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October 01, 2020, 10:42:21 AM

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Author Topic: (closed)'A guy and his slave'-A crude idea written fantastically.Adventure/FxM  (Read 268 times)

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Offline TiaanTopic starter

NB Writer gender isn't an issue for me, but this story will see me playing a Female and my partner playing a Male.

My posting frequency is maximum once per day but can drop down to around 3 posts per week, depending on the length of our posts. I'm happy to work at a slower pace if my partner desires but am unable to go quicker.


Hi! Welcome to my little thread, thanks for taking the time to read, even if it’s just this first paragraph. If you decide you want to PM me about this story, please do read through to the end.

Now, despite this idea being pretty simple, generic and crude, my writing is far from that. Some of the best stories have very simple premises after all and storytelling at its heart is just about combining old ideas in new ways and travelling through a character arc - in my opinion anyway! I believe I am quite eloquent, and dare I say elegant with my prose… I am still learning, but am an active student of storytelling and this is a vocation as much as a passion. If you desire, please check out my recent posts, or click the ‘stories’ button in my signature and look at any RP’s under the ‘Sample of Past stories’ to get an idea about how I write when I’m at my best.

Please check my on/offs as well, like always. Specific information about sexual kinks can be seen in there, although the rest of the text is kind of cringey and out of date, the kinks are still relevant. Ideally we’d match a number of ‘ons’ but having some quite peculiar kinks myself I am well practised in give and take - you have a peculiar one too? I can certainly accommodate if you help me out with mine…

Before I chatter anymore, I’ll present the synopsis so that anyone who isn’t interested can leave this thread without wasting anymore time. Although you read the title which hopefully means you are at least a little bit intrigued.

The story idea

Title TBC - ‘A guy and his slave - an adventure story’

Set in a fantasy world, either borrowed and cannibalised from an existing world or starting off as a generic template, this is a master & slave story about adventure, action, sex, the pursuit of happiness but probably not love. It is comedic in tone rather than dark or serious, although this kind of world would definitely be cruel by today's standards.

He would be some kind of rogue - archetypes could include Flynn Rider, a less-noble Indiana Jones or a less-able James Bond. Good looks, lovely hair but very self centred and prone to blunders. He could be a thief, a bard, minstrel, hustler or someone about to embark on such a path.

She would be a hapless slave, collared for a number of years. She has a skill, she’s a mage who never finished her training or an ex-circus performer with acrobatic talents or perhaps just a well-trained merchants assistant who’s an able saleswoman.

He obtains her somehow. Wins her in a game of cards, steals her from a merchant, 'rescues' her from the bandits who just killed her last master or simply buys her on a whim.

How delightful! He has his chance to really do whatever he wants with a woman and not have to pay a penny or worry abut annoying things like ‘her feelings’. Plus she’ll make breakfast and pack up his bed-roll in the morning.

He has some kind of goal. To get somewhere, steal something, find someone, earn a certain sum of money. She is initially just along for his nighttime/morning/whenever-he-feels-like-it recreation - and to wash his socks - but gradually she proves her worth and he realises, she’s actually pretty useful (although he’d never tell her that) and they form an unlikely sort of team, them against the world (although she’s still just his slave).

Action, adventure, travel, new sights, wonders and cultures, plus 1001 ways to have an orgasm with a slave.

That’s the basic premise, I left it purposefully vague so that we can solidify things together. It’s a template for us to fill in, the details are all negotiable and I’m up for hearing any of your ideas on the characters. World building can happen as we go, I like to discuss things a lot via PM. Usually after each post I will send a PM with some kind of comment about what my angle is and what I’m foreshadowing. My best stories have always been ones where my partner does the same so we will have a kind of OOC thread running alongside the main RP. If you do not want to send or receive PM’s after the story has started and dislike this kind of OOC noise, I am not the person to write with.

Some potentially ambiguous info about sex scenes (please PM me to clarify anything!)

First off, to try and clarify this section, I am not averse to writing erotic scenes. I very much enjoy them. However! I like sex scenes to work with the plot, even if only loosely or simply to further define their relationship. Long erotic scenes tend to tire me out. I also tend to write quite a lot in each post, and slowing things down to a few paragraphs over many posts - essentially taking a week or two real time to describe an hour in-game time - really kills me and my interest will likely wane.

Once things are established, fade to black or quick cuts through sexual encounters are a good way to play up the naughtiness, I find, without getting bogged down in the full details of the encounter.

Instead of consolidating all the sexiness to sexual encounters, I find it more fun to hit my partners kinks and fetishes as we go. In an ‘every shot must be hot’ kind of way, I try to include something that my partner finds sexy in every post. Have a special thing for red-heads? Then I’ll definitely mentioned her hair a lot. Breasts are your thing? I’ll make sure they get a mention.

It might be just me, since I find those vanilla ‘by the way’ aspects kinky and satisfying in their own right, it may not be the case for you - to which I would say do not fear, I will write plenty of sexual scenes that cater to your tastes, I just prefer to do it for a couple of posts then move on, then another couple of posts of movement and action then another short erotic scene or however things play out.

Episodic roleplay

Another thing that I’ve found fun in the past is writing short chapters or episodes, taking turns at who is directing things. We would agree in PM what the next episode will be about and take turns sort of GMing it whilst playing our character at the same time. So we switch between active and reactive roles in the storytelling. Writing this way is not required by any means, but is an option if it appeals to anyone.

I’ve probably written plenty in this thread, thanks for reading til the end if you did. If I didn’t scare you away with my verbiage please send me a PM! Maybe tell me who your character is and what his goal would be and anything else you feel like telling me.

Tiaan x x
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