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November 27, 2020, 10:42:22 PM

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Author Topic: Female Characters Wanted: Creative One-Shots/Long Term RPs/World Building!  (Read 679 times)

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Hello fellow writers!
Welcome to my request page! I've just joined E and I have a lot of potential ideas to organize. If you see anything you like or think we may have similar writing styles/tastes, send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Please check out my preferences first:
The stories I'm currently looking for are mostly plot-based, although to keep both partners interested I plan to have a decent amount of smut (30-40% of the writing, most likely). Ideally, we would organize the general plot we plan to write out and then start the RP, almost like writing alternating chapters of a short story.

Here are the ideas I currently have:

The Come Up
A Hollywood Story of Four Romances

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I want too write about a character "blowing up" in the music industry. This idea could be one long story divisible into four parts, following the main character and his relationship with four women over the course of several years. I'm also open to any stories surrounding this theme in general. PM me!

Pairs: MxF, CelebrityxFan, FriendxFriend, PersonxTheir Ex, ArtistxArtist
Setting: Modern day, Hollywood (some parts in a small town)
My Role: Ron “Ronnie” Klotzko aka R.O.K. 24M

Exploding from the Midwestern hip hop scene, Ron went from a typical “some college” white guy to a music artist with multiple top-100 hits seemingly overnight. His LP “THE ROCK PROJECT”, released on streaming platforms and earning millions of plays within days after catching the attention of several famous artists, earned him a spot in the 2019 XXL Freshman Cypher.

As he travels to L.A. to participate and hopefully sign a record deal, Ron’s life is undergoing a monumental shift. Every relationship he’s ever had, from current family members to former schoolteachers and coaches, has changed. Is he the Next Big Thing or a 1 Hit Wonder? Will the trials of fame prove too much for the kid from Gary, IN? Most of what happens throughout his new music career will be determined in its first few months.

Partner’s Role #1: The Ex “Name Here” 24F

Her relationship with Ron had always been … complicated. They had had a short relationship while Ron was still in college, however certain actions of hers paired with his eventual dropping out doomed their partnership. They still talked, but the tension was always there. Sometimes matches burn out quickly but their flames leave permanent marks.

But now that Ron is R.O.K... She’s not the type to fall for fame, but the lifestyle of a music artist in LA definitely appealed to her more than her current job in Milwaukee. Maybe just a text?

Partner’s Role #2: The Instagram Model “Name Here” 28F

She didn’t take notice of this new rapper when he first arrived in the Hills. She was with a Guard on the Lakers at the time. Or maybe it was the Clippers? Didn’t really matter to her as long as the meals were paid for and so was the social media exposure, and the rent payments, and the shopping trips…
But now, R.O.K.’s new album put him at #1 on the hip hop charts for a solid month. The Record Label checks were coming in and so were the streaming service revenues, tour profits, ect. And he was single, or at least Hollywood single. What’s the harm in a girl with 2M Instagram followers shooting this star a text?

Partner’s Role #3: The Neighborhood Friend “Name Here” 20F

She had grown up across the street from Ron Klotzko. They never went to the same school, given their age differences, but They had shared block parties, youth groups, and other social groups for years. But now Ronnie was R.O.K. and everything was different. They still talked occasionally over text and social media. He honestly still seemed like a nice guy, but whenever he was in town it was always for business and the entire Klotzko family moved to the Hollywood Hills last year.
Fame comes at a cost. The R.O.K. North American tour ended with a final show in Ron’s hometown in Indiana. He was riding the wave of success as far he could, looking to secure a clothing deal and anticipating a long period of rest after the tour. Unfortunately, the discovery of a recent drunk driving incident could spoil all of that. Who could he ask for help? He couldn’t go to a hospital and certainly not to his childhood home. Both would be swarming with paparazzi. Was it fair to ask her for help? She could join him in LA, her sophomore year at community college was not going well. What if he corrupted her? What if all of Hollywood did at once? Once again, a single text could alter the course of his career and someone else’s life.

Partner’s Role #4: The Contemporary. “Name Here” 28F

She “blew up” before she was even an adult. The money, the drugs, the Hollywood lifestyle, she’d seen it all before her 21st birthday and lived to tell the tale. Now, with both her and Ron’s career waning, could a chance encounter at the Grammys lead to the one thing neither of them had ever experienced: a permanent relationship?

