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April 14, 2021, 11:12:32 am

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Author Topic: Companion Laws (M looking for F)  (Read 243 times)

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Companion Laws (M looking for F)
« on: December 17, 2019, 05:34:05 am »

I'm looking to play the character Noah Rycor, on the planet of Arathian.  A homebrew planet that is similar to Earth but filled with lots of fantasy races, technologically they are a bit further along than Earth.  A blending of magic and technology persists throughout the world.

General Kink Lists: Master/Pet, Breeding, Public, Companion Laws, Slice of Life, Modern-Fantasy, Incest, Robot/Android

Character Name: Noah Rycor
Current Occupation: Writer
Former Occupation: Republican Army Recon
Age: 32
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Unique Feature: Cybernetic Left Hand

History: Throughout the ages the planet of Arathian has been the target of invaders, demonic forces that play the systems through the use of portal magic/technologies.  They came long ago when the planet was young, but the ancient dragons defeated them.  However, recently they returned, yet when they did they did not expect the planet to have advanced.

1st Demonic War 2650 to 2665: The first recorded Demonic War started on 12 April 2650, despite the advancements in military and magical technology it wasn't a quick or bloodless war. Without the protections of the ancient dragons the moral races had to fight off the invading hordes across all fronts with Magic, Tanks, Bombs, Jets, and Small Arms by themselves. Noah Rycor was a special forces Captain during the final 3 years of this prolonged engagement.

Companions: During the War the mortal races of Arathian were pushed back and thousands of fighters quickly.  It was the quick thinking of the Techno-Magi to create artificial warriors, a modern interpretation of the golem.  Mostly robotic the first warriors were crude metallic machines of war.  However, as the fighting drew on the technology advanced and more humanoid like androids were created.  Eventually they appeared life like to all but the untrained eye.  As the war ended the golems were shut down, decommissioned and scrapped.

The post recovery period however uncovered a grave concern, so many were lost during the war that the planets population was critically low.  A solution was proposed, allowing the golem technology to be modified to support the creation of life.  Thus the Companions were created.  Various different companies offer different models for all potential buyers.  Companion can be ordered to look and sound however a client desires and they can act as just like assistants, or also as lovers.  Each Companion has the capacity to learn and adapt.  Female Companions can be equipped with reproductive systems that have a 25% success rate of creating life, however birth is done in a external tank system.

Companion Laws:

Companions are property of their Owners unless transferred or decomissioned

Companions may be dressed in any manner desired by their Owners, even no clothing.

Companions without a golden collar or chain may not communicate with anyone aside from their owners.  (The golden chain is a reward system, when a Companion properly serves their Owner they may be given more liberties such as shopping on their own, visiting libraries, etc.  However without a golden collar no citizen or other Companion will engage with them.)

Owners may engage in sexual activities with their Companions wherever and whenever they desire for the purposes of reproduction.  If for the purpose of pleasure Owners must use discretion to avoid unnecessary public disruption.

Thank You for taking the time to read through this, let me know in either messages or posts below if you have any additional questions.