt and while there are elements of it that remain the same, most of it is covered in sand and lost to time. The story that follows is best told in his own words as recorded in an ancient tome, discovered in his tomb when it was rediscovered in and about 1910.

I am Atum Ra I. Born before time and ruled people with a compassion and a desire to be better and rule all the world as it be known.
In reality, while there is little recorded about the Pharaoh known as Atum Ra I, he was a true and just Pharaoh, he ruled over Egypt as it was, in a manner that truly was fair and just by killing anyone that defied him in such a ruthless and bloody manner that had it been recorded or if those records would be found, scholars would probably consider him to be one of the deadliest, if not the deadliest of the ancient world.

Was he good to his people? To a degree, yes, but he also was cold and ruthless with the mindset that all the women in his Empire deserved nothing less than his bed if he took to them as such, as a result, later tomes have been found to suggest that he surpassed even Ramesses the Great and his 200 wives. What does that mean for us today? Atum Ra I knew how to get pussy? Perhaps not an ideal way to state the fact that it's good to be the King, or at least he wasn't one to turn it down or be turned down. Of course, there are theories on this subject as well.

In reality, there are no records to support this and few sites have been unearthed to date to know if the numbers are correct or a total farce, but if it is true, then Atum Ra I could easily be the father of thousands of children if those lines remain to the modern day. They don't. In fact, while Atun Ra I fathered many children with many wives, few survived outside of his lifetime, and considering his lifetime has spanned 5,000 years or more, there truly are few alive to remember who he was.

Atum Ra I came to the throne at the age of ten when his grandfather died. His father dying upon the birth of Atum Ra's sister He was raised by his Grandfather and his Mother, who his Grandfather took as his wife, with his Sister who was five years younger. When Atum Ra I was fifteen he married his Sister as was the Royal Custom, securing the Ra line and ensuring that their blood and lineage was pure. She would provide him with numerous children as a result.

Atum Ra I was on the throne of Egypt for about 30 years when a traveler was brought in to meet him, there seemed nothing special about the person and because Atum Ra was always willing to meet with others, if anything as a way to barter and get another wife or concubine out of the deal, he agreed to meet with the person that wanted to provide him with a way fit for a God to conquer his enemies and truly be a God among men - ALL MEN - as was his born right. The man was the Daemon Set.

Of course, worshiping deities was nothing new to the Egyptians and Set was one that had been worshiped in various forms for a long long while and his gift, though not known to Atum Ra I at the time was a bit of a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing in that it truly allowed Ra and his people to rule as only a God on Earth could, but it was a curse in that in time, they too would be the hunted.

There came a time about ten years or so after the arrival of the Daemon Set, that Atum Ra I and his people, including children that had been born with his own abilities, new as they were, had conquered all of Egypt. It was one thing to rule it, but to conquer the North and the South and the Nile Valley and all the various tribes as one people, it was a feat that none before him imagined, but Atum Ra accomplished it. Yes, he married his way into much of the groups that tried to refuse or slaughtered those that had no females worthy of his harem, but Atum Ra I had truly built the Empire fit for a God on Earth.

Another few years had passed with Atum Ra I, taking control of Lybia and Sudan, more as a strategic defense of Egypt than anything else, securing the borders and fortifying Egypt from land attacks. It worked for a time. But it would lead to the first time Atum Ra I was entombed.

In an attempt to secure the Red Sea, Atum Ra I and his growing army which was a combined force of Egypt, Lybia, and Sudan, moved to Arabia. It was a logical move and while Ra had no issues with the people and traded with them often, it was more an issue of control. The Arabians did not see it that way and as a result, battles would come to be fought throughout the land. Ra would eventually gain the upper hand with their control of the Sands, but he was captured, how he was never exactly certain and entombed what the Arabians took as a way to show that Ra was no God, but just a man. They entombed him in a cave system, but because the Arabians were unfamiliar with Ra and his attributes, failed to understand that he would surely find his way out and when he did - oh yes there would be blood! Ra used his abilities, transforming into sand combining with the sand around him and escaping in little less than an hour, raised the winds and created a sandstorm the likes of Arabia had never seen, killing those that captured him and securing Arabia and the Red Sea as be proved, that yes he was truly a God on Earth. They would all come to fear the Wrath of Ra from that day on.
Atum Ra's reign over what had become his Empire ran for a thousand years before he would be entombed again. He had remained on the throne, sharing it from time to time with his Royal wife, who remained his sister throughout, though there has never been made mention of her name, but it is believed that she is the only Vasnir that Ra turned by his own hand, for his attributes had not been shared by her and as his Queen she had every right to sit by his side as a Goddess for all Eternity.

It was about 2000 BC when the tides would begin to shift for Atum Ra I and his Empire and it's people. Ra had all in all been a conquerer that did so, not out of greed, but out of what he saw as strategic necessity, usually in relation to trade and in ways to make Egypt better and stronger. Yes, he would take what he wanted by force if it was not given to him or if those he chose to do business with didn't see things in the same way. Ra was a master of the hostile takeover, but all in all, he would barter in ways to make it all work for all sides. Besides he usually got a wife or concubine out of the deal. His plan backfired yet again when he attempted to negotiate trade with a local King in what today would be known as Turkey. The trade went well, but the other King saw more potential in making it all a game of chance if Atum Ra won, he would gain the daughter of the King if the King won Atum Ra would give him the necklace that provided him his abilities. Now, of course, Ra would never agree to this, for the necklace was a part of him and had been so since it was presented, but Ra's advisor saw fit to agree on his behalf, not expecting for the Turkish King to have a trick up his sleeve to, for as he saw it, secure a piece of Ra's empire and take it for himself.

