Wanted: My Dream Villainess! (F/F, F/Futa)

Started by Subkitty, December 13, 2019, 05:07:33 AM

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A chance encounter with the villainess of my dreams...

I’m looking for new and original seductive, sex-obsessed villainesses to go up against my one of my original heroines.

You’ve always been a low-level thug of sorts, but you have just the right power for my heretofore unknown weakness...


We could be strangers, or maybe you’ve been obsessed with me for a long time.  The plots could be straightforward scripts, or a randomized dice-roll style struggle (very simple, a lot of fun!)

Villainesses should have 0-2 powers, with a focus on sex (seductive pheromones as opposed to lightning-based powers, for example).  A villainess with 0 powers would presumably be using information, blackmail, etc.  A villainess should have a specific ‘main’ kink.

Looking for:

Body type (one or more of these): as curvy as possible, long legs, older, futa, furry, muscular, big lips, exaggerated curves, tall, real reference pics preferred (negotiable)

Example powers:

Intoxicating kisses, magnetic ass, hypnotic feet, aphrodisiac sweat, suggestive language, orgasmic touch... let me know your craziest ideas!

Not a fan of:

on-site sex (beds preferred instead of desks, on the floor, in a dungeon or prison, etc.), knockouts, violence (wrestling is welcome), threats of violence, underage, straightforward (predictable) BDSM


Sexual threats (‘I’m going to turn you into a lesbian...’, body worship, forced prostitution, forced marriage, wrestling, sexual exhaustion, smothering...

I’m willing to hear anything out, so please let me know!

Looking forward to going up against you ;)