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August 16, 2022, 12:12:19 pm

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Author Topic: Bloodrose - Vampiric - Historical/Fantasy/Modern (M looking for F)  (Read 645 times)

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((This is an ad for a long term rp set in England during the Wars of the Roses (15th century), and also in modern America. The story is one of revenge, love, loss and the intrigues of vampires. Elements of the plot, of your own character(s) and the circumstances in which they interact with mine are completely up for discussion, so if you're a fan of dominant, deep and dangerous vampires, please do read on...))

It is the cold month of March, 1461, and England is at war with itself. For years now, the two Roses, that of Lancaster, and that of York, have been set against each other, in a bitter fratricidal conflict that has seen the death of thousands, both of noble and common birth. Never before, not even in the days of the French Wars, has England known such continuous and desperate bloodshed. Not even the wisest scholars or most seasoned men-at-arms can see a way through to the eventual conclusion of the strife, very few hold out hope that the war will end soon, and yet very soon, Edward of York, mighty warrior and avenging son, will win a crushing victory on the bloodiest day in English history, amidst snows and rain, at a place called Towton.

However, this is not the only war being fought in England.

For centuries, manoeuvring with all the grace and elegance of spiders, a few families of ancient and uncertain origins have pulled at the strings of power in Europe. It was they who engineered the Black Death, to thin out the herd when suspicions grew. It was they who lent Aetius the men and money he needed to defeat Atilla and the Huns. They came with the Conqueror to England and spread the tendrils of their control across Albion, just has they had earlier done in France, in Italy, in the Holy Roman Empire...

They dealt in death, in power, and in blood most of all. And now they were at war.

None knew just who had struck the first blow that had started a Blood War, a thing almost entirely alien to the kindred of the night until that time. Yet it did not matter in the end, for very soon, conflicting interests, old grudges and fresh slights had erupted into violence, violence which did not need to be limited or concealed in order to maintain the masquerade, for after all, England had it's own great war to focus on. None would be the wiser. The Blood War continued as death stalked the land, but the kindreds slaughtered one-another like mortal cattle, bringing doom to those who had thought themselves invincible, new-blood was required, and where better to find it, than on the fields of war, where mighty warriors might lie in agony, looking for any escape from the cold grasp of death. Where better than Towton?

William de Gaillon was a young man in those days, barely in his middle-twenties, and yet already he had killed men, heard the screaming of women and children, and questioned why he still went to church in the cold village of Rothbury, Northumberland. Wars against the Scots had been the norm since his birth, and after his father's death, he had been taken into service as a retainer to the mighty Percy family, the Dukes of Northumberland, the Lords of the North. A career of raiding and burning Scottish border towns had seemed his fate, until the Great War had begun, and now he found himself at Towton. He did not know that today would be the day of his death, and of his rebirth.

The arrows of the Yorkist bowmen were invisible at first, for a blizzard blew across the land, enough so that the Lancastrian archers and footmen were unsure if their enemy had even made it to the field. They soon realised their error when the first shafts of ash fell among them, finding the gaps in armour; striking a man in the thigh, or neck, or groin. There was no hiding, no running, and blood pooled in the snowy ground of England's rich and fertile land.

Fire and death, the hiss of arrows and the wails of the dying. The excited champing of horses as men in metal suits ride down the fugitives. These were William's last sights as he clutched the arrow that had pierced his side. He had fought valiantly, and surely if Lord Percy himself had been there, he would have attested to the young lad's valour, for it had been in the act of raising his long-sword to deliver the deathblow to a Yorkist knight, that he had felt the shaft penetrate the mail beneath his armpit, one of the few weaker spots in his raiment, and punch right through to his heart. William de Gaillon had been a dead man the moment the arrow touched him.

He fell to the ground, sensation leaving his body, as he looked to the wintry sky and wondered whether he would be judged worthy of the heavenly paradise he had heard so much of. His vision blackened, and warmth embraced him....Then a sudden, sharp pain seemed to filter into his fading thoughts; a pain he was certain even in death, was not natural. Was it a bite? Ah, finally, darkness....

And then he awoke, surrounded by the dead and the dark of night, with no understanding of how he could still be alive.

"Come to me, William," a voice seemed to whisper on the wind, as he stood and looked about the stricken field. Now was the hour of his dark rebirth.

His role in the Great Game, in the Blood War, had just begun.

((Thanks for reading my introductory post! Let me tell you a little more about what exactly is going on here, and what I'm looking for! I'm looking for someone who wants to write an epic adventure of love and war in a world ruled by Vampire Clans. Think Underworld, or Interview with the Vampire, for inspirations here! If you're into history, that's ideal, but if not, it's perfectly fine! You're free to play pretty much whatever you want here, so don't feel restricted by the length of my intro :). Essentially, I will be playing William, once a young, chivalrous warrior from the far north of England, killed at Towton in 1461, and raised as a vampire by powers unknown. The story which follows will be up to us to decide! However, there are two points which I am very much settled on. Firstly, this will be a game of two halves. One part of the story will be set in Late Medieval England, as we explore William's rise to prominence within the dark and secretive families who control the Vampiric curse. Is YC a mighty noblewoman, or perhaps she too is a newblood? Perhaps they are enemies, from rival houses, but fall for one-another amid the carnage and emotion of battle. I'm open to all ideas here!

The other half of the tale takes place in the present. We are in the US, and William is as youthful, handsome and complex as ever, though with the added weight of nearly 600 years of undeath on his shoulders. He's here for vengeance, and for redemption, but why? Perhaps YC is a university student, a lover of European history and of old horror films, or maybe she's a vampire hunter, on the trail of a mysterious newcomer to the area. It'll be up to you to discover William's past and why he's in America, and perhaps you'll be seduced along the way? ;) It's all to play for, and I'm very much interested in hearing your thoughts, so don't hesitate to message me.

As for kinks, we can discuss them in private, but I'm pretty much open to anything that doesn't involve animals, underage characters or watersports. Talk to me about it and we can go over it together; trust me, I'm kinky, and so are my characters, so don't hesitate to let me know if there's something you'd like! I'm always open to writing kinks for my partners in return for them scratching my back in return! ;) ))