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September 22, 2023, 05:46:55 pm

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Author Topic: Ideas for stories F(sub) looking for M(dom)  (Read 661 times)

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Ideas for stories F(sub) looking for M(dom)
« on: January 12, 2020, 02:20:05 pm »
Hello, fellow roleplayers.

I thought it would be nice to look for some forum rp as well - so here it is.

I'm always open to discuss suggestions and/or new ideas, changes to all I've written below.
Some ideas posted at the end of my ad, please, take a look.

A few words to begin with:
I only play female characters of legal age (don’t even try asking for younger as it is against the rules and I hate these people) and I’m not interested in equal pairings. I’m looking for entirely dominant male characters only. (I don’t really mind if you are a female OOC as long as the character you portray is well written as a male.)

I’m open to many exotic races, but I don’t like playing with dwarves, goblins, gnomes, halflings and other small vermin as the main partner for my character. (I don’t mind if you want to use them in a storyline as a background crowd.)

I’m usually able to be online almost everyday with a few exceptions. I’d like similar to this...that being said I know real life (the beast!) happens, so I won’t haunt you if you are not available for a few days (For longer periods of time a notice would be very appreciated tho.)

What I'm looking for:

I would like to find someone to create a healthy mix of story and smut.

I'm looking for a strong willed, patient, dominant male character to create a story or stories/adventures. I'd appreciate relationship building story arc leading to some adventuring within the world chosen.
A perfect partner for me would be the one who welcomes defiant characters that needs to be kept in check often. (So no “one and done, you are trained forever”, please.)

Yes and No stuff:

You can check my O/O, but I’m happy to discuss more options and who knows… I may try something new with You.

Primarily I’m into more heavy, darker themes:

Enslavement, rough/violent treatment (same with a variety of sexual activities) non-con (rape), bondage, humiliation (as a part of training, punishment).
Heavy cases of claiming (in character only), collaring, tatoo of master’s coat of arms and so on (I may be open to branding...need to discussed).
I can play "a watcher/helper role” to aid the master in other relationship goals or lustful intentions.
Characters can be used and abused by side characters when it is permitted by the master/ owner.
My more “animal-like” characters can be cursed/changed to play a role of pet/companion only, their human side can be suppressed even more (ability to speak can be taken away, can be cursed into a pure animal form etc.)

But I need to point out, it doesn’t always have to be extreme stuff all the time. It may start rough, but my character may find much bigger variety of emotions for the other character. I love non-con, yet I’m more than willing to play mild style if the story is nice.

No vore, gore (mild blood themes are ok though), no permanent mutilation, no scat, vomit, watersports.

I know, there's not much stuff written, but that is because I'm an open minded individual and all of above can be discussed. I may go for even darker/unusual scenarios if discussed and played in an interesting way

Settings (existing Ips, original worlds):

Azeroth and beyond (World of Warcraft) you can see my ad in non-forum part (where I still hope to find people to roleplay ingame)

Star wars the old republic

The witcher world

Diablo universe


Real/modern world – I still like something supernatural in here

Some ideas:

A Bounty  (for Witcher )
My character (witch or even something shapeshifter-monster) was spotted roaming around villages, hunting for flesh and blood of people. She could be tracked and hunted as a bounty by a witcher, but tries to save her life with whatever it takes. Serving, pleasing, hunting for the One holding her life in His hands, who knows?

A Dragonslayer (for fantasy setting)
My character, an esteemed, efficient dragon hunteress, thinks about those scaly lizards only as a prey, to get gold and fame. She may encounter a dragon, who would like to show her otherwise. They may start rough, full of hostility, future may be different though.

A Demonic sigil (Diablo or fantasy or even real world)

My character stumbles upon a scroll/book of ancient chants and tries to re-create one of the rituals (for fun or maybe for serious purposes). She makes a mistake in the process, yet the entity she called doesn’t reveal this fact straight away. Instead faking servitude, this demon uses my character to create a nice spot for it in the chosen world, slowly turning the roles of master and humble servant.

The Hound of Abyss (real world, or we may find some other setting)
My character is a rather monstrous creature known as the hound of Abyss – “a guard dog”- for Hell/Underworld. She can transform into a human female as well and one day, the chain is broken/ left unlocked and she finds her way out, exploring this new world. She can still use a variety of rather nasty skills and spells, especially when hungry or angry or bored.
Two possibilities:
1/ She may meet someone (angel/demon) who would try to tame her rampage through the world, because He’s been living on the surface quite comfortably and doesn’t want the Beast of Hell making a mess.
2/ A high ranking demon/angel is sent to catch and punish her and –of course- taking/sending her back.
In both cases there is a very nice variety of possible outcomes, as they may experience a few adventures along the way  and perhaps after everything settles she can be then taken “for a walk” here and then.

All of those above can be changed, or we can talk about your ideas as well.

Thank you for reading!