War of the Worlds(ish)

Started by IndoWriter, December 06, 2019, 02:35:36 PM

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No one could be sure where it started for sure, but many theorize Astrologists had some forewarning of what was to come. Rumors ran rampant of recordings from months and months back; heavy descriptions of stars being blotted out by a massive object, leagues away from the planet in the blackness of space. Whether it's approach was dismissed as a path that would only breeze past the planet or a collection of Kingdoms forbid their Astronomers from saying anything in some ill-fated attempt to prevent mass panic in a world tied together by the thin thread of peace...all of it mattered little. Time was all it took for the object--the perfectly shaped  mass of obsidian rock to finally come within view of the world and do the unpredictable. It slowed into orbit, in a path that was not only slow enough to avoid collision with the other two moons but far enough away to have no drastic effect on gravity. Species of all sorts looked to the new sky in wondrous fear, uncertainty keeping their wide eyes glued to the ginormous shape from beyond…

The world called it the Black Moon.

And that was all anyone could say.

Wizards, Sorcerers, Priests, and Knowledge-Keepers of many species studied it tirelessly for an answer. The Children of the Pantheon--a small group of Demigods, some blessed with the Ethereal knowledge of all the Greek Pantheon and the mortal way of life on the planet--were summoned for a solution to the unsettling nature of this particular problem. The only answer was that there was no answer--such an object had been born beyond the eyes of Zeus or the farthest anyone had seen of the universe from a Telescope. Such a small conclusion brewed calm panic throughout the globe, filling daily life with worried talk about what was up in the sky gazing down upon their heads and casting literal shadows upon their lives. But even panic has a lifespan, and this kind was not destined to be long-lived. The more the Black Moon just hovered in the horizon and did nothing, the more species of all sorts lost their fear and suspicion. The gigantic shape--this otherworldly sphere that glinted strangely in the sunlight and circled the globe like a hungry shark--was soon forgotten by civilizations. The Black Moon was but a harmless thing.

A month passed before the storms came, like any other rainstorm. They were born in the night and died off swiftly by sunrise, bringing a strange silence with it. No one paid attention to the fact that this night in particular was the first time in recorded history that a rainstorm was present over nearly every inch of landmass and yet, every cloud born that night vanished in mere hours. No one paid attention to the eeriness...how not a bird of any sort sang their morning song and how wildlife seemed to vanish, as though preemptively fleeing a yet to be seen threat. Very few woke up in the morning thinking, how strange it was, that lightning struck the same exact spot throughout the entire night. Many discovered the lightning made holes in the middle of their kingdoms and towns, perfectly circular. Not many survived the sudden surfacing of the beasts.

Three-legged beasts born of otherworldly metal and energy, their strong tentacle-like appendages standing them taller than even Great Hydras, and Giants and the towering Castles of S'Haeltir, capital of the Elven kingdoms. Beasts that could shake the very core of Hades himself with their roars-- horrible baritone screeching worse than the songs of Banshees, vibrating the very bones of the people who heard it and plunge fear through their very hearts. Singular eyes, like Cyclops, glowed with blinding light that knew no places--no seas, no buildings, no towns or castles--that one could hide from their sight, for their eyes had foreign ways of seeking no eye on the planet could. Invisible armor set around the beasts that could not be pierced by any force, of mortals or of the gods, ignoring attacks from all the weapons any dared to throw at it. But the fire...

The fires were the worst.

Speedy, terrifying beams of otherworldly flame blasted from their smaller tentacles with fury beyond comprehension. Fire that blazed hotter than Tarturus  itself and blinded the eyes of those foolish enough to look. Fire that did more than burn and did more than kill, but destroyed the things it touched. In one fell blast of their concentrated fire, mortals and immortals alike were corroded into dust down to their last atom and left not but their own clothes as any sign that they ever existed to begin with. No object nor being on the planet survived direct hits from the fire of the metal beasts: Men exploded, Elves crumbled, Orcs and Goblins became crisps, Nagas evaporated,The Fae became the very air they flew through, Wizards witnessed their own magic dying before they too were taken from life and Dragons were turned into great black clouds that roamed charred earth. Even Demigods, with all their gifted strength and power against odds and does that seemed impossible yet we're easily defeated, were no better off than the mortal and immortal creatures caught in the crosshairs of these beings. They too became dust.

Wars were waged separately, no amount of killing and destroyed kingdoms had yet to unite species beyond their fragile peace. But war dissolved quickly, soon transforming into survival and weak hope. Entire forests have been burned into desserts. Seas boiled into deep caverns. Towns abandoned for the ghosts of those slain. Landscapes drowned in bloody weeds; cruel plants sprayed about by the demons from above for reasons unknown. Wizards and Users of Magic no longer tried to fight the threat, but instead used their magic to keep the threats at barriers away from human kingdoms for as long as their strength can afford. Elves are started from their kingdoms, forced into the world beyond their castle walls to try and survive one more day. Orcs have become a scarcity, while Goblins, Hydras, and Cyclops have all gone extinct. Driders, Centaurs and Satyrs were forced to civilizations of others, far from the worlds of nature they once knew. Beastfolk hid underground.  Nagas and Fae peoples became nomads, searching the Planet for a place that could never exist--a paradise beyond the touch of the three-legged incarnations of death. Unicorns, Pegasi and their Alicorn leaders formed stronger alliances with human kingdoms just for a place to live. Rumors are divided with remaining species, the strongest ones. People either believe that Dragons, Giants, and Demigods are extinct too, or there are only less than ten or so left of each in the entire world.

Though life was able to continue somewhat with the ability to barrier the beasts back, it was only ever a temporary means to an end. The metal beasts-- the accursed spawn of Cthulu or whatever horrors leered from the darkness of space--continued to thrive as the species of the world they were slowly but surely conquering kept dying.

Will the tides of this "War" change, or will this new world soon conquer the other?

Hello! Indowriter here!

So yeah, as I'm sure you've come to realise by reading the title, this little thing I'm proposing is a War of the Worlds roleplay! Well, not precisely that--think of this roleplay as more of a War of The Worlds meets World of Warcraft/Lord of the Rings kinda thing. For the former, I'll be taking inspiration from the 2005 one, as well as the book.

What I'm looking for is a Literate or Novella level partner willing to do some world building concerning our two characters in a world that is slowly dying because of something we can't comprehend--even as strong as we may be. Maybe one of us is traveling somewhere important, having found a solution to the threat (bacteria or otherwise) and the other is just trying survive to the next day and is unlucky enough to cross paths with the other? Or maybe they're both from nearly extinct species that are forced to work together to survive aliens, despite each species having a strong hatred for the other? Or maybe you want some plot where an Alien soldier ends up stranded and has to appeal to one of the species for aid? The possibilities aren't endless, but they are plentiful.

While this isn't going to be very smutty, romance can be a factor if you don't want friendship stuff--in which case I'm only open to M/F and F/F or F/NB. What species you choose is entirely up to you, even if I said they're extinct or something! If there's a species you want to play that I haven't listed, just ask if you want to play it!

PM me for thoughts and questions!