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August 20, 2022, 12:12:02 am

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Author Topic: A Cursed Existence (FxM)  (Read 520 times)

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A Cursed Existence (FxM)
« on: December 13, 2019, 03:43:50 pm »
High fantasy/Siblings-twins/ Story heavy.

Magic is finite. It cannot be created from nothing but must always be taken from what already exists. For this reason families who were gifted with magic in the days before the war grasp onto it tightly. Families either have the spark die out by sharing it with all of their offspring, or the families who focus entirely on keeping that spark of magic pure and undiluted. This is done through arranged marriages and a strict limit on the number of children born to any couple.
That brings us to one of the most powerful mage families ever to walk the earth, generation upon generation marrying to keep the magic bright and strong. The Malden family is known world wide for their finesse, using both knowledge and raw talent to achieve things previously thought impossible.
Yet the family holds a secret. They were cursed with twins. In these cases the weakest usually dies in the womb of shortly after birth since the strongest will consume the anomaly magic. These weaker twins are simply called anomalies, for they seem to live on magic alone. If they were to loose their magic, their loves are forfeit. In those that live this means a life of pain, constant illness and weakness. It is believed that these children have no quality of life..thus they are often sacrificed if they live to the age where they can freely give their magic to their stronger sibling. While the loss of a child is heartbreaking, some families take comfort in knowing a part of their child lives on in their surviving offspring.
When the two Malden twins were born, the strong child was obvious. Screaming and crying in anger at being pulled into the bright loud world. Yet..the youngest girl came into the world silent, tiny and as delicate as a flower. The debate immediately became if they would stick the weak girl out into the snow and let nature take its course, or if they would permit her life. The debate lasted weeks, while the eldest grew stronger, the younger seemed to be stable. Even if her life were as fragile as a candle flame, none who looked into her beautiful amethyst eyes could condemn her.
As the years passed she had her ups and downs, yet ultimately she grew stronger. And people quickly realized why these anomalies were killed off young. There was something other worldly about her, something no mere human could ever realize. A kindness and gentleness that could break through the toughest of critics, that endeared strangers to her almost immediately.
But..when it was just her and her brother..the truth often came tumbling from her lips. Begging him to go through with the ceremony, to prove that she bad a use in this world. To end her pain..her suffering once and for all. He was the only one who knew the true toll of her existence on her body. She often said it felt as if her soul were ripping apart her flesh to strengthen his magic.
But how does a brother who had come to adore and cherish..even love his other half, even begin to think he could end her life? In the end..her blood would end up on his hands. And he knew she would die with a smile on her lips, thanking him.