Satin Sheets ISO MxF (D/S, some incest, adultery possibly)

Started by AnnieSatin, January 19, 2020, 09:17:41 AM

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Hi ! So I haven't post one of these in a while but I have two ideas that I'm looking to explore with a talented writer. Your real gender makes no difference to me as long as you can write male.

The Mob's Mistress

So this story would take place in modern times. I was thinking a young girl is engaged to marry a police officer, the officer is arrogant and abusive and overall not a nice guy at all. She travels to New York City from her suburb to look at a venue for her wedding. Perhaps her car breaks down and she's stranded on the side of the road when he finds her. He is the son of a mafia type father, high ranking, important, italian. But something about her is overwhelming for him. While driving her to town the attraction is too much and they end up sleeping together. They both assume it's a one shot but he is addicted to her. She is torn between her duty to marry the cop and her growing desire and love for the bad boy. What happens then her fiancee founds out? How will the mob boss's son win her away?

His Nephews Bride

Medieval/Tudor/GoT can be any of the those settings.

The heir to a major house is getting married. He is sickly and weak, effeminate and enjoys more the company of men to women. None the less he is promised in marriage to the daughter of a minor house. Her father agreeing to the arrangement to boost his own homes standing. The bride has been sent a month ahead of the ceremony to meet the family and gain their approval. When she arrives they are all shocked. She is gorgeous, intelligent, cunning, but kind. Everything the heir's Uncle has always wanted. The Uncle spent his youth in war defending the kingdom and now as he approaches his 40's he is still unwed. When he meets the bride to be he finds it a waste that she is to be wed to his weak nephew. The two end up in an illicit affair. Will the bride still marry the heir? Will they be discovered? What if she ends up with child?

I am willing to play either story on discord or in the forums.

Hope to hear from you soon. :)