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Author Topic: Jago -- moor no more -- Othello's heavy PLOTS and STORY POTENTIAL!  (Read 1135 times)

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So I've had a few ideas I'd like to kick around and gauge interest in.  They aren't very fleshed-out but they can be if I find the right partner.  First and foremost, please check my 0n's and 0ff's and make sure we're compatible.  Second, please understand that while my real life is hectic I will definitely get a decent post up at least once every few days...if not every day.  For me, these stories are much more about character and relationship development than the actual...physicality.  One of the reasons I enjoy RPing so much is because I'm really forced to delve deeply into a character and explore his personality, his traits, foibles, etc.  Then really explore the situation we've tossed that character into.  This is mainly why I don't rush my posts; deliberation is the key...hehe!

EDIT: *this idea is a little off-kilter but it's still rollin' about in my brain...hehe!  Anybody interested in a variation?  I'm more than willing to work with any of your ideas*
I'm sure everyone's seen those group-care vans filled to the brim with mentally-retarded or disabled or ailing patients parked outside the mall; they're people from all walks of life whose facial expressions and body-language are immediately recognizable.  Regardless of their diagnosis they have one major thing in common:  They can't really take care of themselves.  Maybe you've even seen them walking around with their chaperones and caretakers.  Well I have often wondered whether or not those people have any sexual needs or desires.  How about those of their caretakers?  Are there broken-rules and illegal practices transpiring behind the scenes?  Who would ever find out?  Is this amoral?  Wrong?  I'd liken it to bestiality or something along those lines.  The animal or person doesn't know any better or doesn't know "right" from "wrong" and maybe can't defend itself or can't communicate or speak out against the perpetrator.  Who knows?  What if it isn't malicious at all?  What if the person is enjoying it?!?!  Is it still wrong?  Maybe it isn't wrong at all.  They have the minds of children or almost equivalent and they are trapped in adult-like bodies.  Some have violent tendencies.  Some are completely docile.  What if you found one of them attractive?  What if a violent MR rapes a chaperone?  What if the only way you can calm a frenzying retarded woman is by stimulating her?  I dunno.  I hope this doesn't seem too outlandish.  Extraneous thought-provoking subject matter, isn't it?  Hehe.  Anyway, feel free to PM me if you have any ideas or if any of this sounded interesting.  I'm not talking "Island of Dr. Moreau" here because let's face it, even beautiful women and hunky men can get into a car-accident and have brain-damage.

Had a new idea for "stimulating the simpleton" and it revolves around a similar theme.  Instead of mentally-retarded how about senile?  An old man of 60 -- not too old but old enough to become forgetful and a little spaced-out -- has no family, is unable to care for himself, and is forced to enter a nursing home.  During one of his ruminations his "sobers up" or "wakes up" only to realize that he is being bathed by a young and very attractive nurse.  Having no shame and feeling no remorse he deigns not to hide nor suppress his obvious attraction.  The female part is very open.  You can be dainty, delicate, and demure.  You can be spiteful, teasing, or vindictive...or any combination thereof.  The only stipulation for the nurse is that she be considerably younger than the man.  This idea is actually a variation of the original idea which was for a caretaker of a mentally-disabled or mentally retarded person/patient to take advantage of his/her charge; after trying it out with a very forgiving partner I realized that it wasn't going to materialize into what I had envisioned.    I'm open to different ideas on this one so please feel free to send them my way.

GYM CLASS!!!!  Ugh!  In high-school I had a mean, nasty, crotchety middle-aged lesbian (or so I thought) as our instructor and she seemed to pay extra attention to the girls and derive distinct pleasure from humiliating the boys or putting them down or even forcing them to run laps around the gym for misbehaving.  She is athletic, attractive, and aggressive.  The Catholic/Private School had new uniforms made this year and they are doled out at the beginning of the gym-period for everyone to change in the locker room before class actually started.  I/you are so embarrassed about the changes your body underwent during this past summer that the thought of changing clothes in the locker room is mortifying.  The other problem is that these uniforms are clearly intended to fit a child much smaller than me/you and, over-accentuate your newly developed features.  In fact this is where the idea comes from.  That first day of gym this young man or woman feels so humiliated that he won't even come out of the locker room.  No ride home, can't leave the school, but hides in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and waits for the gym instructor to leave.  She, however, has other plans.  Maybe she punishes him, maybe she takes pity on him, maybe a little of both...maybe his punishment is made the other-sex's locker room!  I'm open to playing the gym-teacher or the student -- male or female -- but I prefer the parts to stay heterosexual in nature.  If you have any ideas or want to spin-off and change something up or cook up a little variation please PM me.  I'm open to just about anything.