While Ra's ability over sand and wind was well known, it was also known that he had a great love of women, now, of course, his greatest love had always been his Royal wife and his second wife, both of whom had produced numerous children with him, along with his third wife and his favorite of concubines that often traveled with him. As a result, it was not unusual for Ra to travel with both Mortal and Vasnir offspring and perhaps even the same for the mothers some of whom where his daughters as well, all as strong and beautiful as their mothers. Ra had sons as well, of course, many of them that served as advisors and overseers of lands that they had occupied and claimed in the name of Ra of Egypt. But while in Turkey it was just Ra and two advisors, one was beloved and trusted, the other was beloved but trusted in vain for they were a weak minded and greedy mortal that could be bought it seemed with only the suggestion of treasure.

Now, of course, Ra could handle a little salt, he still had the ability to eat food after all and though he had learned as time went on to stay away from too much, choosing other spices in its place, it was inevitable that he would have to eat it in moderation. The key here is in moderation, The Turkish Court had planned in advance their plans to take what Atum Ra had, learned some of the mistakes that had been made in the past entrapment of Ra and devised a plan to capture him once and for all. It would come to work, though few to this day know how, for the next 500 years.

The Court with the aide of the poorly trusted advisor, oversaw the slow ingestion of salt into Ra's diet until he slowly grew ill enough, sick enough that he was unable to transform into sand or raise a small breeze. It took planning and none that came to see to the Pharoah's health suspected the truth because, in fact, few knew the truth of what the Pharoah was, or at least those that did seem to have been dealt with in manners that they were unable to come to his aide. The trusted advisor was beheaded, the ill trusted advisor was rewarded in gold and silver and Atum Ra, was placed in a cell that was fitted with wards to keep him in place, most notably having the exterior walls laced with salt and a band of salt placed around the exterior of the walls so that even when Ra's strength returned, but was unable to leave his cell. They had learned, with the help of an unknown source how to entomb a Vasnir Pharoah. The Vasnir Pharoah.

As 1500 BC approached, Ra had become 'the thing in the cell.' Most had guarded 'IT' now for generations and attempts by his allies and fellow Vasnir to free him had long been abandoned, not because their Pharoah was abandoned, but because word had been sent that he had died and ashes sent in place of a body. The people of Egypt built Shrine after Shrine and Monument after Monument in the name of Atum Ra I and they mourned. Some still morn to this day. But Without his Love and Guidance, the Empire of Egypt fell back from it's growing Glory, the Quest of Turkey was abandoned, the Troops of Ra returning to Arabia, then slowly back to it's Eastern Edges and finally to Sinai and Egypt, Sudan and Lybia once again. By the time of 1500 BC, The Empire had moved into Ethiopia, but it would never be the size it had been again, and as Ra finally broke free of his tomb in 1400BC, there was little left and He traveled to a new Empire, in hopes to find a force to reclaim and rebuild what was lost. The new Empire was known as Mycenaeans, their civilization would become known as Ancient Greece.

Ra would spend the next 200 years among the Mycenaeans, occasionally returning to Egypt but because tensions had arisen in his homeland and because mortals had taken up the thrones of his sons, Ra remained primarily in Greece, and embracing the new ideologies, even fathering numerous children with many of the Greek women that he had embraced and some taken as wives in addition to those he had previously that remained. Ra perhaps regained some of that which he had lost, but it wasn't until the death of a boy Pharaoh that Ra would finally return for good to Egypt in 1323 BC. He would remain there until 30 BC, ruling as he had from the beginning with the exception of his Empire returning to the lands of Egypt, but it was the occupation of the Impris that would finally imprison Atum Ra I to the modern age.

Blood Magic, or really any form of the arcane can be a dangerous thing even when it is in the hands of those that truly mean no harm. Ra could not say that about the Impris and the Roman soldiers that would come to invade his lands. Yes, his lands were fertile and they grew many glorious crops, but while Ra had only taken what he needed, The Romans' and the Impris seemed to take just to take - it was the last time that Atum Ra I would recognize his homeland. They came in the night, but that should have been expected, with wards and with their spells. Ra turned to sand to attempt to escape, but in doing so he fell into what he could only say was a trap, suddenly a wind tunnel was formed and he in his sand form was trapped so he could not regain his solid state, then placed within a container, that moved in a constant rotation so that the grains of sand never stopped falling, never able to puddle long enough to escape the wind tunnel and the constant motion that seemed to trap Atum Ra I in a continual pattern if not a state of suspended animation.

He would soon find himself encased in a tomb unlike any other, wards and salt and all the devices known to contain used against him to keep him once and for all contained so that He and his people, the Vasnir would no longer rule Egypt or control the sands or the winds. And so it would remain until the year 1910, when Atum Ra was released, set free by who he does not know, nor by what, but it didn't matter His people remained in a depleted number, he was unable to find his Royal wife or any wife or concubine that had lovingly shared his bed, all seemingly gone to time. And just like sands in an hourglass, it seemed to have slipped through his hands.

Now it is 2017, Atum Ra I is lost and forgotten it seemed to time replaced with a more 'modern' form of himself in the name of Ahmad Haddad, Egyptologist. He still searches for his lost Queen and Court - hoping that one day Egypt will Rule once again.

Now, what is written there does not need to be considered set in stone. I am pretty open to ideas on how to proceed. If you are interested, you are welcome to PM me here and we can chat about it some more, please do not reply to this thread, also make sure you are okay with all aspects of the story as there are themes included in this that I am not going to outwardly name, but are very present in what is written so it's important to accept those as that thought would continue simply because of who he is.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and if you are interested or simply would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.