Partnerships and how to?

Started by Anouk Daae, October 17, 2019, 02:50:55 PM

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Anouk Daae

Not sure how many people on here know of the YouTuber "Karen Terry" who does step-by-step tutorials on character building, story-building, as well as just great lessons on how to be a more effective role player. She's really awesome, but probably the best thing about her is that she's spear-heading this campaign across the RP community.

I think, by now, those of us who call ourselves "seasoned role players" are pretty aware of a general toxicity in the community. Not so much here since the staff does a fantastic job of shutting down drama when they see it, but in general, it's a definitely thing. There's a competitiveness between Mods where they player-hoard or even just forming cliques that edge out new players who maybe aren't up to our usual level of writing but they clearly want to learn to get better, they just have nowhere to do it.

What Karen's doing is amazing. She's mostly based out of Discord, but she's trying to grow her network through partnerships with other like-minded Mods and RP Platforms. I told her I'd reach out and see if there's any ability to partner with Elliquiy.

She's not in a position yet to have sponsorships, though I don't know if that would even be on the table. It just seems that the community Elliquiy is attempting to foster on forums is the same as the community Karen's attempting to foster on Discord. If we can connect one power-house to another, it can help the community grow in other platforms too.

I know Elliquiy has a Discord server. Karen's currently doing partnerships through her own hub server where E could post a partnership link. I'm also talking to her about doing a Top 5 platforms video which could potentially include Elliquiy, but that's a ways off.

I guess I'm asking for information on how to establish a network affiliation. Any information would be super ultra helpful. I really think this is one piece to plug into what's ultimately going to help our community grow for the better.

Okay, thank you.


This is something that would require Vekseid's input/decision; I will boop him and point him towards this thread. :)

Anouk Daae


Send me her Discord link?

I generally don't do site cross-linking, I do like to keep the forum index clean, and the only time someone with a comparable audience asked I was in the middle of a major medical scuffle.

We do allow people to post links in threads, etc. if they post links back to us, though.