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June 29, 2022, 06:09:20 pm

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Author Topic: A Craving for Country (M seeking F) PLEASE INQUIRE BY PM ONLY  (Read 607 times)

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A Craving for Country (M seeking F) PLEASE INQUIRE BY PM ONLY
« on: December 08, 2019, 11:29:45 pm »
A Craving for Country

For as long as I have been roleplaying, I've had an affinity for country scenes:  Early Americana, farms, ranches, wagon trains, cowboys, bandits, stage coaches and early railroad, mail order brides, characters leaving the land and coming back, country estates, country cousins, both US and European, you name it. But I've had very few chances to indulge that craving, and fewer that lasted very long at all.  Still I have a lot of country ideas available, so I thought I'd start putting them in one place.  So here goes.

If you have interest in an idea I post here, or have questions, please PM me.

Please also look at my O/Os and at least a couple of posts of my writing first.

Please do not post on this thread.

In all cases I will write only on forum here, and my character will be a heterosexual male.

In all cases, I shall be looking for a Lady or Dame of compatible style, detail orientation, O/Os and interests to play a female character or characters.  For romance or sexual stories, I am not a rainbow writer.

My posts tend to be three to eight detailed paragraphs complete with setting, character backgrounds and emotions.  For most of these stories, I'm looking for 70 to 80% story.  My response time is currently 1-4 days, and not likely to drift above 1-7 days unless I am drawn away by real life.  In that case I shall notify partners in my signature, or by PM if it gets as long as two weeks.  My writing status will always be shown in my signature (I do not have an A/A thread).  I’m flexible on partner response time and length, though I may well start to lose interest if posts are consistently short, lacking in detail or take more that three weeks for response. 

Any story idea I post here is flexible and quite open to different interpretations by potential partners.  As long as the overall story idea is maintained, I am quite open to negotiations on all else.  While the picture included is always the source of the idea, my partners are free to us photographs of their own choosing.

Should one be interested, but not in the specific idea(s) presented here, I also have a huge number of story ideas contained in my O/Os thread.

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Hello City Boy - In Play
Hello City Boy (available)
(PBP, Light - BON, Human Solo M/F, Freeform, Contemporary U.S. Appalachia)

There's a dynamic here that's always intrigued me.  It could be as simple as a city guy spending some time in the country relatives farm and clicking with his country cousin.  But I see it as more of a culture clash than that.  Maybe this is in Appalachia, a small town depressed by loss of jobs, and suspicious of outsiders.  And he a northerner with the Bureau of Land Management or the National Forest Service, sent there to explore possibilities for rejuvination of the forestry or mining business, but met with nothing but suspicion from everyone … almost.

In any group, there are always outliers, those who don't march to the same drummer, and exist on the verges because of that.  Maybe she's a spinster by local definition or a woman widowed early.  But whoever she is, and however they meet, she sees something different in the newcomer than the others see, and is maybe not at all shy about expressing her interest the northern newcomer.  Maybe she helps him navigate the backwaters of  local perceptions.  Perhaps she sees him as an out, and he sees her as a friendly face in the midst of a crowd.

I think it would be interesting to explore such a dynamic, and the relationship that grows out of it … assuming that a brave soul can be found to portray a not at all shy country girl, who has her own reasons for helping out a stranger, and doesn't care what others think.. 

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The Farmer's Sister (available)
(PBP, Light, Human Solo M/F, Freeform, 20th Century, Country)

This one is somewhat like the one below, but then not really much like it at all.  She is the farmer's sister or cousin or maybe the sister or cousin of the farmer's wife.  Maybe she's a widow, or divorcee, or even a spinster.  It's just her, with no children.  She'd been away for a long time, quite possibly living in the city, or maybe she was always in the city.  But she needed to get away from where she was, to someplace simpler and more nurturing.

Now, unlike the next idea, she's not a spring chicken fresh out of college and sizzling all over.  She's a good looking woman, likely in her mid to late thirties.  Maybe she has a biological clock ticking in her ear, maybe not. But she needs a new life, a geographic fix.  So she's (back) on the farm and looking to stay.  She'll be welcome there as long as she wants.  What family doesn't need a resident auntie to form a mutual admiration society with the kids?  She isn't necessarily looking for a man, or maybe she is.  But she meets one. 

It could be that he's an older man, or younger, or just her age.  Maybe he works on the farm, or he's a neighboring farmer.  Or perhaps he runs the grocery store or drugstore in the nearest small town.  He's likely a lonely man, single for one reason or another, but also old enough to appreciate a woman still in the prime of her life. 

Maybe it's a slow burn romance, or maybe it's a bonfire.  There's no telling how loudly the clock is ticking or if she's even listening.  And maybe that changes when they meet, or maybe it doesn't.

There's really only one way to tell … but I see it as an unabashed romance, in which case there will be a happy ending. ;)  And maybe it will be one of those Black Lace stories as well (or would have been).

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The Rancher's Daughter (available)
(PBP, Light - BON, Human Solo M/F, Freeform, Contemporary U.S. farmland, One-Shot )

This is hardly the most unique of ideas.  But, in truth, it's something I've never managed to play even though I've written more than my share of ranch and farm stories.  So it's unique to me. ;D

She is the rancher's daughter, home from college for the summer (or for good).  He's one of the hands.  He could be near her age, or quite noticeably older.  He's new to the ranch since her last time home, and he piques her interest.  She may well have piqued his interest, or he might think that she was a poor little rich girl who's picked up citified ways.

In any case, messing around with the rancher's daughter is not the kind of thing one does to assure longevity in his position.  So there are all kinds of ways this story could go, depending on the preferences of the Lady.  And I'm sure that any one of them would be fun.
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