Escaping the Cult (M for F, BON/NC)

Started by Painless, December 15, 2019, 12:53:18 PM

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YC was raised in a cult compound from birth. She was raised to be completely subservient to men (not that she's ever even seen a man aside from the cult leader) and has lived her life surrounded by women, completely ignorant of sex. She is similarly kept ignorant of technology and the world in general. She is raised for the day she turns 18 and becomes a woman, at which point the leader will take her as another of his many wives.

But on her 18th birthday, everything changes. A SWAT team raids the compound, as the leader's sick practices and years of abuse have finally been exposed to the outside world. They take him and almost all the other members into custody, except for YC, who manages to flee. She runs away on foot and makes it a good distance away, until, when crossing the road, she's nearly hit by a car, driven by MC.

After hearing the basics of her story, he decides to take her in and give her a place to stay, at least until she can get into contact with a shelter. But once he does, he finds just how brainwashed she has been. And he starts to appreciate her behavior to the point where he doesn't want to give her up.

Some themes I'd like the explore:
-Exploitation: The cult has kept her completely naive, to the point where MC can push her into a lot of sexual things without her really understanding that he's using her for his own pleasure.
-Sexual punishment: The cult may have kept her away from sexual pleasure, but sexual pain was a different story. Spanking, whipping, clamps, ice, crotch ropes. She'll start punishing herself for any impure thoughts, and insist MC do the same.
-Slutty outfits/enforced nudity: On her 18th birthday, she officially became a woman, and so the cult leader always told her she'd be expected to dress like one, always available for his eyes and hands.
-Sexism: The cult leader always framed her lot in life as women being subservient to men, and while his only goal was to keep the cult members subservient to him personally, YC feels equally subservient to MC

As for who MC is, that's up for discussion.

Option 1: Long haul trucker
After nearly hitting her with his truck, he decides to take her in, intending to contact the authorities at the next stop. But once he sees how nice she is to have around, he decides to wait until the next big city, and eventually chooses to keep her around indefinitely

Option 2: Isolated Writer
MC wrote a well received book, and has rented a cabin in the middle of nowhere to write a sequel in peace. When YC crosses his path, he thinks she might just be the muse he's been looking for. For an added twist, maybe the first book he wrote was a 50 Shade of Grey type novel, and he's looking for inspiration for the much kinkier sequel his publishers have demanded. How fortunate that a subservient woman who doesn't realize how kinky she is has suddenly stumbled into his lap.

More ideas to come as I think of them.

As always, this thread is just a jumping-off point, so if you've got a different take on the idea, please feel free to PM me and let's discuss it.