Trapped In the Campaign! / Isekai Fun! [F looking for M GM](NSFW)

Started by iridum248, October 24, 2019, 06:48:14 PM

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I've had a weird craving for a certain kind of meta-roleplay: While most profiles here are so we can imagine ourselves in fantastic oversexed settings, what I want to play is the people who are then playing their own fantastic oversexed settings, in that stereotypical setting of a basement table covered in dice, cheetos, and character sheets.

I'm looking for someone to play the dungeon master crafting a setting for his latest player, who might be an attention whore who disrupts the game with her need for affirmation. Or maybe a hypercompetitive slut willing to go to any lengths to ensure her character survives and prospers. Or the roleplay fetishist herself who gets so deeply into her character she can't help but act out just how Blackleaf pumps the guard for information. Whatever the case, there's bound to be heaps of fun to be had in the background of even the most generic of D&D campaigns! ;D

Maybe our heroine's a cosplayer, a hot college girl, or simply *very* much into her role - Her boyfriend might be another player at the table, and she certainly wouldn't want him finding out what she's up to!

Again, I really like it when the hotness of a female character is played up: As well as the horny male responses to her. Think of your typical pervert in a hentai - Or borderline hentai! - series...And you wouldn't be far wrong!

In general, I'm looking for any sort of idea that builds upon contrast. A slobby geek fucking a hot cosplayer, a shut-in nerd living out his fantasies with his anime waifu, a sleazy old man pawing at a tight-bodied teen, the class creep dating the head cheerleader, a princess slumming it with a bum... if that sort of unlikely or crass pairing gets your motor running, hit me up and let's see what we can make happen!

Note that I'd certainly love to focus on her 'in-game' exploits, too. After all, who wouldn't want to play a sexy elf, luscious ranger, naughty bard, or not-quite-holy Paladin? Maybe she's someone's girlfriend 'sitting in' to play as a Princess, childhood friend, or the spirit of a PC's magical sword...Who gets more and more sucked-in!


Another take on this, inspired by DIE by Kieron Gillen (There's a free RPG in the link!), Guardians of the Flame, the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon - Among other things! - is as follows...

Through some artifice or weird coincidence, our heroine - and the rest of her gaming group! - have actually been transported into their RPG world, in the bodies of their characters. Somehow, somehow, they need to find a way to overcome the challenges ahead and go home...

Assuming they even want to go home!

After all, life as an adventuress might just be a lot more fun than what she's used to...


Bumping with the classic: Everyone likes Sorceresses, right?


Updated with new images.

I'll admit, I'm most interested in the former concept - the DIE-esque isekai one - compared to the other!


I'm still very interested in this concept...And definitely looking to give it a shot! Off the top of my head, the fact that they're all in new bodies could change the dynamic: Like, maybe there's this fat pervert she just can't stand in the group - But now they're in the bodies of their characters (NSFW), she finds his half-ogre (NSFW) rather more appealing (NSFW)!

The same could apply to familiars (NSFW) and other monsters. After all, what happens in the game stays in the game...Right?

There are plenty of potential looks for our heroine, but the 'sexy sorceress' looks like a classic! (NSFW) (NSFW) (NSFW)