What I’m Looking for:
One way I see this grand storyline playing out is over the course of 4 one-shot RPs or short RPs. I would not require a partner to commit to all four roles, but for story and character-building purposes it would be ideal. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing the different pairing roles in non-chronological order, but I think that might get confusing. That being said, if you’re interested in one of the Roles that is currently not “up next” please PM me (especially the #1 and #2 stories, they're pretty much interchangeable)!
Other characters, like family members, managers, friends, other artists, would definitely play important roles but would not need to be the main focus of either partner and could be written about by either one/both.

Call it a Snow Day
The hottest bodies in the city + a once in a decade storm = unpredictable behavior in this gym
MxF, Group Sex

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
December 29th. One of the last days of the year, and also one of the last opportunities for regular patrons of Elite Fitness to expreience a gym not clogged with hordes of soon-to-be-failed New Years Resolution lifters. 12/29 also happens to be the day that a massive winter storm is set to hit, dropping five feet of snow on the city and trapping everyone indoors for days. What happens when the hottest bodies in town find themselves trapped together?

This one-shot story is based on the idea of a few members of a top-tier, 24 hour fitness gym getting snowed in the facility one night. I also would like to explore like the effect boredom has on sexual desire (headphones are dead, cell service is out, what else is there to do?), group-think (if 90% of the people snowed in are "dtf", who's gonna be the one to sit out?) and of course the results of trapping several extremely attractive people in an enclosed space for a long period of time.
I don't have specific characters yet, feel free to make one or pm me if interested. I could also see this becoming a group RP

Visual Inspiration

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

American Pilgrimage
Two acquaintances embark on a great American road trip with high stakes
M x F, possible group scenes

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I don't have the details quite worked out, but I'm imagining some sort of urgent appointment on the other side of the country that both characters have an interest in making. They can't fly, so perhaps there are some criminal elements involved. Maybe it's just two people running away from everything. I'd love to explore different settings, iconic locations like Las Vegas and L.A. along with more remote episodes along Route 66 or various National Parks. This is really just a concept, but I'm dying to explore it. Think cross-country road trip, van living, any song by the Lumineers, ect. Let me know if you have ideas in this space!

Visual inspiration

NSFW inspiration
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Before Time
Caveman x Cavewoman MxF, possible group scenes
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Before humans developed language and when we still lived and operated in small clans, the death of one clan's alpha male creates a power struggle between the remaining males for dominance in the tribe. My character would be one of these prospective males vying for control. My partner would play one of the females of the tribe and we would create a relationship between the two of them. My character would seek to spread his seed as much as possible, but perhaps certain events cause him to seek a closer relationship with a single female?

(NSFW Inspiration)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Bread and Circuses
Gladiator x Noble, Gladiator x Slave

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
At the height of Roman power, a famous gladiator seeks to gain his freedom by any means necessary. His fame has earned him an audience in certain exclusive circles and he may be able to secure a meeting with a certain influential noblewoman. Perhaps she simply wants to bed him, or maybe she is interested in breeding a future gladiator with a particularly fierce female slave? Maybe one of her personal servants is out of line and she wants the famously brutal fighter to teach her a lesson she can't?

(NSFW inspiration)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Other Ideas
One-Shots and RPs in chronological order.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Twilight of our Glory: Spartan Solider x Spartan Woman, Spartan Soldier x Foreign Noble/Soldier

In the waning days of Sparta, a decline in population brings about a city-wide need for more Spartiates. Two young up-and-coming members of the ancient society catch each other's eye. I have studied spartan culture a bit (not a requirement for being my writing partner by any means) and there are so many ways to set a story like this. PM me if interested!

(NSFW Inspiration)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The Citizen: Roman x Barbarian

The reward for completing one's service in the Roman army is full citizenship and a plot of newly-conquered land. However, the collapse of the roman empire pushes one regional governor to encourage his new settlers to intermarry with the Celtic barbarians to secure a peace. Can a marriage between two former enemies lead to anything? This could have NC/Dub-C elements or we could write it as a romance.

(NSFW Inspiration)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Others Pairings:
Into the West: Explorer x Indigenous Woman Prisoner x Chieftess
The Monopoly: Titan of Industry x Factory Worker
The Road: Survivalist x Survivalist Cult Member x Slave
All the Time in the World: Immortal Trillionaire x Impoverished Girl

Images for inspiration. Let me know if you'd like to write as any of these character! (NSFW)

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Craving a few stories at the moment, PM me if anything catches your eye!

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