It is 2020 and the cutting-edge of technology allows us to breed certain traits and characteristics into our children -- in fact -- we can even determine sex, sexual preference, competencies, and areas of expertise (think "Gattaca" if you've seen it).  However, the government regulates EVERYTHING and only allows a certain number of above-average human-beings to be born every year.  The elite athletic genes and intellectual genius genes are kept safe within the vaults of Fort Knox.  An underground top-secret genome-mapping and manipulation lab facilitates the production of genius-elite babies OUTSIDE of the govt. regulation and this is where our story can sorta begin.  You can be a woman who is recruited for a specific trait -- anything you desire -- from beauty to intellect to piano-virtuoso...whatever.  Or maybe we are a married couple trying to go underground to conceive a genius.  Or maybe I'm a scientist working at the facility who kidnaps you and attempts to make you my own?  Er...that's kinda creepy.  Maybe we're BOTH test-specimens for elite impregnation and we ESCAPE sexual-slavery TOGETHER?  Hmm...maybe we're BORN inside the govt. facility like the other crops of genius-elite and we undergo...hell, I dunno.

The Crucible (or variations on plots that are religious/heretical in nature)

This one is a little cliche but who can resist such a taboo?  Religion.  Religious figures, thought history, have held revered positions among the community, the tribe, the city, etc.  Given the esoteric/occult nature of their practices it is altogether very plausible that someone somewhere has abused his/her power.  That abuse could be a subtle manipulation, it could be sexual in nature, it could even go the other way.  I've got a whole slew of ideas that involve everything from a lecherous pope, a secretly-submissive pharaoh, to a fat-old-friar-fuck, to a viking rune-oracle, and including a Shinto-shitting-shaman, an Incan sacrificial lamb, and even Hassidic Jews.  You name it, chances are I'd be into at least trying it.  PM me with an idea or twain.  I always kind of liked the selfish-manipulation of dogma by the supposed-holy.  Twisting biblical verse or twisting interpretations of the gods' omens/wills, etc. for personal that sexual in nature or otherwise.  What if the witch trials are transpiring in colonial Mass and you're a young girl given to fits of cuckoldry...blasphemer.  Perhaps I'm the secretly lecherous chaplain or maybe the constable who sequesters the chaplain's unusual faire.  What about the pastor who counsels a young woman who lives a life rife with hardship?  How about a nun in the church who's secretly abusing the children and blaming it on the Head Priest?  Any of this pique you?

New plot:
Star Wars: The Old Republic -- my Cathari (weretiger-esque) Force-wielding Sith Marauder goes to battle with your Jedi Knight Mistress (or Sith Inquisitor-ess -- I'm open and flexible) and, after coming within a cunt-hair's breadth of death the two realize that retreating to fight another day is preferable to dying an untimely death.  They meet again, different terms, different something romantic allowed to develop?  Can it?  Jedi renounce emotion.  Sith embrace it.  Will reason and logic prevail or will passion and strength cut from us our chains?

Here's a brief list that, while it isn't terribly original, I still find arousing:

Police officer/prostitute or another officer/pimp
Military officer/subordinate
Farmer/farmer's daughter/maybe farm-animals (I'm still not sure if I'd find this arousing but I'll try anything once)

These next few things can be added to any of the aforementioned scenarios for a little spice:  Okay, I'm not into non-consensual but I'm experimenting a bit and I'll attempt to rape you if you'd like me to.  If you'd like to rape me that's kewl too but I'd really like for it to have some thought behind it...some character development, etc.  Um, I've, on occasion, found some incest appealing but it's kinda situational and needs to be done well and talked about or planned out or it kinda loses its appeal for me.  I haven't experimented with Dom/Sub very much but I'm very willing to.  Fetishes are cool!  If latex is your thing or hotwax or feet or pissing, shitting, and sugar...let's try it!  I can't promise you that I'll be into it but fuck...there's a first time for everything!

If you don't see it on this list but you're interested in doing it with me just ask.  The worst I can say is, "no."
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Re: Jago -- moor no more -- Othello's heavy PLOTS and STORY POTENTIAL!
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2009, 09:14:37 pm »
Ohhh The Crucible..What fond dirty memories for me *laughs*

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Re: Jago -- moor no more -- Othello's heavy PLOTS and STORY POTENTIAL!
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*just giving my topic a little nudge*

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Re: Jago -- moor no more -- Othello's heavy PLOTS and STORY POTENTIAL!
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*renewed interest*

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Re: Jago -- moor no more -- Othello's heavy PLOTS and STORY POTENTIAL!
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2010, 03:56:58 pm »
I updated the list by adding a new Star Wars: The Old Republic themed story-idea in preparation for the upcoming release of the MMORPG.