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September 27, 2021, 02:20:11 pm

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Author Topic: Futuristic Elves (Not Sci-Fi)  (Read 480 times)

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Futuristic Elves (Not Sci-Fi)
« on: December 15, 2019, 10:18:50 pm »
Forests were far too few and far too fallen, illegal for the democratic too truly appreciate what the world could be without a forest or a river. The elvenkin are not too imaginative to wear heavenly wear and to wear underwear but too wear slutswear. They might have been so very imaginative in power to pursue with daughters over sons but what elven kin could be sons but the truest of them all were to be them all with daughters that could be all except sons.      but what elven kin could be daughters that could be rivers, an actual elven body to the Three. Very few of us could ever know what is to be known about slutswear or should be known about heavenily wear or what will be known about imaginative wear. Underwear should be on all girls and that is the definition toward of all kin but what is to be known about the definition too of all women to Iocaio. The Queenable and the inner circle are the truest owners of the dance and truly able to own the dance. They were the only ones who could be kind or even graceful in dance with ever so many of the lessers being voracious. Food was wasted in the past but not wasted in the future and they were at the least a style that was too wish to feast instead of to drink or to gnaw. To gnaw is incorrect but what a kind system of a woman's infected secretion virginal famine it was that it should grace Venus.

So very few of the actual fauna could indicate what deathwoht actually was, and so very many of the actual few fauna were induced with the plague deathwoht. The people of the sun and the daughters of the river could not truly know by the kin what was researched within the source water. Waterfalls were so very beautiful that they were known as rivers among women to the women of the people to the people of the democratic. The passion of heavenly wear inspired the democratic people of combined forests to create synthetic clothing stripped from worn toys that are worn in mandatory wear soaked with woman's cum. Wearing allowed the Church of Sister's to create the Church of Sister Evil in the honor of Evil to the Sister lightning slave. For the water of mother that was always a breath of water that was induced by Sister and was given by Evil by the Mother of Kin and the hourglass of the Five.

Of the actual kin of the actual rivers of the actual life were so very few of the actual fauna that they were slaves to the sky. The actual sky-life flew with such volitation that they were retarded in the sky and barely cared at all about it.

Lightning is such a slave that too many of people were actually given belief and retain of the eating of a corrupted cum of the corrupted cum to the corrupted vagina from the corrupted secretion of the actual religion of women     
Many trees were enchanted in vinery and silk alcohol stained laundry, women and wine covered land was the lengthside of the earthern floor. Incestual familie were and are commonplace and the Queen ship was expected to persevere time tested wines and time tested waters so that the entire land could be soaked in nothing but gravel. What's earthern about gravel was kind to footprints of lessers, women and friend alike so what a greater delight a kind world was when it was mostly invaded, tested and sexed by the best. The Queen ship enforced mandatory toy wearing on heavenly wear and the wear of five daughters of five mandatory wear of female cum. The female cum wearing season of women of five hourglasses on breast were pierced to Evil's breast on her clasp of her tit of her milk of her dance to her clit in October.

The oldest and the ageless would be the only ones who would know in Fall the true secret of Fall that the Slave died in Fall. The rumor of Fall is that the first Sister died in ceremony in Fall. Fall was the only season that the elders could attribute to lightning in any way, since the first strike of Lightning was found in Fall. The third born child was born in Fall, the second born was born in Spring and no one knows when the Firstborn was. The Queen and Mother is the oldest birth of Winter and the only Queenable to bare an heir in Fall. The Queenable is able to be carried by the waters of many with the waters of the elvenkin of the rivers of the corrupted finalized cum of women of lessers that bare fruit by inlets of vaginal entrances bare before all in ceremony.

Women were ageless and far few from the Three but too many were kin so far too few were used to the rules of the society and of the complex society of the actual society of the meta society. Power, Evil and Strategy: Three titles for three Princes that were earned hundreds of years ago but hundreds apart if knowledge was trusted. Women were onlookers to all three hardly dancing without Evil or earning without Strategy. Water and wine was common, fruit was sparse and religion was old yet chaotic for so many who took too long to read. Pleasure given is turned to by the many too often by the least so often by the most that the most required alcohol, drugs and common degenerate for the likes of the degenerate. Movement and climb, dance and berry all partied together with too many occasional trips to make most out of limb and a dexterous body of a beautiful kin. Loss was common and unbeknownst to few but so many and the actual rate of potential causes so many to withdraw and rot into ourselves, themselves and others influence and carnal pleasure into and unto and fromto loss of a reflection.

Kindness and sadness were common emotions throughout many places but truly sparse and withheld to three but four kin of so little sands of so little glass that filled one but five hourglass in the center of village. To what extent do they actually survive because do they survive together or do they survive past in an another's river or do they survive within each an another to vanity glass of winner or other or can they actually touch another in bed? None have been seen to actually gift another with a grace beyond a kiss and Evil would say to the least of them that they actually give no shits about each other or shits about their mother who actually raped them all but the truth was she actually raped them the least and the land the most because the land was the only place she could live in and exit from so no one could say she actually could exit the land at all. Evil is essentially the weakest of the Three but essentially the center of the meta, of the dancers and the common society.

Technically Evil was the greatest weapon of all of well, one place but strategy was the greatest peace of all places. Peace was the greatest weapon of all and technically the strongest force of Strategy. War is his driving force behind all but peace was gifted to him by others throughout the land. Conversation was gifted to him by his siblings within all: Power gave him the the gift of a voice and Evil gave him the curse of a song. War was gifted to him by his Mother and Peace was gifted to him by his subordinates. War was gifted to him by his eldest while love was given to him by his youngest which gifted him victory of the death of War. The death of war was gifted to him by the death of his song and the death of his first choice gifted him with the death of his seventh choice which gifted him with a voice that was not unlike any other voice. Strategy was the only actual person to give to himself one last thing: his only song.

Succeeding Power is the true ownership of all women and the true ownership of the Sisterhood. Succeeding the Sisterhood is the Sisterhood of the cum corruption of elvenkin of all time. The three societies broke down and owned by the five quarters of the five cities of the six dominion cities of the one of the truest cities of female cum mandating mandatory wear and the kindest city. The actual city was owned by the actual truth of the actual spherical structural grace of the actual city of the actual meta-city of the truth of the meta-society of the Lesser Sisterhood. The Lesser Sisterhood was allowed to be known by all women as the center of Power and by the people of Dignation as the evil of the Sisterhood. The people of all peoples of one true people of the elvenkin of the kin of all people of the one true people of the lesbian Church. The one Sisterhood of the one Church of the one true Power of the true Church. Toward the one grace of the one true Sisterhood Church of the one corrupted finalized cum of the one true evil which is his sister Atamethia the one true lesbian who could never be named by any man except her mother and father.

To be continued, as usual.
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