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April 15, 2021, 09:50:59 pm

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Author Topic: Supernatural, monsters and sci-fi smut [F for M]  (Read 747 times)

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Online RayneTopic starter

Supernatural, monsters and sci-fi smut [F for M]
« on: December 22, 2019, 06:16:04 pm »
I've been on a bit of a hiatus but I'm back once again and with a few strong cravings I would love to indulge.


Roleplay 'Tone' or what I am looking for beyond the plot:
I enjoy dom/ sub relationships, but of course those relationships can take many flavors. I like both very light and fluffy relationships, very dark and erotically painful torment, and something in between. I can be into playing a brat, an innocent naive sub in need of training, a stubborn ice queen in need of breaking, or some other flair. I do not love humiliation as part of play and that's really the one big one I am not into, but I love controlling doms, reward/ punishment, and master/pet types of relationships. The shorter a story is, the harder I can go on darker elements, and the longer and more sustainable, usually the more romantically inclined I am. I've had a bit of a painplay streak lately, so also into that.

My plots do ere heavily towards smut. I'd say the plots are at least 70% smut to 30% story.

 2-5 paragraphs. No one liners please. I average between 400-800 words but my partners do not have to match me. However, I definitely need something to reply to.

For all rps this kink list applies, it is a little different than my norm so this overwrites my normal on/off thread:
- Tentacles
- Heat
- Heavy bondage and restraint
- Possibly oviposition
- Hypnotism/ drugs and other mind / body alteration
- Open to playing with pain play - sharp sensation, nipple/clit piercing, bruising force and manhandling
- bestiality
- Toys/ machines
- MC as a neko, kitsune or nymph
- YC as a demon, werewolf or vampire

Offs that still apply:
-Heavily degrading dirty talk
- Scat, vore, gore etc

The Torture Island (Originally created by TheEnglishMaster)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You can view the original plot here. This was my favorite rp I've done in a while and I would love to run it again. The exploration of pain, submission, and dark desires on an island where master and slave roles have been embraced by those who choose to visit this place. Everything about it should be non-con, but it isn't.

The Alpha Claims All
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Content: Exotic Bondage to Extreme

Scenario: In this RP your character will play the alpha of an anthro or werewolf clan. They can be modern and located in a city, or more primordial and live in the wild. Either way, they have a tradition that when a female experiences her first sexual heat that the alpha is given first rights with her, and gets to have her for the night (or the length of that first heat if we want longer). My female has been a late bloomer. Where other females experience heat in their late teens, she is several years older when it finally happens. But the wait was certainly worth it.

Setting: Either modern city or more feral clan out in the wilds.

Requirements: I would love it to be rough but passionate, bondage maybe but definitely a bit of 'throw her down and take her hard' sort of passion between them. Not abusive, just intense.

Other info: This appearance earns brownie points, but happy with others as well.

The Haunted Mansion
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Every town has that house, the one they tell stories about. The house where things go bump in the night, somebody was killed years ago, or the owner never shows his face and just seems strange. Well, in this town, the mansion on the hill has been dark and shuttered for years. Weeds grow with abandon, and nobody dares enter. However, the tales that do drift out of that house are a little unusual from the normal lot... stories of a ghost that likes to grope and tease any woman that enters the house, or the room in the basement filled not with torture devices persay... but old time items of bondage and pleasure. One story tells of an old doctor from the 1800s that used to live there, who worked to cure female 'hysteria' back when the solution was bringing them to orgasm. Yes, very strange stories indeed... but are any true? My character decides one night on a dare to go up there and find out.

The roleplays below can be a one shot or a longer game. They're fairly simplistic outlines so happy to brainstorm together.


1. Her and her friends are out camping in the woods. When she wanders away too far from the others, she is captured by aliens and played with. Old rp for a sample.

Lab experiment
1. My character is a bright young scientist or a desperate down on her luck graduate who applies to work at a lab engaged in some advanced biology or chemistry experimentation. However, when she arrives she finds out that things are not as expected and she is now the experiment herself.

2. My character is a young college co-ed exploring an area that is very clearly marked with no trespassing signs. Soon enough, she finds out why when she and her friends are captured by a military lab and subjected to sexual experiments and mind altering drugs.

Tentacles on the Doorstep - A dropped rp with FurredMonster, looking to pick it up again.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide This is the thread in question.
Basically my character lives alone in the woods, kind of reclusive, and just went through a big break up. Then a tentacle monster shows up on her doorstep, in trouble. Except it is just a little one, for now. What is it like to care for a tentacle monster as a companion? We've seen the story where they're the big scary monster, but what about one with love and affection?


1. Forsworn Vengance - Noncon/dubcon/ bondage/ violence
In this rp my adventurer has just helped to deal with some forsworn camps in the reach. Returning to Markarth for the night she thinks that she is safe sleeping in the inn. However, she wakes up in the middle of the night to find that she has been taken captive- and the forsworn plan to make her pay for her actions.

2. The Daedric Gift  - magic/ coercion / aphrodiacs
This can go many ways, but long story short we would set up some sort of scene where my adventurer would fall prey to a daedra that would desire to use her for their whims and pleasure. It could be Malog Bolg ensnaring her in a trap and tormenting and teasing her until she submits, using mind control, manipulation and teasing to dominate her, , or Sanguine luring her into an illusion and a glade for a night of debauch revelry, or it could be Diabella that courts her with with unnatural arousal and drives her into a heat for a ritual.

3. What lurks in the deep-  monsters/ dubcon/ dominance-force-primal sex
My adventurer gets cocky and delves too deep into a dungeon, where she encounters a monster beyond her strength. This could be a tentacle creature, a werewolf, minotaur, or other beast that overpowers her and decides that instead of killing her it wants to use her for pleasure.

To Save a Kingdom (Zelda x Ganondorf Rp = beauty and the beast spin)

Time and time again, throughout history, Zelda and Ganondorf have opposed each other. It is destiny that they stand opposite each other in hatred, each wishing to defeat the other.
Except this time... something different happens. When Ganondorf maneuvers to overthrown the crown he does not slaughter the royal family, nor destroy most of hyrule. This time, he simply gains power by forcing a marriage between himself and the princess. Peace will continue to reign- as long as she just accepts his hand in marriage. And so she does, at first with anger and hate... but... maybe that will change over time?

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Online RayneTopic starter

Re: Skyrim / Zelda/ Monsters take your pick [F for M]
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2019, 11:50:03 am »
Added in some new cravings, got my fill of skyrim. Would love to see if there's interest in the haunted mansion or alpha stories.

Online RayneTopic starter

Re: Monsters and Ghosts oh my [F for M]
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2020, 09:40:26 pm »
Added some additions, looking for 1 or 2 more tales. Really craving alpha claims all , and maybe the lab experiment plots.

Offline Anish Joshi

Re: Supernatural, monsters and sci-fi smut [F for M]
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2020, 09:23:58 pm »
Hey, interested in Alpha claims all and The torture island. Would love to do the scene. Waiting for your reply. :)