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December 06, 2022, 11:09:41 am

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Author Topic: I heard you like Mutts? [Master/Pet themes, plus prompts inside!]  (Read 848 times)

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Offline MuttTopic starter

Hello! You can call me Mutt. I'm addicted to World of Warcraft and watching stupid videos on youtube. I really like to read cheesy paranormal romance books and fantasy books. I like story-driven roleplays and I like BDSM driven roleplays. I've been dying for a good mix of both!

I've been roleplaying for around 15yrs now but I haven't gotten anything serious in such a long time. Either my partners fall off the face of the earth or they just don't reply in the planning stage. I'm itching for something really good, long-lasting, and detailed! Hopefully looking for people to stay past the planning phase. I promise I'm very good at helping to plan.

>Be literate, paragraphs only, I usually match my partner's length
>I will do mxm or mxf, no experience with fxf
>Will require planning from you as well! I will not do all the work
>I'm fine with roleplaying over Discord, my contact is at the bottom of the post
>Be over 18
>I prefer either pms onsite, but will do forums
>I'm ditch friendly, but please just let me know
>Decent grammar and punctuation, I'm not perfect and I don't expect you to be!
>I have a f-list with things on it, just ask for it!
>If there's a response I can't respond to, I simply won't, sorry!
>I play submissive characters, only, sorry
 >Please read my example post to see if you like my writing (I'm a bit tired of starting roleplays to people not liking the way I type, it's exhausting)
>Please keep in mind I take a little bit between posts to type, I like to make sure my posts are to my liking, if you don't like waiting 30mins-1hr between posts sometimes, please don't message me
>Since I've been asked a bit, no bestiality of any kind. While I do like playing werewolves, if there is anything dirty going on, it will be in human form only

The favs:
Italicized is my preferred role. Bold is what I'm really wanting.

>General Fantasy
>Medival Fantasy
>Alpha/Omega verse
>Darker Fantasy - meaning more of an "evil" vibe ya'know?

>Medival/period pieces

>Shapeshifters/government experiments
Name some things too! I'd be happy to try most anything out!


>Shana Abe's Smoke Thief world

>Melissa Caruso's Tethered Mage world (can explain the basis for this, pretty simple concept)

>World of Warcraft

>Eragon series

>Some animes (ask and I'll let you know, I'm drawing a hard blank rn lol)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm really craving a master/pet kind of relationship(I play sub/pet only), but I'm also open to platonic or "love as it happens" kind of scenario.
  • The Hunters Pet:
  • Everyone knows a hunter's best weapon is a silver gun and traps, right? But what if you could have your own hunting dog, the perfect breed to hunt werewolves? And what if that dog was another werewolf? Think of all the easy hunts.
  • Blood Feuds:
  • What better a creature to keep a creature of the night company than a werewolf? It's almost perfect: can enjoy walks at night, your own food supply, guard animal, hired muscle, and whatever else! Only downside: misbehavior, bites, fur everywhere, may or may not be house trained.
  • Inside Job:
  • In order to be a licensed monster hunter, one must apply for, get approved, study, and test through the Kettle Monster Hunting Academy. Getting admitted is rough and to stay inside the school is even rougher. The grounds are dangerous with tamed monsters wandering to eat any trespassers and rule breakers. Un-tamed monsters were kept for training purposes. If you're good, you'll have an easy life. If you're bad, you'll probably die. Sounds fun right?

(Was thinking of a monster secret infiltration into the school to learn tips and tricks in able to kill the hunters. Queue in all sorts of things.)

  • Auctions:
  • Kind of generic without much of a flare right now, but I'm thinking of a slave auction type of deal. Can set it up in a number of ways, supernatural or not.
  • Government Project:
  • What I was thinking was some top-secret project to create supernatural beings through testing; creating shapeshifters, telekinesis. creating monster in general ect, but in order to get subjects, it's branded as some sort of study. Something mundane such as a sleep study, a drug study, ect, with a monetary reward to garner the necessary bodies. Simple contracts and NDAs would be signed to make it appear legit, but there would be some secret clauses in the writing that labels you "property" of the government. And there the fun begins.

(I'm more interested in playing the subject than the doctors, but I will double as a doctor to make things go smoother. Will not play the only scientist here.)

Writing Sample
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The sun hadn't even come up yet and Rachel was wide awake. Fully dressed in her FBI gear, her badge a shiny twinkle in her dim kitchen. The brunette was looking over various documents in front of her, a half-empty coffee cup sitting off to her right. If she was being honest with herself, she probably didn't sleep even thirty minutes since the call came in last night. Her squad was being moved to NYC for the time being. Apparently, the local police needed all the help they could get with a serial killer that had been on the loose for a while. It was a minor distraction from all the drug busts and cases that she had been dealing with as of late. If she had to see the word "cocaine" one more time she was going to lose it. She was being sent alone ahead of time to start to wrap up the case and let the people of New York rest easy again.

Her phone's loud ring-tone brought her head up from the folder of papers on the table. The screen read "CORY". Pressing the answer button, Rachel greeted her boss, "It's that time already, huh?" "And good morning to you too, Rach. Have you slept at all last night?" Came the older mans' reply. "I've been too busy reviewing all the paperwork again. You know I like to come prepared. Plus, I haven't had this much excitement since we caught the Drowner," Her reply came easily with a chuckle. "Don't work yourself too ragged now, not until Dawn and Sean arrive. The hotel room has been already secured, paid for, and prepared ahead of time. The police precinct knows you'll be arriving this morning so you shouldn't have any issues. Drop me a call when you get settled in. And do try to work with them, all right?" Cory spoke more like a father to his agents than a boss, which both annoyed and endeared Rachel. "I'm about to head out the door now, actually. I'll drop you a line when I can." Not giving him any more time to lecture, she hit the end call button and shoved the phone in her back pocket.

Sighing, she shoved the papers back in the folder, grabbed a jacket, her keys, and headed out the door. Her parents gratefully agreed to watch over her little town-home and her one-year-old tabby cat. She hated to leave her little baby behind, but car trips and hotels were not a cats best friend. Getting in her blue ford focus, Rachel did a double check in the mirror. Hazel eyes stared back at her, her freckles coming in more and more as spring rolled in. With her hair done and fixed as she liked, she backed out of her driveway and headed to the short trip to the town over.

A small three and a half drive later, and Rachel pulled into the Big Apple from the highway. Her GPS indicated that it was just another twenty minutes until she got to her destination. Her plan was to meet up with the local police, get the information she needed, establish a support connection and grab a bite to eat. Coffee on an empty stomach usually didn't sit all that well. Twenty minutes later she pulled into the visitors parking lot, shutting the door to her car and walking up to the front doors. She showed her badge, went through the metal detectors and made her way to the front desk, explaining who she was, asking who it was she needed to speak to.

Going to add more as I think of them. Feel free to let me know of any ideas, adding to the idea, or if you have anything else in mind!
Also looking for a Fallout: New Vegas Legion kind of thing.
My F-List:
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