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May 25, 2022, 07:46:50 am

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Author Topic: Open to new RP [M lf Dom F]  (Read 487 times)

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Open to new RP [M lf Dom F]
« on: October 11, 2019, 10:54:35 pm »
It's been a while and I've got time, so I'm looking to start some new RPs... again ;-)

Hi!  Thanks for coming in!  I'm looking for someone willing to play a dominant female character (I don't care who/what you are behind the screen).  If you're into that, read on and let me know!

General notes on what I like to play
  • Underage characters are not cool, not sexy, and not legal.  No underage characters in any RP of mine.  Period.
  • My characters are heterosexual males
  • I enjoy RPs where my characters are dominated by females; that is not to say my characters are of the "spineless doormat" species (though he could be, or become so, depending on other motivations)
  • I prefer my character to resist, challenge, defy the condition of submissive.  In other words, my ideal RP is a constant power struggle where my character faces one defeat after the other.  I like it when he stubbornly resists, only to see the woman's power over him proven over and over again (yes, do show off, please).
  • How is this dominance achieved then?  Seduction, martial arts, mind control, hypnosis...are a few ideas I enjoy. I prefer to leave outright blackmail out. And no drugs, they are just not sexy enough.

Still here?  Great!  Feel free to shoot me a PM with your ideas or to pick something below and run with it.  Please do check the technicalities at the end of this post.

RP seeds - these are general ideas that I like to start off discussion.  They can be used as simple background settings for a smutty or action-based short-term RP, or we can flesh it out for a long-term plot-heavy RP.  Feel free to mix and match and to add your own two pennies.

  • First seed is actually a concept of female character I love to see played, and almost any plot or short scene where she can fit is a catcher for me.  The core of it is that she has a powerful touch - she knows where and how to touch a person to cause a wide range of incredible effects.  Usually I picture her as a super master martial artist, whose style relies not on kicks and punches, but on pressure points and locks and holds - elegant and delicate rather than brute and forceful.  With the delicate touch of her dainty fingers or even toes, she has the power to cause several effects: pain or pleasure, partial or full paralysis, shortage of breath, preventing or causing a hard-on or even an orgasm... your imagination is the limit.  How can this be an RP?  I'd love to hear your ideas, but here are a few:
    • Easiest suggestion is her being a villainess facing a hero (Batman is always a good example but I can create an OC anytime) or even a whole group of them and toying with him/them
    • My character could be a burglar who broke into the wrong house and gets his punishment for it
    • This woman could be a legendary master hidden away somewhere and my character finds her to get training... and gets more than he bargained for
    • Two rivals of some sort (mafia families, gangs, ninja clans, corporations, whatever), the woman decides to put the adversary boss under her thumb once and for all and plays with him
    • My character has something this woman needs, and she has come to extract it
  • Therapist / patient pair: I always imagine the deep knowledge of the human mind would empower a female psychologist to manipulate a man almost without effort.  My male character would start therapy sessions with this woman, preferably with a non-sexual (or at least not explicitly sexual) pretext to start with.  Little by little (really, no rush), she starts using her knowledge about him to manipulate him into a Dominant/submissive relationship.  She could seduce him into serving her, or she might hypnotize him, either explicitly as part of the treatment or (preferably) with some sort of covert induction.  Her motivation can range from something so simple as this guy is attractive and appeals to her kinks as well, or perhaps he's a high flying executive and this therapist decides she'd like such a powerful/rich man in her hands, to something more fantastic like maybe he's actually the secret identity of a great superhero and she's coincidentally the secret identity of a supervillainess...
  • Tables turned: something terribly arousing about a man initially in a position of power to end up wrapped around the finger of a previously "inferior".  This goes pretty well with office settings (the secretary who makes a servant out of her boss... the new hire who quickly brings her superior to his knees), or male teacher / female student pairings, these probably with a more realistic approach.  I also enjoy RPing the criminal male being subjugated by the supposed victim (the burglar who broke in when she was in the house, or the kidnapper who proves no match for her powers) - plenty of room here for a more fantastic approach, such as hypnosis or idea #1 above.
  • Superhero(es) / supervillainess pair: very self-descriptive I believe.  Superhero(es) of some sort (can do canon or OC) is(are) broken down by supervillainess (usually prefer OC or heavily adapted canon - hard to find a canon who lights me up).  I like the idea of her making a minion out of him and bringing him to the other side of the law, however I could easily do just a series of scenes of her subjugating one hero again and again or several heroes in sequence.  Also strong candidate for mix and match with other ideas above.

A thing or two about my main kinks / fetishes:
  • A woman who can bend a man to her will is the main fetish for me.
  • As mentioned above, some sort of power struggle is key.  My character losing such a fight is also key.  A power struggle doesn't even have to be explicitly sexual.  The mere fact that the woman can take control, has some kind of power over me, is already exciting enough for me.
  • Female hands.  Use them and be detailed about them.  Slightly long, well manicured nails, in seductive slender soft hands.  Just saying this makes me hot.  First fetish in my life and all my characters will certainly share it, even if they do not openly admit it.
  • Female feet?  Well, in a way, yes.  I'm not a true foot fetishist, but I find any sort of foot play to be an extremely sexy and sensual form of humiliation and of asserting dominance.  And well, I can recognize the beauty of feet (specially in a pair of high heeled sandals) and the sensuality of a woman who knows how to use them seductively.
  • Belly dancers.  Yeah, not usually associated with dominant women... but I had to include this here.  I don't know whether it's for the mysticism related, or for the sexy hand movements, or for the usual beauty of the dancers, or for the sheer sexyness of the dance itself, or whatever.  I just love belly dancers.
  • Of course this is by no means a comprehensive list.  Let's discuss which of these and what other elements are going into our RP.

Last but not least, some other stuff:
  • Your part:  I like these dominant women to be at least a little arrogant.  They are confident and intelligent, they look good and they know it, and they know what they are doing (or they hide it well).  Dumbness and innocence are big turn-offs for me.
  • Details:  please be as detailed as you can.  Tell me how good she feels with a man on his knees before her, how the power makes her skin prickle, how her eyes shine with confidence, mention the color of her nail polish, how tall are her heels.  I'll do my best as well.
  • Post length: well, it all depends... for me it's more about the quality than quantity.  I usually stay in the 2-4 small to medium paragraph range, but it depends on the moment and on the RP, and I don't like to be stuck to a standard.  Sometimes even that plot-heavy RP calls for a one liner response, you know?  I'm not going to hold it against you.
  • Post frequency:  much as I'd love to post daily, I can't promise that.  Lately I've been replying within a 48-72 hour period (so about 2 posts per week), but it can vary.  I don't require you to abide by any post rate, just let me know if you got held or are leaving.
  • Smut/action vs plot:  Any combination is fine with me if it carries the overall desires above.  A long-term plot-heavy story or a short one-shot smutty kink scene or a sequence of action-biased encounters...
  • Where:  I find threads to be very pleasant to RP, but I will gladly do it over PMs or even e-mail (e-mail might get a faster reply every now and then since it is more suited to mobile).  IMs are not available, don't bother asking.
  • Grammar nazi?  Just write coherent sentences that make sense.  Although not a native English speaker myself, I do have quite a good grasp of it.  However I'm not willing to struggle to understand txt speech or other weird writing stuff.  Or we could also write in Portuguese if you like :-)